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Tango Down has been making the BG-16 BATTLEGRIP for years and it has secured its status as a classic. If there was one complaint about the BG-16 it was that it was too small from some shooters with larger hands. So, in response to their customers, Tango Down has now released the BG-17 BATTLERGIP.

The BG-17 is basically just a larger version of the BG-16. It features the same great ergonomic shape, texture, and storage system of the original. It also retains the small tab that covers the gap under the trigger guard and adds an extension up the rear curve of the receiver. I like grips with this kind of extension because they increase trigger reach which forces me to engage the trigger with my finger tip.

If you found the original BATTLEGRIP (BG-16) to be too small for your liking, then you will definitely want to take a look at the new BG-17 BATTLEGRIP.

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Limited Edition Vickers Tactical Carbine from Daniel Defense

If your idea of what makes a well equipped carbine is the same as Larry Vicker’s, you may want to check out the limited edition Vicker Tactical Carbine from Daniel Defense. This carbine is ready to run the second you take it out of the box. It features a BCM Gunfighter charging handle, Surefire X300, Daniel Defense RIS II rail system, and much more.


The Vickers Tactical Carbine will be limited to 250 units, so if you want one, you should probably be on the phone with Daniel Defense right now.

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Handgun Sight Review: AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro

Good things happen when you combine the best of two excellent handgun sights. That is exactly what AmeriGlo did when they developed the I-Dot Pro sights. They combined the innovative front sight from the Hackathorn sights and excellent rear sight from the  I-Dot sights. The results are amazing.

You can't miss this front sight! This picture approximates the shooter's point of view (on a Glock 17 RTF2 for reference). Click to enlarge.


  • Front sight width: .140″ (note: this is slightly wider than the standard I-Dot front)
  • Rear sight notch: .180″
  • Price: $89

Front Sight

The I-Dot Pro sights borrow the front sight from the Hackathorn sights. It is slightly taller to work with the taller I-Dot rear sight and slightly wider (.140″ versus .125″) to accommodate a large red-orange ring around the tritium vial insert. This red-orange paint makes the front sight amazingly fast to pick up in daylight conditions. It reminds me of a red dot sight or a fiber-optic front sight. You really have to spend some time with this front sight on the range to appreciate it. It works extremely well in low light as well thanks to the tritium vial insert.

The bright red ring on the front sight is borrowed from the Hackathorn sights. Click to enlarge.

Rear Sight

The rear sight is identical to the rear sight used for the I-Dot sights which is to say that it is excellent. The notch is relatively wide (like most AmeriGlo rear sights) at .180″. This makes it faster and easier to find the front sight when the gun is brought to eye level on the draw stroke. The rear sight is also undercut which really cuts down on glare.

The bottom corners of the notch are rounded similar to a u-notch (unlike a true u-notch, the bottom is flat). These rounded corners serve to remove all of the hard edges from the sight picture except the important ones.

The rear sight features a single tritium vile insert that does not have a white outline which makes it appear smaller than the insert in the front sight. Everything about this rear sight is designed to help you focus on the front sight.

The I-Dot Pro rear sight features a single tritium vile that is not outlined and a wide notch with rounded corners. Click to enlarge.

The rear sight has many of it’s edges melted so it is snag free. However, the leading edge of the rear sight is left squared so that the sight can be used to cycle the slide in an emergency by catching it on a belt, holster, table top, or any other suitable surface. This may be an important feature if you train one handed manipulations.

The I-Dot Pro rear sight has mostly "melted" corners except the leading edge which is intentionally left squared. Notice the slight undercutting of the rear sight. Click to enlarge.

In Use

These perform very well on the range. The wide rear notch makes finding the front sight very fast and easy. I didn’t see much of a difference in my splits between the I-Dot Pros and the standard I-Dots but there is something very confidence inspiring about knowing that you will be able to find that huge red dot quickly. The red dot becomes even more brilliant in sunlight. It is tough to miss.

I didn’t see any measurable accuracy decrease from the wider front sight (versus the standard I-Dots). If anything, the wider front seems to align more intuitively than the narrower front on the standard I-Dots. I was less distracted by the “daylight” showing on either side of the front sight. This may have to do with the proportions of the front sight to the wide rear notch.

The 2 dot set up is very intuitive in low light. The front tritium vial insert seems brighter and it grabs my focus naturally. Low light shooting is difficult enough as it is so it is nice that these sights really seem to work with you rather than against you as with some 3 dot night sight set ups.

AmeriGlo continues to innovate. By combining the best features from two successful sight sets, they have created a set of sights that is more than the sum of its parts. The I-Dot Pro sights offer a balance of speed and precision while performing exceptionally well in both daylight and low light conditions. These sights, at this price, are pretty hard to beat.

Check out the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pros at AmeriGlo’s website.

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Ergo F93 Pro Stock

Many of you will remember the Magpul M93 stock. It was quite revolutionary when it came out and, even after it was discontinued, is still a highly regarded stock. Magpul has moved on to newer designs but they sold the rights to produce the M93 to another well known injection molded firearm accessory shop, Ergo Grips.

