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Review: ECHO NiNER Mini Flat Pouch

The ECHO NiNER Mini Flat Pouch has a pretty appropriate name. It is small and basically flat, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story of what this little pouch does.

The E9 Mini Flat Pouch is sized perfectly sized to carry items like memory cards, remotes and more.


The E9 Mini Flat Pouch measures 3” x 2.5” when it is folded.  The front of the pouch is nearly completely covered with a loop Velcro panel and has a small zipper that allows access to the pouch. The Velcro allows the Mini Flat Pouch to serve as a patch/ID carrier (like a PRESS patch), while the pouch is the perfect size for spare memory cards, a small camera remote, spare cash, or similar sized items.

It has a tri-fold design that allows it to wrap around whatever you are attaching it to and secure with Velcro. The surfaces that engage whatever the Mini Flat Pouch are wrapped around are coated with the same grippy gel-like material that is used on the E9 Original Camera Strap. The material does a great job of preventing the pouch from sliding around even when it is mounted on slippery material like tubular webbing.

This rubber material helps lock the E9 Mini Flat Pouch in place on wherever you put it.

Observations from Use

This is a handy little pouch for an amateur photographer like me. It is great for keeping my camera remote and a couple of spare memory cards on hand while I am shooting a piece of gear for review. Keeping them in the Mini Flat Pouch like this means they stay attached to the camera and out of my pockets (and out of the washing machine when I forget to take them out of my pockets).

I kept the Mini Flat Pouch attached to a camera strap for most of the time that I have been reviewing it. The tri-fold, Velcro closure means I can move it easily between my cameras so it can be attached to whichever I am using at the time. I also found that it was very handy on a backpack strap which is where I kept it while I was attending a recent event.

The back of the pouch features the E9 logo.

The tri-fold design allows Mini Flat Pouch to lay very flat. It is hard to imagine that a pouch could have a lower profile than this. This low profile design makes it best suited to carrying mostly flat items. It won’t carry much in terms of volume but it carries everything I need it to carry.

It could be used to carry an extremely compact boo-boo or survival kit. The Mini Flat Pouch could easily handle a few meds, some adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment packet, and similar items that you might find in a boo-boo kit. You could just as easily pack away a small ferro rod, water treatment tablets, button compass, and other useful survival items.

The only complaint that I have with the pouch is the zipper. It appears to be of high quality but the zipper pull jingles like a cheap bell when you move. I snipped off the metal zipper pull with wire cutters and replaced it with gutted para-cord to save my sanity.

The Mini Flat Pouch is right at home at a camera strap like this ECHO NiNER Light Speed Camera Strap.

Wrap Up

ECHO NiNER takes a simple pouch and dresses it up into something more useful with the addition of an ID/Patch carrier. The no-slip, tri-fold design makes it easy to attach to just about any strap and it really does a great job of staying out of your way even when mounted on your camera strap. I would like to see them get rid of the metal zipper pull.

Check out the ECHO NiNER Mini Flat Pouch on ENiNER.com.

Disclosure: ECHO NiNER sent me the Mini Flat Pouch for review, free of charge.

The Mini Flat Pouch can be attached to a variety of objects like this backpack strap.

Armordillo Concealment X-FER

The X-FER from Armordillo Concealment is a compact, minimalist kydex holster that accommodates a weapon mounted light. There are other holsters that are similar on the market but few, if any, work with a weapon mounted light.

The holster is called the X-FER because it can be transferred to any handgun that will fit a weapon light. The holster actually locks onto the light instead of the handgun.

Check out the X-FER at ArmordilloConcealment.com.

Swedish FireKnife from Light My Fire

What happens when you combine the excellent quality FireSteels of Light My Fire with the well known, high value knife maker, Mora of Sweden? You get the Swedish FireKnife.

The Swedish FireKnife is a Mora Knife that has a FireSteel stored in the handle. Light My Fire FireSteels are among the best I have ever used and Mora Knives are extremely well known for their value. So, this a match made in heaven. The knife weighs only 3.3 ounces, features a 12C27 steel blade, and a rubber over-molded hard plastic handle. It also comes with a hard plastic sheath and is available in a variety of colors.

Like a typical Mora Knife, the Swedish FireKnife costs less than you might think. Check out the Swedish FireKnife on LightMyFire.com.

What Makes a Knife Tactical?

“What makes a knife tactical?” is a common question among knife users everywhere. Some insist that there is no difference between a regular knife and a tactical knife – that the current use dictates how tactical it is. Others point out that there are some common threads among knives that are intended to be “tactical.” If ever there was a subject matter expert on what makes a knife “tactical” it would be Ernest Emerson who practically invented the tactical folding knife.

