CDM Gear ROC-12 Series Light Mounts

CDM Gear’s newest light mounts, the ROC-12 series, manage to pack a lot of features into a small amount of space on your favorite shotgun. These flexible mounts can be used to mount a number of different types of slings and lights all on the same barrel clamp.

The CDM Gear ROC-12 series of light mounts is a US made railed barrel clamp that is used to support factory and aftermarket 1″ diameter magazine tubes, and extensions, while providing low profile mounting rails on the left and right side for rail mountable lights and acessories.

The rail and clamp half are manufactured as one piece from aluminum and precision CNC machined to size. All threaded holes are press formed into the mount for hardness. The entire mount is then machine finished to soften round edges before we type III mil spec hard coat anodized for durability.

Fingers at the top of the clamp allow for use with a barrel rib and/or compensation ports, as well as slight barrel taper, while a solid surface on the bottom accepts our 3M no slip grip pads to reduce movement under recoil.

Just 2 socket head cap screws work opposite each other to hold the clamp in place and are included along with a wrench and our 3M no slip grip pads for the magazine tube. The mount requires 1 1/2″ of mounting surface without interference from a heat shield. Will not work with heavy walled barrels or magazine tubes larger than 1″.

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