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PWS ARC 10/22 Magazine Release Lever

Image courtesy of PWS.

PWS is venturing into the world of 10/22 accessories with their ARC (Advanced Rimfire Components) series. One of the first ARC offerings is an extended magazine release lever that is different from anything I have seen before. Several companies make extended magazine releases for the 10/22 that make it easier to release the magazine with the support hand, but the ARC Magazine Release Lever allows the user to actuate the magazine release with the firing hand while maintaining a firing grip.

The ARC release runs along the front of the trigger guard and has a wide tab that sits within reach of the trigger finger. The shooter simply extends the trigger finger forward and pushes the lever in order to drop the magazine.The entire lever still looks very compact and PWS claims that the magazine will not release accidentally.

The PWS website has more pictures and details.

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Magpul FDE Midlength MOE Hand Guards Now Shipping

I have good news for fans of the midlength gas system and the color, Flat Dark Earth (FDE). The FDE Midlength MOE Hand Guards from Magpul are starting to find their way to dealer’s shelves.

I have been using a set of the black ones as a test bed for products from Impact Weapon Components and I can’t enough good things about these hand guards.

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Inexpensive Addition for the Multitasker TUBE

One of the best things about the previously reviewed Multitasker TUBE is its ability to use standard 1/4″ screw driver bits. This lets the user easily tailor the TUBE to their specific rifle. However, most 1/4″ bits are very short which makes reaching inside the grip to reach the grip screw tricky. There are extended bits available but they can be difficult to find for anything but Phillips or flat head fasteners. This obviously won’t work for grips that use hex fasteners.

The alternative to the extended bits is an extension. An extension will allow you to take advantage of the near endless array of short 1/4″ bits. These extensions are available in several different lengths but a 3″ extension should be sufficient for reaching the grip screw. I purchased the extension from a local hardware store for less than $2 and it tucks away easily in the Multitasker TUBE Expansion Pack carrying case.

I can’t take credit for this idea. I originally saw Ryo mention the extensions in his excellent review of the TUBE on AR15.com.

The extension gives more than enough length to comfortably access the grip screw.

The extension tucks away unobtrusively in the Multitasker TUBE carrying case.

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Patch Collecting: I Kick Hippies SLAP Patch

Check out this new patch from I Kick Hippies, makers of the SLAP. If you look closely you can see a SLAP blended into the design in a very clever way. The motto, “THERE IS NO WEAK SIDE”, couldn’t be more perfect for a sling mount like the SLAP which is designed to optimize itself regardless of which side you are shooting the rifle from. The patch is available in a black/gray/white color scheme that looks very sharp and a Multicam color scheme.

Derek at I Kick Hippies provided me a with a pile of these patches, so stay tuned for a giveaway.

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Review: Battle Arms Development – Ambi Safety Selector – Short Throw

The previously reviewed Battle Arms Development – Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS) was an evolutionary step for the AR-15 selector. It set the standard for quality and functionality that we expect from a selector. Now, with the addition of the Battle Arms Development – Ambidextrous Safety Selector – Short Throw (BAD-ASS-ST), that evolution is being taken a step further.

The BAD-ASS-ST rotates only 45 degrees to "fire".

The BAD-ASS-ST is a safety/selector for the AR family of weapons. It uses the same excellent modular levers as the original BAD-ASS, the same bullet proof materials, the same precision manufacturing, and the same high quality finish. However, it has one small but very significant difference from the BAD-ASS and every other semi-auto selector on the market – it only travels 45 degrees between “safe” and “fire”. Most, if not all, other semi-auto selectors travel 90 degrees. So how much difference can 45 degrees really make? Plenty, but more on that later.

The BAD-ASS-ST exhibits the same ultra crisp action that the original BAD-ASS possesses. The precision machining and the stainless steel KNS safety detent that is included with the BAD-ASS and BAD-ASS-ST really serve to clean up the feel of the selector. This crisp feel is very noticeable, especially if you are used to a spongy cast selector.

Battle Arms Development recommends that the BAD-ASS-ST be used with two SHORT levers. The length of the standard lever is only necessary to aid in keeping contact with the thumb through the longer 90 degree arc. This extra length isn’t needed with the short 45 degree arc so the short lever works quite well. The BAD-ASS-ST that I was provided came with these short levers.

The "safe" position remains the same as with any other selector.

