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Henry Holsters OCD – Now Available

If you happened to bump into Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters on the floor of the SHOT Show, you may have walked away with one of his nifty kydex hand sanitizer holders – the OCD (or On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser). If you weren’t at the show or never saw Andrew, I have good news. Henry Holsters is now selling them due to popular demand.

Get yours at HenryHolsters.com. While you are there, you can check out their new website and holster options.

Henry Holsters FN 509 Tactical Compensator

The new FN 509 Tactical Compensator from Henry Holsters is designed specifically for the 509 Tactical, matching with the contours of the slide for an sleek, low-profile fit. It features two top and side ports (one on each side). This 6061 aluminum comp is hard anodized for durability and is secured to the barrel via 1/2 x 28 threads with 2 set screws.


Henry Holsters TurboDrop and TurboProp Competition Holster Accessories

Henry Holsters has created a line of competition accessories for kydex holsters.

The TurboDrop is an adjustable drop hanger that is machined from 6061 aluminum and set up with the common Bladetech/Comp-tac hole pattern (which allows it to be used with many G-Code and Safariland holsters as well). The TurboDrop serves to both drop and offset your holster with adjustments for both drop and cant. The adapter is extremely rigid being machined from aluminum but also comfortable with a curved 1.5″ belt loop and dehorned corners all around.

The TurboProp is a thumb wheel that works with an adjustable tension holster to allow the user to quickly dial their desired level of retention. It is also machined from 6061 aluminum and it’s easy to grasp “propeller” shape gives better purchase and leverage than smaller thumb disks. The TurboProp is sold in packs of 5.


Review: PHLster Spotlight Holster for Glock 43 with TLR-6

Before I start talking about the PHLster Spotlight Holster for the Glock 43 with TLR-6, I need to give you some context. I’ve been carrying a Glock 43 with TLR-6 for a little more than 2 years. The TLR-6 adds significant capability to the G43 but it has one downside that had me so frustrated, I nearly got rid of it. It installs by wrapping around the G43’s trigger guard and it has a very rounded shape. Kydex holsters typically retain the handgun via a molded detent on the trigger guard or weapon light, both of which are difficult thanks to the shape and location of the TLR-6.

During the previous two years, I have purchased two different holsters from well established makers and tried several others. They just didn’t have acceptable retention. The last holster I was using was able to be tightened to the point that it had barely acceptable retention but only when the adjustable retention was completely maxed out. Unfortunately, repeated drawstrokes during training eventually loosened the holster to the point that the G43 will fall out under its own weight.

I was ready to give up on the TLR-6 and I would have… if PHLster didn’t release their Spotlight Holster just in time.


The PHLster Spotlight Holster was designed in conjunction with Henry Holsters. It is a kydex AIWB holster with a fold-over design and adjustable retention. It features dual soft loops that are adjustable for ride height and belt width (2″ to 1.5″ belts).

The Spotlight has two features that help turn the handgun grip in toward the user. The first is a tear-drop shaped ramp that is molded into the back of the holster. The second is Henry Holsters ModWing-L strut that comes with two different height pads to adjust how aggressively the handgun grip is turned into the wearer.

The holster is cut to accept slide mounted dot sights and extended to fully cover most barrel mounted compensators.

Observations from Use

I purchased this holster with just one hope – that PHLster and Henry Holsters would have worked out how to provide acceptable retention on the TLR-6. They did. It is not quite as crisp as my other holsters from PHLster and Henry Holsters but it can’t be due to the shape of the TLR-6. However, it does offer a more than acceptable level of retention and is far better than any other holster I have tried for this combination. The gun and light do drop into the holster with a pronounced “click”, there is MORE than enough retention, and PLENTY of tension adjustment left. That alone makes this holster important for those who are trying to make the G43/TLR-6 combination work.

The Spotlight Holster has a full sweat shield but it shaped such that it does not interfere with the drawstroke. Even with the holster set to ride as low as the adjustment allows, it is easy to establish a full grip.

This holster conceals extremely well. The molded in ramp and ModWing-L strut do an excellent job of turning in the grip. The extra length that PHLster adds to accommodate a compensator plays a big role in concealment. The little bit of extra length helps anchor the holster below the belt so it less likely to rotate out at the belt line and it provides additional leverage for the ramp. This holster conceals better than any of the other holsters I have tried for this particular gun and light combination.

