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Velocity Systems Inserts for the Arc’teryx LEAF Khard

The Arc’teryx LEAF Khard is already capable pack that is about to become even more capable thanks to Velocity Systems. They are now offering full line of inserts built specifically for the Khard.

velocity_khard2 velocity_khard1 velocity_khard3


BFG Trauma Kit NOW! Upgrade

You really have to keep an eye on Blue Force Gear (BFG). They quietly improve and revise their gear all the time. They often don’t even make a big deal about it! That is the case with the Trauma Kit NOW! (TKN!) which has seen some unheralded upgrades in recent months.


The TKN! is a trauma kit that was designed to hold the entire contents of the Army IFAK. It has a unique pouch and insert design. The pouch is tapered and fixed to the users gear so that a tug on the top flap deploys the entire contents of the IFAK laid out in organized fashion on a transportable tray.

The new TKN! is more durable than ever thanks to the use of BFG’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material for the insert. The top flap has an improved pull tab that always holds its shape and has dimension so it is easier for the user to grasp when deploying the TKN!. It also has laser cut slots on the top flap for adding a small MOLLE pouch or tourniquet. The laser cut medical cross indicator reveals a bright red cross which the user can mute by inserting a black backer if they wish to reduce the visibility of bright colors.

The TKN! still makes use of BFG’s Helium Whisper backing to attach to any MOLLE compatible surface.

Trauma-KIT-WF-AG-600x400 Trauma-Kit-RedCross-600x400


TOPS Knives C.A.T. with Cryptic Cyber Scales

The C.A.T. (Covert Anti-Terrorism) knives have been in the TOPS Knives line up for nearly as long as TOPS Knives has existed and they have been largely unchanged in that time. They announced that they would be breathing some new life into the knives at SHOT Show in the form of a new scales called Cryptic Cyber Scales.


The new scales are machined G-10. The surface has a texture similar to checkering along with pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of a circuit board. These scales are extremely grippy.

TOPS Knives launched the new scales today and they are available at an introductory price in both the Tanto version and Hunter’s Point (drop point).

  • Blade length: 3 1/4″
  • Overall length: 7 1/4″
  • Thickness: 5/32″
  • Scales: Black G-10
  • Steel: 1095
  • Sheath: Kydex with multi-position steel clip
  • Weight: 7.5 oz



Dimitrios Karras and Ares Armor

There has been some confusion lately about Dimitri’s “departure” from Ares Armor. As it turns out, it is not really a departure in the truest sense. Dimitri and Ares Armor recently released a letter that explains their current arrangement. You will want to keep a close eye on where Dimitri goes from here.


RE Factor Tactical Wooden Gadsden Flag

You may remember that RE Factor Tactical is now carrying some very cool, hand crafted, wooden flags. They just added a new Gadsden Flag option to the line up and you probably need it for your office, man cave, or living room.

Check out the Wooden Gadsden Flag at RE Factor Tactical.



An Example of Customer Service from Scalarworks

Good customer service comes in many forms. It can be difficult for manufacturers to answer every question that comes their way but the good ones will figure out a way to find answers. This is especially true about questions of compatibility and fitment since no one can physically test every possible product combination.


Scalarworks came up with a slick approach that I think other manufacturers would be wise to learn from. They created a scaled drawing of their LDM mounts that they can distribute in PDF format so that the dimensions can be controlled. The drawings can be printed by the potential customer, cut out, and used to check cheekweld, co-witness, etc. on their particular firearm. So, if you call asking if their mounts will co-witness with your one-off Blaster 9000, they may not know off the top of their heads but they can give you the tools to check for yourself.

You can view the scaled drawings under the Documents tab on their LDM product page.


Mini Kit MK-7 with Blaze Orange Interior

The Mini Kit MK-7 is now available from Triple 7 Gear with a blaze orange interior. The high visibility interior makes it easier to see items placed in the kit and can serve as a signal panel. This is a great addition to an already great piece of gear.

Check out our review of the Mini Kit to learn more.

minikitmk7-bo1 minikitmk7-bo minikitmk7-bo2



Ballistic Advantage Rolls Out New Site

Ballistic Advantage has a new website that makes it easier to navigate their selection of barrels. They have a barrel for just about every budget and application.



Executive Ordnance AR Pistol Grip

While most AR-15 pistol grips are molded from polymer, Executive Ordnance went a different direction. Theirs is machined from 7075 aluminum billet, hard anodized, and fitted with interchangeable G-10 panels. This is certainly not something everyone needs but they are really unique and they look great.


G-10 is a great material for this type of application. It is extremely durable, relatively lightweight, impervious to most solvents, available in a ton of colors, and easily machined for texture. Each grip has three G-10 panels – two sides and a front strap. The panels bolt to the aluminum chassis and are interchangeable so that the texture and colors can be changed to suit the user.

Check out Executive Ordnance. The grips are available for purchase at V7 Weapons Systems.


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