Expected Improvement

I knew the short throw selector was going to be faster. It has to be because it only travels half the distance of a normal selector. What I didn’t know was how much it would change how I interact with the selector and even hold the carbine. Sure, it is faster but just how much faster would be difficult to measure. It certainly feels faster but feelings can be deceiving.

Unexpected Improvements

Surprisingly, at least to me, it wasn’t the speed of the selector that has endeared me to it. The selector does two things that no other selector can due to it’s short throw. It allows you to easily rest your thumb on the selector switch and it makes moving the selector to the save position faster and easier. Let’s look at both of these in some depth.

1911 shooters will probably take to resting their thumb on the selector very quickly. I find to it be an excellent way to make sure that you always know the position of the selector. The thumb stays in place even while shooting thanks to the excellent texture. The thumb feels natural in this position and is immediately ready to operate the selector should the need arise. It feels so natural that, after having spent so much time with the BAD-ASS-ST for this review, it felt very strange to not able to rest my thumb on my other selectors.

The ability to "ride" the selector is a welcome ergonomic improvement.

You must move a standard 90 degree selector backwards and then up in an arc in order to move from “fire” to “safe”. The 45 degree BAD-ASS-ST eliminates one of these motions. The user needs only to press up with the side of their trigger finger to move the selector to “safe”. It is lightning fast. The selector can be snapped to “fire” and then back to “safe” faster than any other selector that I have used. In fact, you can move the selector into the safe position as you take your finger out of the trigger guard in one intuitive motion. This is a phenomenal improvement.

These two improvements, along with the perceived gain in speed, contribute to a selector that feels more natural, intuitive, and more efficient.

The index finger can easily move the selector to "safe" as it moves away from the trigger.


It should be noted that this selector is designed for use with a properly marked lower receiver. The markings on a standard lower receiver will not align with the positions of the BAD-ASS-ST. It has a stainless steel pin installed that prevents it from being installed in a normal lower receiver. Battle Arms Development does not recommend modifying the BAD-ASS-ST to work in standard lower receivers and completing this modification will void the warranty. Lowers made specifically for the BAD-ASS-ST will be available soon from Spike’s Tactical. You can read more about the liability issues surrounding the BAD-ASS-ST in the Battle Arms Development Industry Forum on AR15.com.


I was expecting the BAD-ASS-ST to feel faster. I was caught off guard by how it improved the ergonomics of the grip and efficiency of the selector movements. It is so intuitive that my other ARs that do not have BAD-ASS-STs installed now feel strange. If that isn’t a mark of a well designed product, I don’t know what is.

You can order your own BAD-ASS-ST from the Battle Arms Development website.

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Image provided by NUKOTOOLS

NUKOTOOLS is a maker of unique, innovative, and reasonably priced impact tools. The tools are designed to be discreet, last-ditch defensive tools. Each one is hand made from G-10 which is a non-metallic material that fits the discreet mission of the tool.

The Punch Ring (shown in the image above) is the most compact of the three tools that NUKOTOOLS makes. It can be easily carried on a key ring so that you always have it with you. It is extremely easy to use but, as with any defensive technique or device, it is more effective with training. The user places their middle finger through the hole in the center and then makes a fist. The chiseled edge protrudes forward of the fist and serves to concentrate the force of the punch. The broad base presses against the palm to reinforce the fist. Stay tuned for a full review of the Punch Ring.

You can view the full line of NUKOTOOLS on their website.

You should research the legality of these tools before carrying them.

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Boker Plus Krein PSK

The Boker Plus PSK is one of the new additions to the Boker line. The PSK is a Tom Krein design that is already a successful part of his  full custom knife line. Krein designed the PSK to be a do-all Personal Survival Knife. The original design is both very tough and very compact and the Boker Plus version looks to be no different.

The Boker Plus PSK has a 3″ blade and is made from 4.7mm thick 12C27 steel. Even with this thick blade stock, it should be an excellent cutter due to the tall flat grind. The handle slabs are black G-10 with red spacers. It comes with a kydex sheath with Tek-lok. The MSRP of the PSK is $99.95 and the street price should be considerably lower.

Check out the Boker Plus PSK on the Boker USA website.

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Thanksgiving Day

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for you. I literally can’t continue to write this blog without you. It has been a great joy to get to know many of you on Facebook and in emails. I had no idea about the great friends that I would make when I started this blog in the spring of this year.

I hope that you are all able to spend time surrounded by friends and family this Thanksgiving.