I find the Spotlight Holster to be very comfortable. I think there is a misconception about ramped holsters with those who may not have tried one that the ramp itself may create a hotspot. I find the opposite to be true. The ramp is very rounded and has a tear drop shape. This creates a large area of contact with the wearer and prevents the hot spots that you get from some AIWB holsters without ramps that end up pressing the bottom corners of the holster into your body.

The shooter should plan on spending some time adjusting the Spotlight Holster to fit their particular needs when they first receive it. There are some very thoughtful adjustments built in. There are two ride height settings for the soft loops which will also have some bearing on how the ModWing-L works. The soft loops should be cut to fit your belt width as this great increases stability. Finally, you should spend some time experimenting with the ModWing-L and its different height pads. If you plan on using the Spotlight Holster somewhere other than the AIWB position, you may want to remove the ModWing-L altogether.

The fit and finish of this holster are excellent. The mold lines are clean, crisp, and the blocking is generous, all of which contribute to a clean draw stroke. Care has been taken to finish the edges and the sight track is straight as an arrow.

Wrap Up

I haven’t tried every available holster for the Glock 43 with TLR-6 but I have tried a lot of them. The Spotlight Holster is better than any of the holsters I have used by a country mile. It isn’t even close. The combination of the extra length, the well-designed ramp, the ModWing-L, and PHLster’s insistence on getting the retention right make this holster worth your consideration.


PHLster TuckStrut and Classic Holster

PHLster released details today for two products that they have been teasing for weeks – the TuckStrut and full size Classic Holster.

The TuckStrut is a new piece of hardware developed by PHLter and Henry Holsters. The strut has an integral wing feature that serves to turn the butt of the handgun in toward the wearer for better concealment. It is tuckable and completely ambidextrous for use on right or left hand holsters. You can expect to see the new TuckStrut on PHLster holsters as well as in use as an OEM product for other holster makers.

PHLster also released news on their first full size holster in some time. The Classic was originally available through their custom shop but it is now available as a production offering with a number of improvements. The holsters features the aforementioned TuckStrut and a tear drop shaped in-molded ramp on the rear of the holster that work together to ensure that the grip of the gun stays firmly against the wearer for concealment. The Classic is molded for a Glock 17 but with an open muzzle so it also fits G26, G19, G19 with external comps, and G34 sized guns.

The TuckStrut and Classic are in stock and available at PHLsterHolsers.com.

Henry Holsters Roland Special Holster

If you are looking for a AIWB (or IWB) holster for a Roland Special, Henry Holsters can help. Their AIWB Light Bearing Holster is relieved to accommodate slide mounted red dot sights and has options to accommodate the most popular lights on the market right now. The holster is designed so that the light bezel is fully enclose but the muzzle end is open so that the holster can accommodate a brake.

Like all their AIWB holsters, these holsters feature the integral contact pad that is designed to turn the grip of the handgun in toward the wearer to enhance concealment.

Henry Holsters Roland Special Holster


TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier from Henry Holsters

TRAC stands for Total Retention Adjustable Carrier and it is sure to appeal to the control freak in all of us. Henry Holsters designed this new carrier with 4 adjustment points (2 on each side) so that the wearer can precisely adjust the carrier for the exact retention level they prefer. They still managed to keep the mag carrier compact in spite of the 4 adjustment screws.

The TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier can be worn on the right or left side with no modification and it can accept any and all AR-15 magazines oriented either way. This means it is completely ambidextrous whether you like PMAGS oriented bullets forward, ARC mags oriented bullets back, or any other combination.

It can be configured at the point of purchase with a Tek-Lok or a paddle. The hole spacing allows for the use of a variety of belt hardware so the user can choose hardware to suit their needs.

Check out the TRAC AR15 Magazine Carrier at Henry Holsters.

Henry Holsters SwiftPress

In my opinion, Andrew Henry at Henry Holsters is one of the most forward thinking kydex whisperers out there right now. He makes some of the cleanest, most functional kydex around but many of his biggest innovations aren’t rendered in kydex and you won’t find them on your belt. His biggest contributions to the advancement of the black art of kydex bending start in the machine shop and change the way kydex is produced. He already makes a variety of jigs and forms that have resulted in improved quality and decreased production times for kydex shops but now his most ambitious holster production tool yet is available – the SwiftPress.


The SwiftPress is the first vacuum press designed for the kydex industry. It reduces molding time, increases definition, and fits the realities of working in a small production space. It is designed to reduce the complexity of the plumbing needed to operate such a press. Basically, it can turn a small shop into a medium to high-output production operation.

I could type a lot about the press but it would be best to just show it in action:

The SwiftPress is now available directly from Henry Holsters.