Now Ergo is selling the F93, their version of the venerable M93, with some changes. The most noticeable change to me is that the F93 attaches to your lower receiver via a standard end plate and castle nut. It retains all the best features from the M93 like rock solid fixed stock feel, consistent check weld regardless of stock position, and 8 positions to choose from.

The Ergo F93 is already in stock at many places and is available direct from Ergo on their website.

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Impact Weapon Components Introduces "The Summit"

Impact Weapon Components continues to grow on the strength of their successful line of Mount-N-Slot accessories. They already have a forum on Ar15.com and a Facebook page where users can interact directly with the people behind the products. Now they are expanding the sense of community even further with the introduction of “The Summit”.

The Summit is a user group that anyone can join for free. Those who are members of The Summit will receive notification of special sales, discounts (the one that was sent out recently was a GREAT deal), and more.

Visit the Impact Weapon Components home page and click “The Summit” (upper left hand corner) to join.

You will definitely want to join The Summit and stay tuned to Jerking the Trigger, because we have some more IWC Mount-N-Slot goodies to give away! There will be details soon.

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Patch Collecting: SMILE WAIT FOR FLASH

Click to enlarge.

When is a Glock like a photo booth or a trip to the DMV? This patch features the familiar business end of a Glock with the phrase “SMILE WAIT FOR FLASH” on the muzzle.

This one is part of a custom run of patches made by a friend on the Usual Suspects Network (must be a member to read).

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Magpul Mid-Length MOE Hand Guards

Earl at Impact Weapon Components let me know that Magpul Mid-length MOE Hand Guards are finally finding their way to dealer shelves. Initially, only black will be available but eventually all of you will be able to purchase these in any of your favorite Magpul colors.

I know a lot of you have been looking forward to finally laying hands on these hand guards.

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Review: Guyot Designs Stainless Steel Nalgene Bottle

I posted about the very clever flexible bail for Guyot Designs stainless bottles from Marion Outdoors just a few days ago. While the flexible bail is certainly very cool, it dawned on me that I have never posted about the bottles that the bail is designed to work with.

Guyot Design stainless bottles should look very familiar to you. They are essentially just a stainless steel version of the venerable Nalgene bottle. They feature the same wide mouth for easy cleaning and even accept the same lids and accessories as the Nalgene bottles. The Guyot Design bottles are available in a few shapes and sizes but the one that I like best is “The Standard” 38 ounce bottle because it very closely mimics the shape and size of a standard 32 ounce Nalgene.

Guyot Designs also feature a much nicer lid than the standard Nalgene bottles. The lid is attached via a piece of sterling climbing rope that has a two sliders so the rope can easily be separated from the bottle and the lid. Being able to easily remove the lid is a must if you are going to use these bottles on or near fire.

So what makes these worth the extra weight and cost over a standard plastic Nalgene bottle? Versatility. Versatility. Versatility.

These bottles can handle any temperature extreme thanks to their construction. I have hiked in temps that were cold enough to partially freeze my water bottle. That isn’t a problem with a stainless water bottle. You can simply remove the lid, then place it near or even on your fire to thaw your water. It can be used to heat water for cooking and even purify water by boiling in a pinch. They are a truly multi-functional piece of potentially life saving equipment.

The ability to purify water alone makes them worth the extra weight and cost. You have to carry water anyway, so it might as well be in a multi-functional Guyot Designs bottle.

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Gear Sector Low Profile Rail Mounts

Gear Sector is probably best known for their excellent slings. However, they offer far more than just slings. Their relatively new line of Low Profile Rail Mounts offers some very original features and functionality.

The Low Profile Rail Mounts are, well… low profile. They meld nearly seamlessly with slightly modified Tango Down Rail Covers. This gives the mount a clean look but, more importantly, it provides a snag free mounting option that doesn’t interfere with your grip on the rifle.


Click to enlarge.


The array of mounts that Gear Sector has designed is extensive. There are several different styles of sling mounts including fixed loops and QD sockets. The QD swivel mounts seem to melt into the rail. The fixed loop looks simple and bull strong.


Click to enlarge.


The Light mounts cover most popular lights for carbine mounting including the Surefire Scout Light, G2L, X300, and others. They all do a great job of locating the light for easy activation with the support hand thumb and they hold the light tight to the rail to reduce snags.

The Low Profile Rail Mount line also includes a very well designed handstop.


Click to enlarge.


You can view and purchase the entire line of Low Profile Rail Mounts from Gear Sector’s website.

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Marion Outdoors – Flexible Bail for Guyot Bottles

I am a big fan of Guyot Designs Stainless Steel Nalgene water bottles. They are just so much more versatile than standard plastic Nalgene bottles. Because of their stainless steel construction, they can be used directly on a fire for cooking or water purification. The problem is that they can be difficult to handle when they are hot. Sheath maker and outdoorsman, Marion David Poff, has come up with a very convenient solution.

Click to enlarge.

Marion is selling a bail that is constructed from braided steel wire through his outdoor product company, Marion Outdoors. The rope simply slides onto itself at both ends which creates a loop that can be slipped under the lip of the stainless bottle. Once the bail is in place it can be used to suspend the bottle over the fire or to remove a hot bottle from a fire. The wire is flexible enough that the bail packs down very small for transport. It is a very clever design that makes an already versatile item even more versatile.

The bails are available directly from Marion on BladeForums.

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