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BoltCarrier.com to Offer Upper Receiver Skeletonization

You know BoltCarrier.com for being the best source for Knight’s Armament gear but soon you will know them for their groundbreaking work in lightening upper receivers.




Beginning early next quarter, Mission Spec, LLC™ (KS) will be adding denim to their existing Essentials Only Carrier™ (EOC) and Shoulder Savers™ product lines after receiving requests from “multiple covert agencies”. The requests simply stated the need for an ultra low-profile and light-weight armor option that could easily “disappear” on agents during covert or undercover tasking.


“We had the ultra low-profile and light-weight requirements already figured out with our EOC,” says Brent Keltner with Mission Spec. “The only thing left was deciding on the best pattern and texture to use for the covert nature of the request.”


It is unknown if Mission Spec will be making the new denim line available for commercial release.
Mission Spec is also seeking the services of Chuck Norris as the new spokesperson for all Mission Spec gear. This is the result of an email poll sent to all Mission Spec customers asking who they would like to see as the new spokesperson. While Mr. Norris was not a selectable option for the poll, Norris won by an astounding 91% via the write-in field. “We listen to our customers and they know what they want,” said Keltner when asked for the reason behind seeking the new spokesperson.




Zulu Nylon Gear Nintendo 2DS Tactical Case

The Nintendo 2DS is an excellent man-portable, field use time wasting device. The single piece construction minimizes moving parts making it particularly durable and well suited for use in a tactical environment. However, the dual screens are left exposed and susceptible to impact and scratching. The Zulu Nylon Gear 2DS Tactical Case was developed as a dedicated, protective sleeve to cover the dual screens when loose in your ruck or when mounted to MOLLE web gear. The 2DS Tactical Case also features 3 slots for additional game cartridges and a large Velcro loop field on the flap for displaying morale patches. The Case can be mounted to any MOLLE compatible platform with 2 Short MALICE Clips (not included). It is currently available in Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Multicam, and ATACS AU. As with all other Zulu Nylon Gear products, the 2DS Tactical Case is made in the USA with high quality, milspec materials.

2DS1 2DS4


Echo Nine Three Viet-Nine

Echo Nine Three turns out some very cool stuff from the gunsmithing side of their operation. Their latest, the Viet-Nine, is a real crowd-pleaser but, unfortunately, it is not something they intend to offer.

E93 Viet-Nine

This retro 9mm AR-15 build took over 2 years to complete because of how scarce some of the parts are. The mid-length triangular handguards are custom made while the stock and grip are original. The 14.5″ barrel has a permanently attached flash suppressor to bring it to a non-NFA length.

This build is so clean and unique, I had to profile it here.


Advanced Holster 6 Second Mount Holster

Advanced Holster has released initial images of their holster system for the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount. This holster was developed for a unit that is using the 6 Second Mount but a commercially available version is coming soon.


The original holster was designed to work with the unit’s Glocks which had an external compensator, the 6 Second Mount, and Surefire X Series Weapon Lights. It has adjustable tension and is compatible with Safariland mounting accessories.

The use of Safariland mounting accessories is a nice feature, especially for a set up that is not intended for concealment. This holster will be compatible with excellent Safariland components like the UBL, leg shrouds, and Drop Flex Adapters. It will also be compatible with aftermarket products compatible with and made for the Safariland bolt pattern like Tek-Loks, Invictus Practical Holster Hangers, and more.

IMG_1076 IMG_1075-1


Great Price on a Great AR-15 Stock – Exos Defense TI-7 Sale

Exos Defense has the excellent TI-7 stock on sale for 22% off. That brings the price to $69.95 which is a great price considering what you get with this stock.

See the JTT review for more information about the stock. Check out the sale at Exos Defense.

exos ti7 black


Crusader Gear – 10/22 Take-Down Bag

10/22 Takedown owners take note. Crusader Gear just released the bag that your 10/22 Takedown should have come with in the first place!

crusader gear 1022 take down 1

I am really glad to see this bag come to the market and I don’t even own a 10/22 Takedown (I will eventually). I contacted Crusader Gear months ago and asked if they ever considered making an improved bag for the 10/22 Takedown since they make so much 10/22 gear. Their response was “You mean like this?” It turns out they were already prototyping nearly exactly what I had in mind.

The bag has no external webbing, pockets, or Ruger billboard-sized logo so that it slides easily into another bag (like a hiking pack) and has a discreet appearance. It is lightly padded throughout to protect the rifle and optic… That’s right, it is sized to accept full sized optics if necessary. The back of the bag has provisions for attaching straps to created a backpack.

The bag is constructed from 400D Packcloth. All the internal seams are bound. The padding is thin closed cell foam and the flap style opening is secured with Velcro.

This looks to be huge improvement over the bag that ships with the 10/22 Takedown. Check out the 10/22 Take Down Bag at Crusader Gear.

crusader gear 1022 take down 2 crusader gear 1022 take down 3


X Products Can Cannon Net Launcher

You may remember that X Products developed a grappling hook for their Can Cannon. When it was announced, I stated that it was as if they were getting all their cool ideas from 8 year old me.

xproducts net launcher render

Now they have shown the prototype for their Net Launcher accessory for the Can Cannon. This basically confirms that X Products is either run by 8 year old boys or run by really cool guys who never forgot their 8 year old imagination.

I can’t even begin to imagine the trouble I could have found if I had a tangible net launcher instead of just an imaginary one.

xproducts net launcher


Badlander Survival Kit V2

BFE Labs has released their Badlander Survival Kit V2 for pre-order. This kit is built from quality components and designed to help someone with an already developed survival skillset through 72-96 hours.

BFE Badlander V2

The kit contains gear solutions to the most important survival problems of water, shelter, fire, signalling, basic first aid, and navigation. All of the contents fit in a compact Seal Line dry bag (except the Mora knife).

  • 1 Super HeatSheets 5’x8’ Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket (Subdued)
  • 2 Orion 5 Minute SAR Fire Starter/Signal Flares (Red)
  • 1 Pocket Water Kit, with 1 Liter Heavy-Duty Sterile Bag, and 3 days supply of AquaMira purification tabs (in Black Zip Pouch)
  • 1 AquaMira Frontier water filtration straw (in original packaging for sanitation)
  • 1 Pocket Survival Kit, with SparkLite fire starter, Tinder-Quik Tabs, 20mm brass SERE Compass, Folding Prep Razor, Folding
  • Escape Saw, Micro LED and 25’ of Technora 250lb-test Line (in Black Zip Pouch, with SOLAS Retroreflective Panel for signalling)
  • 1 Mini-Signalling Kit with 18×20” Heavy Duty Signal Panel and Mini-Signal Mirror, in Soft Pouch
  • 1 Military Lensatic Compass (Tan) -3 Cyalume 12-hour Green Lightsticks
  • 2 Cyalume 30-minute Yellow High Intensity Lightsticks (for Signalling)
  • 1 Mini Headlamp
  • 1 Small Repair/Tool Kit, with 1×18” Sealed-fold of Gorilla Tape, 8 assorted Safety Pins and 6 eye-screws.
  • 1 Minor First Aid Kit, with 2 Antibiotic and 1 Burn Cream sachets, 5 Butterfly Sutures, and Multiple BandAids
  • 25’ Feet of Mil-Spec Parachute Cord (Coyote Tan)
  • 1 Morakniv Heavy Duty Companion knife (with squared spine)

BFE Labs tests everything that they use in their kits. I have used most of the components listed and I’m impressed with the quality. This is not your typical big box store survival kit.

Head over to BFE Labs to read more about the design and use of this kit.

BFE Badlander V2 Contents


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