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Thanksgiving Sale at Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage is offering 20% off to celebrate Thanksgiving. You can use the code Turkey to save through the weekend.

ballistic advantage thanksgiving OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Gear Dynamics Aggressor Belt

At first glance, it would be easy to write off the Aggressor Belt from Gear Dynamics as just another load bearing belt with a Cobra buckle. It sounds strange, but I think Gear Dynamics would take that as a sort of compliment because they obviously put a lot of care into making it appear that way. It is when you look a bit closer that you see a detail that really sets this belt apart.


The Aggressor Belt features a mix of HDPE stiffening material and strategically placed padding wrapped up in a Cordura nylon shell. That’s right. In spite of the slick, low profile appearance, there is actually padding in that belt. The padding runs along the edges of the belt which helps prevent the belt from pinching and cutting into the wearer’s sides. Gear Dynamics cleverly tucks the padding into to the spaces along the edges of the belt, between the latitudinal stitches that would exist in a belt like this anyway. This is what gives the belt it’s traditional appearance and trim profile while still providing some additional comfort.

The Aggressor Belt is available in 1.5″ and 2″ widths with 2 different buckle options. It also available in every color of the tactical rainbow. Check out the Gear Dynamics website for more details.



Cavalry Manufacturing Black Friday Furniture Sale

If you have some builds that you need to finish out with new polymer furniture, don’t miss Cavalry Manufacturing’s Black Friday Furniture Sale. All their polymer furniture is on sale – both standard colors and special colors.

  • Use Code AR15BFS at checkout for 40% off standard colors
  • Use Code SCAR15BFSS at checkout for 25% off special colors

Lightweight AR builders take note: This includes their lightweight CAR style stocks!



Big Name Instructors are Great, but Try a Local Guy

If I told you about a firearm instructor that…

  • Served as a police officer
  • Had taken hundreds of hours of training with highly regarded training providers
  • Had years of professional experience in instructional design
  • Holds multiple patents
  • Is a college professor at a private university
  • Operates out of a private training range that is clean, safe, well-equipped, and comfortable
  • Recently constructed a purpose built, multi-media equipped training building that can comfortably house 15-20 students adjacent to the range
  • Has multiple common firearms on hand to try
  • Is NRA certified to train both individuals and other NRA trainers
  • Has taught thousands of students, young and old, over the years how to shoot safely and proficiently


You might think I am talking about a big name instructor but I’m not. I am talking specifically about Dann Sternsher at G4 Personal Safety but there are many instructors like him around the country that are ready to help you become a better shooter. Dann just happens to be one of trainers with which I am most familiar. You see, while you are waiting for the next big name instructor to come through your area, there may be a quality, local instructor right under your nose and you need to find him.

Reasons to Seek out a Local Trainer

It all comes down to time and money. Big name instructors are great. They are often well known for a reason and, hopefully, that reason is that they offer quality instruction. However, you may not always have time to wait for those big name instructors or the cash on hand to pay their course fees. Local instructors often offer training at a frequency and cost that make it possible to train under a critical eye more often for less money. Many local trainers will have affordable courses scheduled monthly or even multiple times monthly.

You want to get your wife up to speed on her new handgun but taking her to the range turns you into a drill instructor and her into an ice princess? Call the local guy.

You need a certification so you can apply for a concealed carry license? Call the local guy.

You need some one on one time to sort out your grip? Call the local guy.

You purchased a new reloading set up and you aren’t sure where to start? Call the local guy.

You just need a tune up to knock the rust off? Call the local guy.


How to Find a Local Trainer

If you want to find a quality instructor that trains near you, the best place to start is the NRA Instructor Search. Most reputable instructors will be NRA certified – even the high speed guys. Once you have a name or two, start searching online to see what others are saying about the courses. Ask your shooting buddies or the switched on guy at the gun shop (the guy who gives good advice, not the one that says you just have to rack the shotgun to scare off intruders). Ask around on your local gun forums. Check the instructor’s websites for a professional appearance and recent updates. These steps will help you separate the peppercorns from the rabbit turds.

