RE Factor Tactical Newton Bag

The RE Factor Tactical Newton bag is designed to discreetly carry a variety of tactical party favors but it looks like a fully functional computer bag… because it is a fully functional computer bag.


Many of the elements of the bag have been designed with a dual purpose, both common and covert. Innocuous looking pouches under the front flap are sized to hold magazines. Panels can be removed to expose MOLLE webbing. The laptop compartment is sized to hold a laptop… or an MP5K. Elements like these are found throughout the bag.

The 9-5 office crowd is not necessarily the market for this bag (unless your office is an international airport on a protection detail) but I can see a lot of crossover appeal with regular guy concealed carriers. This bag is like a Transformer. There is definitely more than meets the eye. Read more about the Newton Bag at RE Factor Tactical.


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