Review: Henry Holsters AIWB Holster

Clean. That is the word that comes to mind when you handle and use a holster from Henry Holsters. Their level of detail is plain to see but you can’t really appreciate it until you use one of these holsters and, beyond that, until you understand what goes into one of them. The details will blow you away.

Henry Holsters AIWB Front Henry Holsters AIWB Back


The Henry Holster AIWB Holster represents a simple, straight-forward approach to holster making. It is a simple fold-over design with a straight drop and two coated nylon soft loops that are used to attach it to your belt. One of the loops is set at an angle (more on this later). The earlier version that I am using has only two mounting locations for the loops but newer versions have four to allow for ride height and angle adjustments.

The back of the holster (the side toward the wearer) has a molded in “kick” or ramp-like structure that is very subtle in design. It not only sticks out from the holster body but it is also angled slightly to draw the butt of the gun toward the user and turn it in.

The holster is extremely compact. Pretty much all extraneous kydex has been trimmed away. There is no tension adjustment because the tension is already correct. It is my opinion that tension adjustments on holsters are mostly useless. They serve to add bulk and the only time I adjust them is when they have loosened.

Henry Holsters AIWB Top Henry Holsters AIWB Belt Loop Detail Henry Holsters AIWB Ramp Detail

Observations from Use

Let’s start by diving into some of the attention to detail that I mentioned in the opening paragraph. I think it will probably blow you away to the same extent that it blew me away. Andrew Henry, the owner of Henry Holsters, machines all of his own molding drones. He doesn’t have to block his molds for lights or extended constrols because that blocking is built into the drone. The ramp feature is built into the drone. The raised areas that will later be drilled for the belt loops are built into the mold. The level of precision and forethought is impressive. He is just as much a machinist as he is a kydex bender.

If that isn’t an impressive enough testament to Henry Holsters’ attention to detail, try this on for size. Remember the angled belt loop and the angled ramp? Well, the molding drone is machined so that these angles match precisely. That means that the belt loop and the kick on the back of the holster are both working to turn the butt of the gun into the user. This detail, perhaps more than any other, shows the workmanship and elegant design in this seemingly simple holster. You may never notice it but it is still there working.

I have carried this holster a lot for the last several months. I have worn it AIWB and at more of a 3 o’clock position (it works well even when not worn in the appendix carry position). I have helped build a playset while wearing it. I have split wood and worked in a garden. I’ve driven lawn tractors and cars. I have sat at a computer for hours. It worked through all of that. It is good-to-go for every day life.

Henry Holsters AIWB Edge Detail

My initial concern was that the kick on the back of the holster was going to focus the weight of the gun onto a small part of my skin and cause a “hot spot”. In reality, the opposite is true. The kick actually serves to increase the contact area between the holster and wearer in addition to gently guiding the gun into a more concealable orientation. It is subtly shaped and rounded so that this is in fact the most comfortable all kydex IWB holster I have tried. Those of you who feel the muzzle end of the kind digging into your skin with normal AIWB and IWB holsters will feel it less with this holster.

I ordered this holster with a full sweat guard which I like for Glocks. It helps keep my garments out of the holster. It can be ordered without a sweat guard and Henry Holsters specifically states that you can modify the sweat guard without voiding their warranty. The sweat guard included on this holster is minimal and well executed. It easily allows me a full grip right from the holster.

The fit and finish on this holster is befitting the level of detail that goes into its design. The edges are impeccably rounded and polished. The rivets are set correctly. The mold lines are crisp, straight, and well executed. The fit is great with a strong, positive click in, no rattle, and no dragging on the way out.

Henry Holsters AIWB Rivet Detail

Wrap Up

There are no accidents in this holster. Everything has been scrutinized and executed with machined precision from the blocking to the matching angles of the belt loop and kick. The precision and attention to detail exhibited here are second to none. Of course, none of that is important if it doesn’t work but, fortunately for us, it does. It is comfortable, easy to carry, and the features do exactly what they were designed to do.

Superlative Alert – This is the finest kydex work I have ever laid hands on.

Check out the AIWB Holster from Henry Holsters.

Disclosure: This holster was provided to me by Henry Holsters for review.

Labor Day Sale at Henry Holsters

Use code “Labor15” to save 15% off your order at Henry Holsters from now through Monday. This would be a great time to pick up one of their excellent AIWB holsters. I have been using one for a few months now and will be reviewing it soon. The short version is that it is the cleanest holster I have ever laid hands on and the attention to detail is staggering.


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