What I Look for in a Trainer

I look for several qualities in a local trainer:

  • They offer courses at a reasonable price compared to others in the area. I am willing to pay for quality but the local trainers should know their niche and price accordingly.
  • They stay in their lane. I stay far, far away from trainers who train beyond their skillset or experience. I admire guys who don’t claim to be anything other than a solid trainer. You don’t have to know cutting edge tactics to critique my draw stroke. If they are going to teach tactics beyond shooting, they better have the background to do so.
  • They are committed to training themselves. A quality instructor never stops training their own skillset. Look for a trainer with recent certifications and a track record of continued learning.
  • They are effective communicators outside the class room. If you call a trainer to inquire about a course and you can barely understand them on the phone or they are unprofessional in their interactions, you can bet that will spill over into the classroom.

If you are serious about training, locating a high quality local instructors can be one of the best investments you make in your skill development. You can certainly continue to train with the well known instructors but it can be wise to fill in with a local guy from time to time.



Black Friday Comes Early at Edge/Equipped

EdgeEquippedLogo125x125Black Friday has come early at Edge/Equipped so you can beat the rush. Use code BLACKFRIDAY to save 15% off everything including Joe Watson Knives, ITOA bags, Gearward cordage, ESEE Knives, Becker Knives, Death Brew Knucks, and more from now through Monday. The coupon is good for purchases of $20 or more on in stock items.

These are the best prices we have ever offered on most of these items. When they are gone… they are gone.

joe watson knives at edge equipped


ALG Defense and Geissele Automatics Black Friday Deals

ALG Defense and Geissele Automatics have released some details of their upcoming Black Friday Promotions.

ALG Defense:


Geissele Automatics:


Additional details about the sale at Geissele Automatics:

ALG Defense 8” Ergonomic Modular Rail KeyMod – Black $85

Semi-Automatic Only, Super Select-Fire (SSF) – $250 (This is your chance to own a true, military provided M4 Carbine/M16 trigger assembly. This is the trigger we provide to SOCOM and other units throughout the Armed Forces. These triggers are surplus from a recent contract and have been converted to semi-automatic only and will work with your semi-automatic AR-15. These triggers are in short supply and will not be available after Monday, December 1st.)

AR15 Armorer’s Package – $99

AR10 Armorer’s Package – $199

Free Fitting Pin with the purchase of any trigger.

Free Swag Pack with the purchase of any trigger or rail.

Free USPS Priority Shipping with no minimums.

Sales will run from Friday to Monday, and apply to in stock items only. No backorders and no rainchecks.


HSP D3CR Heavy

Haley Strategic Partners has released details of their new D3CR Heavy – a relatively compact chest rig designed to carry 7.62 magazines. Check out the video below for more details.


Winter Melt Down Sale at SIONICS Weapon Systems

SIONICS Weapon Systems just kicked off a killer sale. Their Winter Melt Down Sale has special pricing on complete AR-15s and AR-15 lowers, free bolt carrier groups with the purchase of any upper, and more.

Sionics Winter Meltdown

The prices are very attractive. They have multiple complete rifles for less than $1000. These aren’t stripped down carbines either. They have free-float rail options, ALG Defense triggers, Magpul stocks, and more.

There are no coupons required. You can just explore SIONICSWeaponSystems.com to see what is on sale and be sure to check back from time to time because SIONICS tells me that they may be adding more throughout the day.


Mayflower R&C Chest Rig T-Shirt

I feel pretty confident in saying that this is the best t-shirt you will see all day. The new Mayflower R&C Chest Rig T-Shirt is just plain cool.

mayflower chest rig tshirt graphic mayflower chest rig tshirt


Purdy Gear Pocket Speedloader

Revolver guys will appreciate the Pocket Speedloaders from Purdy Gear. I have been known to carry a small frame revolver from time to time as the situation dictates. When I do carry a revolver, I usually end up carrying speed strips (maybe they should be called slow strips because reloads with them are anything but fast) instead of proper speedloaders simply because speedloaders are kind of a pain to carry.

Pocket Speedloader1000

The Pocket Speedloader from Purdy Gear takes some of the pain out of carrying an HKS or Safariland speedloader. It is designed to fit in your pocket and hold the loader in the correct orientation so that it can be retrieved easily. It is made of rough side out leather and shaped so that it won’t shift and it stays in your pocket when you withdraw the loader.


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