To those readers who are deployed with this nation’s Armed Forces, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Thank you for reading Jerking the Trigger.

ESEE Navigation/Survival Card

I like tools that are simple, easy to carry, and multi-functional. The new ESEE Navigation/Survival Card is certainly all of those things.

The card is made from clear plastic and comes with a Tyvek protection sleeve. It features map rules and UTM corners for the most common map scales found in the USA. It also features a compass rose with 22.5 degree increments, a list of ground to air signals, and other useful survival related information.

The best thing about the ESEE Navigation/Survival Card is the form factor. It is business card sized which makes it perfect for storing in a wallet or small E&E/Survival kit. It wouldn’t be your first choice on an orienteering course but its convenient size makes it more likely that you will have it when you really need it. This card, coupled with a button compass or small baseplate compass would make a somewhat imprecise, but very usable combination.

This card, like all other great tools, is simple and versatile. It also happens to be very inexpensive. Check it out at the ESEE website.

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Review: Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot from Impact Weapon Components

The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is one of the newest additions to the Mount-N-Slot line from Impact Weapon Components. As you might gather from the name, the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is designed to enhance your control of you carbine. It is essentially a very trim and well designed hand stop.

The Mount-N-Slot experience starts with the innovative packaging. The Weapon Control is on the left.

Details, Fit, and Finish

The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is well machined from aluminum. It is compact and lightweight. The black hard anodized finish is evenly applied and is attractive as it is durable. Great care has been taken to remove all sharp corners from the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot. This is key for a piece of gear that is designed to have a hand pressed tightly against it for prolonged periods of time.

Like the OCP Sling Mount-N-Slot that I wrote about yesterday, the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot uses a single screw and threaded washer to attach to the hand guards. It also has two tabs that fit tightly into the slot to prevent unwanted rotation. It is a very simple and sturdy configuration.

The finish and machining on Mount-N-Slots is flawless, even on the back where it will never be seen. Notice the tabs that prevent unwanted rotation.

On Vertical Grips and Hand Stops

Vertical grips have been with us for many years and, used correctly, they can be tremendous aids in weapon control. Many users no longer hold vertical grips like a hammer, with the thumb wrapped around the grip. These users will typically place the hand on the front of the vertical grip, or even in front of the vertical grip on the hand guard, with the thumb forward (like the support hand on a handgun). This grip has lead some shooters to question whether a full grip is even necessary which led to the popularity of short or “stubby” vertical grips. This smaller-is-better-trend has continued with the growing popularity of hand stops.

A hand stop serves essentially the same function as a vertical grip. It promotes consistent support hand placement and gives the support hand something to pull against. By pulling against the vertical grip or hand stop, the shooter can more effectively control the muzzle of the carbine. Controlling the muzzle leads to faster follow up shots as muzzle rise is controlled and being able to drive the carbine from target to target more efficiently. So, in this sense, a hand stop is essentially being used as a minimalist vertical grip.

This is the definition of "simple and effective."

In Use

Does it work? Yes. It definitely works.

I am a vertical grip user and the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot really impressed me. I was able to generate all of the tension that I am used to generating with a vertical grip except with a much smaller, lighter piece of gear. I wrapped my hand around the Magpul MOE hand guards in front of the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot and then, with a nearly straight support arm, pulled the carbine back into my shoulder. Just like with a vertical grip, follow up shots come quickly and driving between targets is quick.

The thumb forward grip allowed me to keep my weapon light in the same location as I do with a vertical grip (10-11 o’clock on the hand guard from the shooter’s point of view). In this position, the light falls naturally under the thumb. The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot works very well with a light in this configuration.

I noticed that, since the Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is much smaller than my typical vertical grip, it was easier to shoot from rests. You have to be conscious of where you place the hand guard when you are using a vertical grip and shooting from a rest like a sand bag when sighting in or using an improvised rest like a low wall. The smaller hand stop just doesn’t get in the way as much.

The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot gives the shooter something to pull against when supporting the rifle.


The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is a simple piece of gear that can really increase the function of a carbine by increasing the amount of control the shooter has over the carbine. With training, this simple piece of gear can really help you improve your shooting.

The Weapon Control Mount-N-Slot is available for the Magpul MOE Hand Guards, Bushmaster ACR, and slotted free float tubes with an outside diameter of 1.75″ or 2.00″.

Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% discount at IWC.

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