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SLYSTEEL Shark Tooth Rescue Knife

SLYSTEEL has shown prototypes of their Shark Tooth Rescue Knife publicly before but they recently showed it in action for the first time (video below).

The knife is very much like their original Shark Tooth Tactical Knife with its full integral finger guard and angular American Tanto blade shape. The biggest difference is the addition of bolt-on, toothed, gear-like structures to the side of the blade. These “gears” allow the user to plunge the knife into sheet metal (like vehicle body panels) to a consistent depth and then lever the knife through the steel like a can opener. This action can be seen in the video below along with a demonstration of the glass breaker.

The knife shown in the video above is a prototype. Stay tuned for pricing and availability details on the production version.



Zulu Bravo Kydex Dives Deep on Pocket Sheaths for Knives

The number of kydex benders offering kydex pocket sheaths for fixed blade knives is growing. More choice is a good thing… as long as you know what to look for. Zulu Bravo Kydex recently made a video that not only shows the features of their pocket sheaths but gets into what works (and doesn’t work) along with some ways the sheaths can be used. The video is educational even if you are considering purchasing a pocket sheath from another maker.


Zulu Bravo – New Site and Sharpfinger Pikal

Zulu Bravo Kydex has a brand new website to show off and some changes to their popular (and affordable) Sharpfinger Pikal knives. The new site replaces the simple splash page that they used to have at their web address. It displays several of their kydex sheath offerings and allows users to pre-order custom made items including the Sharpfinger Pikal.

There are very few pikal knives available on the production knife market and customs tend to cost quite a bit. Zulu Bravo has found away around this by starting with a very affordable Schrade Sharpfinger and fine tuning it into a custom pikal knife.

They complete the following work:

– Remove handles
– Reshape tip
– Grind spine
– Acid etch
– Stonewash
– Sharpen both edges
– Wrap handle in your choice of color combo
– Seal cord wrap with resin
– Build and fit new custom sheath with your choice of soft loop or overhook

They just announced that the design will be further improved with a darker acid wash and a tighter, more hand filling handle wrap. Zulu Bravo also offers a training drone version of the knife.

The Sharpfinger Pikal sells for $140 and is available to pre-order now. When you consider the level of custom work involved and the fact that these knives ship with an excellent sheath, this appears to be a great price on a pikal that you might actually carry.

Zulu Bravo Sharpfinger Pikal

Chattanooga Leather Works Tomahawk Scabbards

You know RMJ Tactical for their line of tomahawks and knives but did you know they also have a leather working sister company called Chattanooga Leather Works (CLW)? CLW offers an entire line of leather goods running the gamut from hand made leather bags to knife sheaths for RMJ Tactical and other knives. Now they are making the next logical step into tomahawk scabbards.

Photo credit: Rob Orlando

The kydex tomahawk scabbards that RMJ Tactical includes with their tomahawks are excellent unlike most tomahawks on the market. The design allows for the use of a number of modular attachment systems so you can actually carry your tomahawk. When something works that well, you don’t change it… much.

The leather tomahawk scabbards from Chattanooga Leather Works retain the same features and shape of the original kydex scabbards but with the obvious difference of being made from leather. They look great and, most importantly, they can still be used with RMJ Tactical’s MOC straps so they retain all the functionality of the kydex sheath.

As you can see from the images in this post, these are already in progress for many of RMJ Tactical’s most popular tomahawk models.



Photo credit: Rob Orlando

Ranger Green Benchmade Bugout – Blade HQ Exclusive

The Benchmade Bugout has become a massively popular option in the EDC folding knife market and it is easy to see why. The Bugout is extremely lightweight, slim, boasts an S30V blade, locks up via an Axis Lock, has a versatile blade shape, deep carry clip, and is at the low end of the Benchmade cost spectrum. I have recommended it to a number of people and the only real hangup has been the color. The Bugout has only been available in BRIGHT BLUE… until now.

Blade HQ is now offering an exclusive version of the Bugout with a more subdued palette. The handle is Ranger Green. The blade is coated smoked gray chromium nitride finish and most of the hardware is coated black. Some hardware, like the thumb stud and back spacers are anodized tan.

