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What’s New at Jerking the Trigger?

You may have noticed some changes here at Jerking the Trigger lately.

First, I am tweaking the time of day that I post. I used to schedule the daily post to run at 4AM but I have been experimenting with an afternoon or evening posting time. It seems most people are reading the blog in the evening so the later posting time may make sense. I will continue to tweak the time to be more convenient to you, the reader. I welcome your input.

Second, I added a menu to the top of the screen. There are several regular features here at Jerking the Trigger (Handgun Sight Reviews, Patch Collecting, The Regular Guy Interview Series, and The Tactical Handyman DIY series). We reached the point where there were just too many to display across the top of the blog in any kind of organized way. Now the “Jerking the Trigger Features” menu item will house them all, so you have easy access to all your favorite features.

Thank you to all my readers for making this blog a success. I aim to continually improve the Jerking the Trigger experience to better serve you.

Good Stuff From Around the Web

For the 7.62 Fans – Advanced Armament – AAC is showing off a couple of interesting pics of a new Remington 7.62 AR. At first I thought it would just be a re-warmed Bushmaster AR-10 (since Remington and Bushmaster are owned by the same holding company), but then I noticed the magazine was a PMAG. The old Bushmaster didn’t take the SR-25 pattern mags like the PMAG. It is also pretty obvious that JP Rifles had a hand in the upper, lower, and free float tube. This could be an interesting rifle.

Colt 7.62 Rifle? – Soldier Systems – Soldier Systems gets all the great scoops. This time they have caught wind of a potential Colt 7.62 rifle. I suspect that the wide open spaces of Afghanistan have decision makers interested in 7.62 battle rifles once again.

G19: Gen. 3 vs. Gen. 4 – Vuurwapen Blog – Vuurwapen Blog continues to put their slow motion camera to good use and in the process generate some of the most unique and useful content on any gun blog. The latest slo-mo video is a recoil comparison between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks with their double recoil spring module.

HK45 Endurance Test – Week Twenty Three – PistolTraining.com – Todd Green continues to flog the HK45 and it continues to impress. 33,155 rounds with only 1 stoppage and no breakage!

Larry Vickers Regional Endorsed Instructors – VickersTactical.com – Larry Vickers is not omnipresent and with his growing TV career he can’t teach as many entry level classes as he would like. He will essentially be endorsing instructors from all around the country to teach his techniques. This will allow more people in more places to have access to Vickers’ classes.

How to Securely Dispose of Sensitive Documents – ITS Tactical – There are many good thoughts here. Keep those documents safe!

Review: Suunto MC-2G (Global) Compass



Click to enlarge.


The Suunto MC-2 is a compass that is widely considered one of the finest mirrored sighting compasses available. It is similar in many ways to the venerable Silva Ranger (type 15). For the MC-2G, sometimes called the MC-2 Global, Suunto started with the MC-2 and took it to the next level with the addition of their revolutionary global needle. The result is a truly excellent compass – a modern classic.


  • Adjustable declination
  • Clinometer
  • Jeweled bearing
  • Additional sighting hole
  • Luminous points
  • Global needle
  • 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 map scales
  • Magnifier

What Makes It Great?

Many of the above features are common to most premium compasses. However, there are two features that really set the MC-2G apart.

Additional Sighting Hole

The additional sighting hole is genius. With most compasses, the user must align the compass and then look through the sights on the top of the mirror. It is common to move slightly during this operation which takes the compass out of alignment and introduces a small margin of error in your azimuth. The Mc-2G has a second sighting notch at the bottom of the mirror. This notch sits in the center of a large viewing window. It is much easier to align the compass and sight through the lower notch without lifting your head at all. I find it much easier to use than the higher notch on most compasses.



The MC-2G features an additional sighting hole below the mirror. Click to enlarge.


Suunto Global Needle

The global needle is what makes this compass truly excellent. Most compasses use a needle that is balanced for specific geographical  zones on the Earth. A compass that is balanced for North America will not work optimally in Australia. The Suunto global needle is a needle that has been optimized to work anywhere on Earth.

In order to achieve this, the needle itself is vastly different than most. The needle is not magnetized. Instead, the needle is attached to a small metal object that looks like a disk or bearing. This “disk” is what is magnetized. The needle is attached in such a way that it can tilt but there are small “wings” on the needle that will prevent it from tilting too far. The net result is a needle that works anywhere, dampens faster than any compass I have ever used, and can be used to take an accurate bearing even when tilted at angles as much as 20 degrees! Even if you never leave North America, you will love this compass because of how quickly it dampens and how forgiving it is.



The Suunto global needle is ingenious. Click to enlarge.


In Use

I have found the MC-2G to be very accurate. The bezel is easy to read, spins smoothly, and stays in place reliably. The bezel is also works better with winter gloves than any other that I have used. The sighting mirror is large, clear, and seems to be mounted very straight.

Map work is a breeze thanks to the red colored map scales. These stand out well against most topo maps. The MC-2G also features 3 rubber “feet” that help the compass stay in place on the map. They stick especially well to the vinyl on map cases.

The adjustable declination is very easy to adjust with the provided tool. The adjustment tool rides unobtrusively on the lanyard until you need it. I should also note that the markings on the compass module make it very easy to return the declination to neutral, which is not the case on all compasses.



The red map scales stand out against your map. Click to enlarge.