Mr. Emerson recently wrote an article entitled “10 Things That Make a Tactical Knife” that can be read at the DailyCaller.com. When Ernest Emerson writes, I read it.


Hat tip to Dann at God, Gals, Guns, Grub.


Red Tac Gear Multicam Ammo and Battery Cards from OC Tactical

OC Tactical has a few new and exclusive items from Red Tac Gear – 20 Round Ammo Cards, Battery Cards, and 8 Round velcro backed Ammo Management Cards. All of them are available in Multicam (with Multicam Murdoch webbing and Multicam printed mil-spec elastic).

The 20 round ammo cards allow the user to conveniently store 10 cartridges on each side for a total of 20. These are perfect for storing and organizing your bolt gun ammo. The are available with loops sized for .308 and .338 Lapua Magnum.

The Battery Cards are basically the same idea but sized to carry 1 9 volt, 2 CR123, 2 AA, and 2 AAA batteries.

Finally, the 8 Round Ammo Management cards are Velcro backed so they can be stuck to your pack, chest rig, plate carrier, or anywhere else you need them. They can be carried easily in pouches or pockets and then stuck somewhere accessible when needed. These are also available with loops sized for .308 and .338 Lapua Magnum.

Check out the new Red Tac Gear items at OC Tactical.

Mystery Ranch Spartan

You may remember the Mystery Ranch Spartan from late 2010 on Soldier Systems Daily. The pack generated substantial interest but it was still being perfected by Mystery Ranch. The Spartan was reintroduced recently and is now available on the Mystery Ranch website. It sports significant changes versus the first prototypes but the major features are still intact.

The smaller front pouch of the prototype has been removed and replaced with PALS webbing. Mystery Ranch also added some additional rows of PALS webbing on each side of the pack, a Velcro panel on the top, and their Spadelock system on the interior. The clever, double zipper, pull-to-open closure is still intact as is the excellent Futura Yoke.

This compact pack is absolutely loaded with features. Check out the Spartan on MysteryRanch.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical Y.U.C.K. with Hi-Viz Lining

The Fight and Flight Tactical Y.U.C.K. is a big hit in my house. We use one as a full time diaper bag and my oldest daughter loves to take hers on “adventures.”

My oldest operator… planning her next mission.

The YUCK is fully lined with pack cloth for durability and water-resistance. This makes it an excellent candidate for a high visibility lining. So, for no additional charge, Fight and Flight Tactical is now offering the YUCK with an orange lining as an alternative to their lower profile colors.


Orion Concepts: New Site and Expanded Offerings

Readers of the blog will already be familiar with Orion Concepts’ kydex holsters. I have now been using their MOD-1 Holster for more than 7 months and it is still one of the most comfortable kydex holsters that I have ever used.

What many people don’t know is that Orion Concepts also offers training and a full selection of firearms. Their new site has all the details. Check out the Orion Concepts website.

Review: Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assualt Pack

It seems that everyone in the world has recognized the value in lighter weight backpacks except those is in the tactical gear industry. While the outdoor gear world continues to shed weight, tactical gear makers seem to make heavier packs all the time. Grey Ghost Gear (GGG) is bucking that trend with the Lightweight Assault Pack and proving that full featured, durable “tactical” backpacks don’t have to be heavy.

Where the Weight Went

Zippers, MOLLE webbing, straps, and all the other components of a typical tactical backpack all add up in terms of weight. You can remove features, modify features, or utilize lighter materials in order to shed weight. Grey Ghost Gear does a little of each in the Lightweight Assault Pack.

They didn’t really remove much in terms of features from this pack. The only notable deletion is an organizer. The Lightweight Assault Pack lacks any kind of small organizer pouches, pen loops, or anything like that. Some small interior organizer pockets would be nice and would weigh less than adding a separate organizer, but I don’t really miss it.

In order to save weight, GGG makes use of a pretty ingenious modification. The majority of the MOLLE webbing is actually about 2/3” the width of normal webbing. The webbing may be narrower but it still weaves perfectly with normal pouches. It is a very clever modification.

Standard width webbing shown with the thinner webbing used on the Lightweight Assault Pack.

Finally, GGG leverages some lighter fabrics to reduce the overall weight of these packs. Most of the Lightweight Assault Packs are constructed from 500D Cordura nylon which weighs nearly half as much as 1000D Cordura. The example that I have been using is constructed from Duro Industries LiteLok material which offers much of the durability of 500D Cordura nylon but weighs even less. The result is a pack that weighs just 19 ounces!


Don’t think that because this pack is designed to be light weight that it lacks features. The Lightweight Assault Pack has a surprising amount of functionality for a bag this compact and light weight.