If you love the size, weight, and features of the Bugout but have been holding out for something more subdued in appearance, check out the Ranger Green Benchmade Bugout at Blade HQ (available to pre-order now).

Carbon Tactics Ti Slice

Carbon Tactics is a crowdfunding veteran at this point. They have already successfully funded 9 projects including a number of belts. Their latest project, their tenth, is a slick EDC utility knife called the Ti Slice.

The Ti Slice is a compact utility knife that is made from premium materials and with a smart, minimalist design. It has just three parts including the disposable utility blade. The body of the Ti Slice is machined from a single billet of titanium and the blade holder is machined from bronze. The blade holder simply slides inside the Ti housing and locks into place with either the blade exposed or completely contained. There isn’t a single screw or bearing in the design.

The titanium housing and Carbon Tactics’ in house production capabilities leads to variety of available machining and finishing options. The Ti Slice is available anodized in variety of colors and with a number of machined patterns. If they reach their $20K stretch goal, they will also offer multi-color anodizing.

The Ti Slice is barely longer and taller than the utility blade itself so pocket carry should be easy. It has a lanyard hole that can be used to attach it to a split ring for key chain carry or to further customize the Ti Slice with a lanyard.

Check out the Ti Slice on Kicktarter.

Bastion Braza Bro

Bastion’s Braza folder has been one of their most successful designs to date. So much so, that they have created a much smaller, even more EDC friendly version called the Braza Bro.

The Braza Bro has all the sleek curves of its big brother but it is barely larger than a house key when folded. In spite of its small size, Bastion still managed to shoe horn in a ton of features that set this apart from most keychain knives. It is deployed via a flipper and theĀ 2.12″ D2 steel blade rides on a ceramic ball bearing pivot. The Brazo Bro is held together with stainless steel Torx fasteners. It can be carried on a key chain via the included lanyard hole or in your pocket with the stainless steel pocket clip.

There just aren’t many knives this size with these kinds of features. Check out the Brazo Bro on Kickstarter.

Mossy Forge Tomahawks

Mossy Forge is a blacksmith that hand forges a variety of different tomahawks with some interesting shared features. Their tomahawks are often forged from reclaimed materials like 5160 leaf springs or quality vintage metal tools. Their designs also tend to have deep relief cutout behind the beard of the tomahawk (the lower part of the cutting edge) that lightens the tomahawk and allows the user to choke up for controlled cuts or carving.

They are probably best known for their Viking Axe (previously known as the Goshawk). This is a hammer poll tomahawk with a curved cutting bit. It is has a distinctive, deep beard that allows the user to grip high on the haft, behind the cutting edge. The Viking Axe features a lugged head that gives it more surface area to engage the haft. It available with a number of different haft lengths, wraps, and sheath options as are many of Mossy Forge’s tomahawks.

You can check out Mossy Forge on Etsy.

ESEE HM Series Kydex Sheaths

The HM series of knives from ESEE are similar to their staples like the ESEE3, 4, and 6 but with modified handles that allow greater control while using the knives. Previously, these knives were available only with leather pouch sheaths but ESEE has now introduced a kydex sheath option.

The new HM series kydex sheaths are currently available with the HM series knives. They may be available for purchase separately at a later date.


Izula Sheath Upgrades from Sagewood Gear

Sagewood Gear just rolled out two new sheath upgrades for the popular ESEE Izula. The Izula comes with a molded plastic sheath that is functional and durable but has limited options for attaching it to your belt. The new Vertical Carry Belt Loop and Scout Straps work with this original sheath so you don’t have to replace it altogether.

The Izula Vertical Carry Belt Loop is designed to attach to the hard plastic Izula sheath and provide a more comfortable ride on your belt by dropping the sheath below the belt line. It is constructed from 9oz Wickett & Craig leather. It attaches to the sheath via included Chicago screws and features a fold-over, dropped belt loop with 24 DOT Mil Spec Button Fasteners.

The Izula Scout Straps attach to the Izula’s original plastic sheath and allow it to be carried horizontally on the belt – AKA Scout Carry. Scout carry often places the knife’s handle very close to the belt so Sagewood Gear has thoughtfully included spacers in the design that make the handle easier to grasp. These straps is also constructed from 9oz Wickett & Craig leather and features the same 24 DOT Mil Spec Button Fasteners.

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