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Be Heard: Knives – Tool First or Weapon First?

Welcome to Be Heard! Be Heard is your chance to tell us what you think about a variety of topics. We want to hear from you so leave a comment below.

The topic for this installment of Be Heard has to do with knives. When you are choosing a knife to carry everyday or on your gear, do you look for something that has features that make it a good tool first or a good weapon first? Why?

Leave a comment below and Be Heard!

Mystery Ranch Spadelock

Details on the new Mystery Ranch Spadelock system are now available. The system offers users a quick and easy way to customize the interior of their pack. The system is unique in its use of an HDPE stiffener that not only allows the pouches to to be installed easily but also promotes better weight bearing. Check out MysteryRanch.com.

Spadelock Overview from Mystery Ranch on Vimeo.

Fight and Flight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick

A while back, I wrote a post called “Make Mine Mom and Pop” about my strong preference to shop with smaller gear makers. The article talks about the three main reasons I prefer smaller makers: communication, willingness to customize, and attention to detail. There is a fourth reason that I thought of at the time but didn’t write about which was how much more nimble a smaller maker can be. They can out-maneuver a larger maker when time is a key factor in the success of a piece of gear. The new Blackjack Battery Brick from Fight and Flight Tactical is a prime example of what I mean.

Two days ago, James G of Death Valley Magazine, asked on his Facebook if anyone could come up with a pouch that could hold 20 AA batteries. Within 4 hours of that post, Dave at Fight and Flight had designed, prototyped, produced, photographed, and shared a pouch that met James’ requirements. How cool is that?

You can check out the new Blackjack Battery Brick at FightandFlight.com. The AA version will work with CR123A batteries if you leave the center loop open and there is also a AAA version.


I am sure many of you share my concern for Mark Basa’s health. He is the owner of TAREINCO and apparently he never sleeps. We recently told you about the Tape Switch Holder (TSH) that he created and now another creation is rolling off his busy workbench – the LoPro Wallet.

Compared to the LoPro Wallet, most wallets are kind of like those old wool bathing suits that covered a person from neck to knee. The LoPro wallet is more like a Speedo. This is one tiny wallet and yet, in true TAREINCO style, it is packing some interesting features.

The LoPro wallet utilized elastic to be compact, but allow enough expansion to carry several credit cards, IDs, and cash. It features a hook and loop flap closure that keeps everything intact. It also has a small loop field for adding a morale patch. If you are without pockets, the LoPro wallet can be secured to a small belt. So, yeah, the LoPro is tiny in size but it is big on features.

Check out the LoPro Wallet at TAREINCO.com.

NavELite Updates and App

I am pretty excited about the upcoming NavELite. It will really fill a void in the market for quality wrist compasses.

If you want a preview of how the NavELite will look and work, you can check out their new iPhone/iPad App. The app replicates the look the face and needle on the NavELite. It also has a backlight function and you can rotate the “bezel” to set an azimuth. The NavE-Compass app is free and well worth a look if you own an Apple device.

There are a lot of other interesting things happening around NavELite HQ other than the new app. They are currently experimenting with a very promising method of waterproofing the NavELite.It remains to be seen whether this waterproofing concept will find its way into the standard NavELite or if it will be available in a second, more water-resistant model. Additionaly, the backlight button has been redesigned to improve performance.

It is cool to see a company that not only shares their fascinating development process but also constantly tweaks their design to make sure it is perfect. Check out the NavELite website and Facebook Page.

Dopp Kit 2.1

Hot on the heels of the Dopp Kit 2.0, Advanced Outfitters is rolling out the Dopp Kit 2.1.

Many users liked the functionality of the ultralight 2.0 but wanted something made from heavier material for organizing items like tools and other gear that can be hard on lightweight materials. The Dopp Kit 2.1 is identical in design to the 2.0 but it is made from 1000D nylon so it is heavier but more durable.

The Dopp Kit 2.1 is available now in black. You can contact Advanced Outfitters through their website, on Twitter, on the Usual Suspect Network, and now on Facebook.

Topo Designs Daypack

1000 denier Cordura nylon, high visibility coated pack cloth lining, heavy duty hardware and zippers, seatbelt webbing reinforced shoulder straps, internal organization pouches and laptop sleeve… Sound like a new tactical pack? It does, but it isn’t. Those are all features of the Topo Designs Daypack.

I am always on the lookout for EDC bags that don’t look so “tactical” but that offer the durable and functional materials that I have come to appreciate from a typical tactical pack. We all have stuff that we carry every day but no one wants to look like they just got dragged through a military surplus store. The Topo Designs Daypack would be at home on the trail, at the office, or around town and all without drawing any undue mall ninja attention.

Topo Designs manufactures bags that have outdoor adventure ready durability and discreet, retro design sensibility. They make all of their bags, including the Daypack, in their LEED certified building in Colorado and still manage to offer them at very reasonable prices. Check them out at TopoDesigns.com.

Swiss Bianco M-Sharp Sharpener

When it comes to touching up your knife’s edge in the field, there are few things more convenient than a small diamond sharpener and I can’t imagine a more convenient way to carry one than the Swiss Bianco M-Sharp.

The M-Sharp is a small diamond sharpener that can be carried in an ingenious way. The diamond sharpener is mounted on a blackened stainless steel backing that is hooked at each end which allows it to mount on MOLLE webbing. The M-Sharp also has a small lanyard hole for additional carrying options. The grit is somewhere between fine and medium according to the manufacturer.

Check out the M-Sharp at SwissBianco.com.

5.11 Tactical Battery Case

I always have spare CR123 and AA batteries with me. I suspect that many of you do, too. I am always on the look out for a good way to keep them organized and at hand. 5.11’s new Tactical Battery Case looks like it may be a good solution.

The Tactical Battery Case is a small waterproof case that can carry up to 4 batteries (either AA or CR123) without allowing them to rattle. It utilizes a thumbscrew closure which 5.11 says is operable with gloved hands. It can be attached to MOLLE webbing or just carried loose in a pouch.

Check out the Tactical Battery Case on 5.11Tactical.com.

Kletterwerks Returns

We have been watching for the return of Kletterwerks ever since Soldier Systems Daily scooped the reformation of the iconic brand that was an early venture of Dana Gleason (founder of Mystery Ranch). Now the first of these retro packs that have been updated with some modern amenities are finding their way to retailers and they look great.These bags should be at home handling just about any chore from EDC to busting brush.

If you are looking for a tough as nails pack with a non-military appearance, you may want to check out the Kletterwerks offerings at Wilderness Workshop. The Kletterwerks website is still “Coming Soon.”

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