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V7 Weapon Systems Titanium KMR Barrel Nut

V7 Weapon Systems is just showing off. They have made several lightweight AR-15 parts but those were lighter versions of standard parts. Their latest is a lighter barrel nut for a well known free-float rail with the main selling point of already being the lightest on the market!


Their new Titanium KMR Barrel Nut is a drop-in replacement for the BCM KMR rail and weighs just 26 grams (a roughly 19 gram savings over the standard KMR nut). It is made from grade 5 titanium with a raw or an ion bond black finish.

For your convenience, I will go ahead and get the crotchety comments out of the way. Men used to be men… jabber, jabber, jabber… it’s only a few grams lighter… jabber, jabber… this lightweight stuff has gotten out of control… jabber, jabber, jabber… too expensive… jabber, jabber.

I suspect they wouldn’t even care if they didn’t sell a single one of these (I doubt that will be the case) because, like I said, this is just showing off.


GEARWARD Ranger Bands

I usually just cut bicycle inner tubes into whatever size “ranger band” I need but they can get brittle and tear in a relatively short amount of time. GEARWARD is now offering a more substantial Ranger Band. Theirs are made from thick EPDM rubber which, according to GEARWARD, resists heat, UV, and saltwater. Like most rubber bands, these can be burned as an emergency fire starter but thanks to their thick construction, they burn for 3 minutes.

The bands are 2″ long, 1/2″ wide, and come in packs of 20. Check out GEARWARD Ranger Bands.



BattleComp 51.0

The BattleComp 51.0 has landed. If you can’t tell by the name, this BattleComp is intended to be used as a mount for AAC suppressors with the 51 tooth interface.

BattleComp used to offer custom versions of this device but it was never a readily available production item until now. Unlike previous custom versions, the 51.0 features one piece construction (custom versions were welded). It is machined from 17-4PH stainless steel with a black oxide finish.

battlecomp 51 1 battlecomp 51 2


Dunamis Gear

I have always appreciated backpacks that have a means for quickly adding additional capacity. I am not talking about adding MOLLE pouches which are often too small to make much of a difference on a pack and take a while to thread on and off. The Eagle Industries AIII had side pouches that attached easily via two buckles on the compression straps. Kifaru uses their Dock and Lock pouches to great effect and most of them require just 4 buckles which makes them easy to attach. I have always wondered why similar types of pouches aren’t more common which is why my interest was piqued when a friend told me about Dunamis Gear.

dunamis gear pouches 4

Dunamis Gear has an entire line of pouches like the ones I describe above. Their pouches attach via G-clips to MOLLE compatible bags so they are easy-on and easy-off. They come in a variety of sizes, opening configurations (side zip, top zip, etc.), and other custom options are available.

They can even be useful as standalone bags when you add optional features like handles and shoulder straps. This can be handy for those need to hike in with a large bag but then like to drop their pack at camp while they explore/hunt.

Dunamis Gear’s website will be live soon. In the mean time, you can visit their Facebook page to find out more about their offerings.

dunamis gear pouches 1 dunamis gear pouches 2 dunamis gear pouches 3


BFG Limited Edition AK Sling

If Larry Vickers was a 1940s Soviet sling manufacturer, this is what would happen…

AK Sling 2-600x400

Blue Force Gear has just released just only 500 of these absolutely gorgeous Limited Edition AK Slings. If Banana Republic sold AK slings, this is what they would look like.

It certainly looks good but isn’t just a pretty face. It performs well too. This is a Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) through and through. It still features the bomb-proof hardware and comfortable webbing that Blue Force Gear is known for along with the quick-adjustment you have come to expect from the VCAS. It has just been dressed up to look more at home on an AK.

The front attachment point is a standard AK snap hook to work with the sling loop on many AK handguard retainer caps. The rear is a simple webbing attachment point to work with the wire loop found on many AK stocks. The plastic tril-glides are molded with “plum” colored polymer and the pull tab is made from leather! They even ink stamp the label to complete the look. This sling is loaded with attention to detail.

There are only 500 of these so act fast. They won’t last long. Check out the Limited Edition AK Sling at Blue Force Gear.



TangoDown KeyMod Vertical Grip

TangoDown is bringing their popular vertical grip to a KeyMod compatible rail near you. The images here show a very early prototype but it is still worth getting excited about. This prototype appears to be similar in length and shape to their rail mounted Stubby Vertical Fore Grip. That is a good thing because I have used a lot of vertical grips and the TangoDown short grips fit my hand like they were made for me.

tangodown keymod vert grip 1 tangodown keymod vert grip 2


Echo Nine Three V3/SB/QD

Echo Nine Three is developing a new version of their popular V3 QD Sling Plate. The V3/SB/QD is designed for use with the SB47 Brace for AK Pistols. It attaches using the existing threaded holes on the bottom of the adapter and places QD socket at the rear of the receiver. This location works for both single and two point slings. The V3/SB/QD will be ambidextrous. Look for it to be available after the prototypes are tested (prototype shown below).

echoninethree v3sbqd


Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms

The new Tavor Curved Buttpad from Manticore Arms reduces the Tavor’s length of pull by about 1″ which is just what the doctor ordered for smaller stature shooters. The curved shape allows the shooter to roll the gun up from low ready more effectively and will likely fit most shooters better.

MA-9700 balck rear web 5

The buttpad is manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum where it interfaces with the Tavor and a chemically resistant polymer with just a bit of “give” to it where it interfaces with you. Most importantly, the curved shape moves the bulk of the buttpad out of the way allowing the shorter length of pull but maintaining the 26″+ length required to avoid running afoul the BATFE.

Check out the Tavor Curved Buttpad at Manticore Arms.


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