What Could Be Better?

The map scales and other markings on the base plate are not as deeply inset as they are on some compasses I have owned. Deeply inset markings help keep the base plate markings readable longer.

The luminous points on the compass do not glow as brightly or as long as some other compasses that I have used. They are really only usable for a short time after charging.


This is, without a doubt, the finest compass I have ever owned. Most of my experience is on Camennga lensatic compasses and with an old Silva Ranger that I lost years ago. While both of these compasses are great, the MC-2G’s combination of features helps it stand out in the crowd.



Click to enlarge.


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The Civilian Contractor Casualty Accountability Project

James G at Death Valley Magazine is taking point on a very worthy project.

Civilian contractors have played a pivotal role in our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In spite of their importance to the mission they have been unfairly portrayed as blood thirsty mercenaries and over looked. To date there has been no accounting for the many contractors who have made the ultimate sacrifice and that needs to change.

Visit Death Valley Magazine to see how you can help.

New IWC Mount-N-Slots

Ever since our friends at Impact Weapon Components introduced the Mount-N-Slot line for the Magpul MOE handguards, people have been asking if there would be a product for hand guards like the Troy/VTAC Extremes, JP/VTAC, Midwest Industries SS, and PRI Gen IIIs. It seems that just about anyone can see the value in reducing weight, cost, bulk, and complexity.

You asked and IWC listened. They just introduced two of their excellent QD Rotation Limited Mount-N-Slots. One is sized for 1.75″ diameter hand guards like the Troy/VTAC Extremes and the other is sized for 2″ diameter hand guards like the PRI Gen III. These will actually fit any hand guard system of the correct diameter that has holes or slots.

They have even come up with a clever way to attach the Mount-N-Slot without having to remove the hand guard. Each Mount-N-Slot will come with a roll of semi-rigid plastic that can be used to position and hold in place the backing that the mounting screw attaches to. It is very ingenious system that will save users a ton of time and effort.

The Mount-N-Slot line continues to grow more impressive with each and every new product introduction.

Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% discount at IWC.

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Coming Soon: BCM 11.5″ Lightweight Upper

As if 11.5″ uppers weren’t already lightweight enough, BCM has taken things to a whole new level. They recently announced that their 11.5″ lightweight uppers are going into production and should be available for purchase in “early Fall”. These uppers will feature a lightweight profile 11.5″ barrel with carbine gas system. They will be extremely lightweight, especially with some of the lighter weight handguard options like Troy/VTAC Extreme or Magpul MOE handguards.

If you are SBR shopping, these upper should find its way near the top of your list.

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New Ruger 10/22 Tactical

Ruger 10/22s have always been excellent suppressor hosts. Until recently, if you wanted to use a 10/22 as a suppressor host you had to purchase an aftermarket threaded barrel. This adds cost to an already expensive project.

Now, with the introduction of the new 10/22 Tactical, shooters have access to an off the shelf suppressor ready rifle. The 10/22 has all the great features that you have come to expect from the standard 10/22 with the addition of a threaded muzzle. The rifle will come equipped with a Mini-14 style flash suppressor to protect the threads (there is almost no real use for a flash suppressor on a .22LR chambered rifle).

I commend Ruger for supporting suppressor users like this.


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Remembering 9/11

On this tremendously important and sobering day in American history, it is vital that all of us take a moment to remember the events of September 11th, 2001.

Remember where you were when you learned that terrorists hijacked 4 jets full of innocent people only to use them as vulgar missiles.

Think about how those who were in the towers, on the jets, and those who lost loved ones must have seen and felt on that day.

Recall the bravery of the many police, fire fighters, medical personnel, and the heroic passengers of Flight 93.

Realize the sacrifice of those who are currently fighting wars against those who were responsible for this heinous act.

Take a moment to remember and never forget!

ST Action Pro Dummy Rounds

If you want to add realism to your home dry fire sessions then you need dummy rounds and the best dummy rounds that I have used are made by ST Action Pro. Dummy rounds are a must if you want to safely and realistically practice realistic reloads and malfunction clearance at home.

ST Action Pro Dummy Rounds consist of 2 parts: a real brass case (and in some cases a nickle plated brass case) and a brightly colored plastic insert. The real case makes them extremely durable. I have chambered some of my dummy rounds hundreds of times with little damage. The brightly colored case makes it nearly impossible to mistake these for real ammo.

It should be noted that these are dummy rounds, not snap caps. There is an empty cavity where the rubber bumper would normally be on a snap cap. However, these can be made into a snap caps relatively easily (sounds like a future Tactical Handyman post).

Take your dry fire training up a notch with ST Action Pro Dummy Rounds.

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Boker Plus Tom Krein Pocket Bowie

The much anticipated Boker Plus Tom Krein Pocket Bowie is finally finding it’s way to dealer shelves. This knife is the result of a collaboration between Boker and knife maker Tom Krein. Krein has a reputation for great handles and scary sharp edges. This Boker Plus Pocket Bowie looks like it lives up to that reputation.

It features a 2 1/2″ blade crafted from 440C steel. The overall length is 4 3/4″. This really is a Pocket Bowie. It wears black G-10 scales with white spacers on its nicely shaped handle. The Pocket Bowie comes with an excellent looking kydex sheath all for a street price that is under $30!

This is going to be one hot seller.

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