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CDM Gear Receives Patent for Delta Wave Safety

CDM Gear has received a patent for their Delta Wave Safety for Mossberg shotguns. The Delta Wave’s unique design moves the contact point for the safety back and to the side, allowing the users to operate it more easily and without breaking their grip.

Check out the newly patented Delta Wave Safety at CDMGear.com.

CDM Gear MTR Fits New Mossberg 590M

Mossberg is introducing their magazine fed 590M at the SHOT Show and CDM Gear already has it covered for light and sling mounts. Their MTR provides a removable light rail, two sling mounting loops, and is designed to fit into tight spaces on shotguns with 25mm magazines tubes – like the new 590M.


CDM Wave Safeties Compared

CDM Gear has rolled out a new version of their Wave Safety for Mossberg shotguns. The new Wave BT (Boat Tail) is similar in length but narrower than the original Wave. The idea behind these safeties is to make the safety easier to operate without adjusting your firing hand grip by extending the switch rearward. The extra width of the original Wave may be helpful for shooters with smaller hands while the Wave BT should be sufficient for those with larger hands.

The Wave and Wave BT are available at CDMGear.com.

Sneak Peek: CDM Gear MTRS for Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20 Gauge

CDM Gear already has their MTRS light and sling mount in the works for the new Mossberg 590 Shockwave 20 Gauge. Like the 12 Gauge version, the new MTRS will feature 2 sling mounting loops and a light rail and is completely ambidextrous. It can be mounted with the light rail on either side of the shotgun. The bottom sling loop also serves as a hand stop.

The new MTRS for the 20 Gauge Mossberg 590 Shockwave will be released soon. Email 20gaugeshockwavemount@cdmgear.com to be notified of the release.


Sneak Peek: CDM Gear BT Wave – Mossberg Shotgun Safety

CDM Gear’s new BT Wave (or Boat Tail Wave) safety is a new, slimmer version of their Wave safety for Mossberg Shotguns. Their Wave series of safeties are designed to extend the safety back on Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns so that it can be more easily reached without shifting your fire control grip.

This new BT Wave is slimmer than the original so users with larger hands or those who want a safety with a smaller footprint than the original Wave may find this more to their liking. It shares the same aggressive stepped texture as the original Wave and also comes with a wrench and new bolt (pre-treated with thread locker) for installation.

The BT Wave will be available from CDM Gear later this month. The price is expected to be less than $25.


CDM Gear – MTRS Shockwave Light Mount Special

CDM Gear is about to release their MTRS Shockwave Light Mount for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. The mount features two sling loops, one of which also serves as a handstop, and a short rail for mounting a weapon light. The footprint of this mount is optimized for use on the Mossberg 590 Shockwave.

They will be offering the MTRS Shockwave Light Mount as part of a special combo at a reduced price for those who sign up for their waiting list. The combo will include the MTRS Shockwave Light Mount and a Delta Wave Safety at a discounted price. You can get on the waiting list by emailing shockwavemount@cdmgear.com.

Another Way to Buy CDM Gear

Most of you know you can find CDM Gear’s full line of light mounts and other weapon accessories at CDMGear.com or stocking dealers. What you may not know is that CDM Gear also has an Ebay store which is worth checking out because they list interesting items likes discounted blems, samples, and closeouts. There are some great deals if you quick on the trigger!

Sneak Peek: CDM Gear MTRS Light Mount for Mossberg 590 Shockwave

CDM Gear gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming MTRS Light Mount for the popular Mossberg 590 Shockwave. The MTRS provides two sling mounting options (for slings up to 1.25″ wide) and a rail section for affixing a pistol light the like the Streamlight TLR-1 shown in the image below. The rail can be placed on either side of the shotgun to accommodate right and left handed shooters.

The MTRS is designed to mount between the barrel and magazine tube so it can not rotate under tension. The mount is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and will have a hard anodized finish.

These mounts should be available in July with an MSRP just below $40. CDM Gear doesn’t offer pre-orders but they will notify you when the mounts are available if you email shockwavemount@cdmgear.com (notification only, no product questions will be answered at this email address).


CDM Gear BC47 AK Light Mounts – Now Available

The CDM Gear BC47 AK Light Mounts, that we recently gave you a sneak peek about, are now available.

These light mounts clamp to the barrel and provide a flashlight ring for for use with a 1″ diameter light. Their anti-rotation design ensures that they can not spin on the barrel and they have a hole to accommodate the cleaning rod.

There are two models available. The BC47-1 positions the light below the bore axis which may be more comfortable for those using a vertical grip. The BC47-2 places the light above the bore axis which may be more comfortable for those without a vertical grip.

Check out the BC47 Light Mounts at CDM Gear.

CDM Gear AK Light Mounts

CDM Gear is moving their BC47-1 and BC47-2 AK47 light mounts into production. These light mounts clamp to the barrel and provide a flashlight ring for for use with a 1″ diameter light. The mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and have an anti-rotation design so the mount will not turn on the barrel. They also have a cleaning rod hole so you can keep the standard AK cleaning rod on board.

The BC47-1 positions the light below the bore axis. The BC47-2 places the light above the bore axis.

These mounts will be available soon with pricing expected to be below $40.


BC47-2 Prototype (production version will have black finish)

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