Henry Holsters TurboDrop and TurboProp Competition Holster Accessories

Henry Holsters has created a line of competition accessories for kydex holsters.

The TurboDrop is an adjustable drop hanger that is machined from 6061 aluminum and set up with the common Bladetech/Comp-tac hole pattern (which allows it to be used with many G-Code and Safariland holsters as well). The TurboDrop serves to both drop and offset your holster with adjustments for both drop and cant. The adapter is extremely rigid being machined from aluminum but also comfortable with a curved 1.5″ belt loop and dehorned corners all around.

The TurboProp is a thumb wheel that works with an adjustable tension holster to allow the user to quickly dial their desired level of retention. It is also machined from 6061 aluminum and it’s easy to grasp “propeller” shape gives better purchase and leverage than smaller thumb disks. The TurboProp is sold in packs of 5.


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