The Lightweight Assault Pack has one of the better executed hydration pouches that I have encountered on a backpack. The hydration pouch is a top loading sleeve that is accessed separately from the main cargo compartment. The pouch is bellowed so that a full hydration bladder pushes into the cargo compartment instead of pushing into your back. The top of the hydration pouch features a sewn in tri-glide to be used as a hanger for your hydration bladder. The part of the hydration pouch that is against your back is nicely padded for insulation. The hydration pouch can be closed with Velcro and there is a covered hydration tube port located on the top of the bag.

The hydration pouch features a hanger for your hydration bladder.

The main cargo compartment of the Light Weight Assault Pack is bigger than you would think when you read the dimensions online. It is accessed via a zipper that extends about halfway down the height of the pack. The zipper is angled out away from your back which is handy since, if this pack is mounted to armor, it will have to be accessed by someone standing behind you. Some of the capacity is lost when you add a hydration bladder but there is still a surprising amount of space for a pack of this size. There are two sleeves at the bottom of the main compartment that can stretch to contain something as large as a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle. They are also handy for storing a few extra magazines where they can be found easily.

Interior sleeves hold your water bottles or spare mags.

There is also an additional, smaller cargo space on the front of the bag. This compartment is accessed via a vertical zipper on the side of the pack. Like the larger compartment, this one will surprise you with how large it is. It will fit 2 32 ounce Nalgene bottles with room to spare!

The exterior of the bag has 3 separate MOLLE webbing fields. There is one on each side and one on the front of the bag. There is also a large Velcro panel for patches and identification. The shoulder straps are thinly padded and contoured. They also feature a sternum strap and can be packed away into the hydration compartment when not in use. The zipper pulls have been replaced with para-cord and the zippers themselves are all nicely shielded for rain/dust resistance.

The Lightweight Assault Pack comes with hardware that is used to dock the pack onto armor or a larger pack.  Two sets of hardware are included.

Observations from Use

I have really come to appreciate the versatility of this pack. It is a versatile size that moves easily between day hikes, to EDC, to its intended role as an assault pack. It also derives a lot of versatility from the various ways that it can be carried. It works great as a stand-alone pack and when it is attached to the plate carrier.

Due to its light weight, it also works very well when used in conjunction with a larger pack. You can either pack it away to use as a day-pack once you have arrived at your destination. You can also dock it to your larger pack to use as extra storage space or an E&E type bag should you need to drop the larger pack. I used it docked to the outside of a Kifaru ZXR or in the cargo area of a Mystery Ranch Crew Cab.

The only stiffener in the pack is the foam padding on the hydration sleeve. This is appropriate for a small pack like this and is what I actually prefer so that the bag can be folded up for packing. If you are looking to carry heavy, multi-day loads, this isn’t the pack you want. A sensible packer could probably do an overnight out of this pack in warm weather. If you absolutely needed a stiffener, you could easily cut one from some kind of plastic (make sure to remove sharp edges) and insert it into the hydration compartment.

The shoulder straps are nicely executed. They are thinly padded and nicely contoured. Due to the nature of the LiteLok material, the straps are a bit slick so the sternum strap comes in handy.

Speaking of LiteLok, this material adds a heavy dose of cool factor to the Light Weight Assault Pack. The material is not only very light and quite strong, but it also has a very cool grid appearance that looks like a reverse rip-stop pattern.

When you first look at the thinner MOLLE webbing that it sewn on the pack, it looks like there is no way that it will create a tight weave but it does. Standard MOLLE pouches mount to this pack just as solidly as they do on full size webbing.

Wrap Up

The Lightweight Assault Pack is the type of versatile pack that just about anyone can use. It weighs less than you would expect and holds more than you would expect. Those are both pretty flattering things to say about a pack.

Check out the Lightweight Assault Pack on GreyGhostGear.com.

Disclosure: Grey Ghost Gear provided this pack to me for review, free of charge.

Fight and Flight Tactical GP Mini Pouch with TAREINCO Special Item Carrier

The coming together of the Fight and Flight Tactical GP Mini Pouch and the TAREINCO Special Item Carrier (SIC) was bit of a happy accident. TAREINCO recently became a dealer for Fight and Flight Tactical and found that their SIC fit the GP Mini Pouch like it was made for it.

The GP Mini Pouch is a small clamshell opening pouch that is lined with hook and loop (Velcro) and features elastic loops for some organization. The SIC is a versatile small item organizer that can hold a number of different items. Together, they make a pretty darn good looking first aid/ blow out kit pouch. The kit will also include a TAREINCO Patch Field Strip for attaching blood type and medic patches.

You can read more about both items and purchase them at a special price at TAREINCO.com. You can also check out the Fight and Flight Tactical Facebook Page and the TAREINCO Facebook Page for a chance to win a combo of your own.

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