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Croatian BHO AK-47 Magazines

Yugoslavian BHO (Bolt Hold Open) magazines for the AK-47 used to be fairly widely available at reasonable prices. They have become harder to find lately and the prices have risen accordingly. Now it is appears there is a new option on the market for those who like the BHO functionality of these magazines.

croatian bho magazine

Apex Gun Parts is selling a new Croatian BHO magazine and it appears to a great value. These blued steel magazines modeled after the Yugoslavian BHO magazines and come in rust inhibiting packaging (not heavy cosmoline). At $10.95 each, they are more affordable than any Yugo mags I have seen recently, if they can even be found.

Check out the Croatian BHO AK-47 Magazines at Apex Gun Parts.


Molon Labe Patch from Perroz Designs

I usually think that, if you have seen one Molon Labe patch, you have seen them all but the new one that is available from Perroz Designs just changed my mind. It features the well known Greek phrase laser cut into 500D nylon in the color of your choice of Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, or Kryptek Highlander. The backing material that shows through where the letters are cut is also available in your choice of 3M SOLAS Reflective, Glow in the Dark, and IR Reflective.

Order yours at Perroz Designs.




Shellback Tactical Adds MTEK Weapon Systems

Shellback Tactical now carries MTEK Weapon Systems’ line of ballistic protection products and tactical gear.


The FAST G4 FLX line of facial armor bolts onto a standard MICH/ACH style helmet to add ballistic facial protection. MTEK’s Critical Protection Inserts provide lightweight, slim ballistic protection for your concealable/non-concealable armor carrier. The CSP-1 is a clever ballistic protection applique that can be applied to hearing protection/comm headsets to help replace the protection lost to high cut helmets.

Those are just a few of the available products. Check out the entire MTEK Weapon Systems line at Shellback Tactical.


slimLINE – Ranger Medical Kit from 20$Bandit

The beauty of the 20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 is how well it adapts to a variety of roles (see the previous review). It was originally conceived as an every day carry gear organizer but it excels as a medical kit too. That is not lost on 20$Bandit who has begun to offer the Mini Kit in various configurations that are pre-stocked with first aid supplies, the latest of which is the slimLINE – Ranger Medical Kit.

Ranger_4__56076.1405656522.1280.1280 Ranger_6__13246.1405656522.1280.1280

The slimLINE – Ranger Medical Kit is designed to treat penetrating wounds (like those caused by gun shots). It contains the following:

(1) HYFIN Chest Seal (twin pack)
(1) Celox Rapid Ribbon
(4) SWAT-T Tourniquet
(1) ARS for Needle Decompression
(5) 4″ x 4″ Dynarex Gauze Pads
(2) ABD 5″ x 9″ Pads
(1) 4″ x 4″ Tactical Burn Dressing
(2) North American Rescue “Bear Claw” Glove kits
(2) ABD 5″ x 9″ Pads
(1) Providone Iodine 3/4 Fluid Ounce
(1) 3″ x 4 Yard Rolled Gauze
(1) 5.5″ Tactical EMT Shears
(1) Mini Kit (MK-7)

The entire kit weighs 10.5 ounces and packs small (6″ x 6″ x 3″). You can check out the slimLINE – Ranger Medical Kit at 20DollarBandit.com.


Unity Tactical Direct-Mount VFG Now Shipping

I have good news. The previously mentioned Unity Tactical Direct-Mount VFG is now shipping! I have one in hand and can confirm that it is very, very good.

unity tactical fusion vertical grip

This vertical grip is compatible with KeyMod and most slick side “modular” rails. It comes with all the hardware you need to mount it to either. There are KeyMod vertical grips out there but this is the first vertical grip that I am aware of that is designed to attach to just about any slick free-float tube. Users of these tubes have been waiting for a grip like this for long time.

Check out Unity Tactical.


Oneiros Valley and Cdh-Tac Finland Join Forces to Produce THE-E Pocket Organizer

Cdh-Tac has been generating significant interest in their THE-E Pocket Organizer but they have not been able to start large scale production. That is where Oneiros Valley comes in. They will be starting production of the THE-E here in the USA in collaboration with Cdh-Tac Finland with delivery starting late this year.

You can see the earlier post on the THE-E for more details on the organizer. Check out the THE-E at Oneiros Valley.

cdhtac the-e 4 cdhtac the-e 2 cdhtac the-e 3 cdh-tac the-e 1


SHTF Gear Announced the ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster

shtf gear ace-1 gen 2

I have been using my original ACE-1 Holster from SHTF Gear for well over a year now and I love it dearly. I reviewed it a while back and found that I like the hardware, the stability, the comfort, and the way they cut the back panel to promote a solid grip straight out of the holster. Now there is a new version of the ACE-1 to look forward to…

From SHTF Gear:

LOGAN, Utah—July 21, 2014—SHTF Gear LLC today introduced a new hybrid holster, the ACE-1 Gen 2. Building on the success of the ACE-1 holster, SHTF Gear developed the second generation ACE-1 to offer greater comfort, durability, and ease of use. This new design will replace the first generation holster and is now available for pre-order through shtfgear.com.

The ACE-1 Gen 2 holster offers several new features, including the Comfort CURVE®, a unique design that provides greater comfort by creating a curve in the normally flat backer. The ACE-1 Gen 2 also offers user-adjustable retention for greater reliability, thicker Kydex for maximum durability, increased Kydex coverage for a more secure fit, and a flared opening for greater ease of use. All of these features are included in the ACE-1 Gen 2 at the same price, $59.95, as the original ACE-1 holster.

While this second generation holster offers several design changes, it maintains all of the unique features that made the original ACE-1 a leading hybrid holster: durable Kevlar® stitching, 22 sizes of leather backers, precision-formed Kydex, premium American leather, adjustable ride height and cant, sweat guard cut for a full grip, and availability for over 200 different handguns.

Based out of northern Utah, SHTF Gear offers American-made equipment to support those that live ready to defend family, community, and self. The company began in 2010 and is a leading manufacturer of hybrid holsters and related accessories. Holsters and other gear may be purchased online at www.shtfgear.com or by calling (435) 261-ACE-1.

SHTF Gear is now offering pre-orders on the ACE-1 Gen 2 and if you use the code PREORDER, you’ll save 10%! I have already purchased one of these to check out and review so stay tuned!


Artificum Solis Bladeworks Andy

“Andy” is Artificum Solis’ latest creation. This concealable fixed blade looks well suited to carry as a backup to your concealed carry firearm or for utility use.

artificum solis andy-2

The Andy features 3.5″ long, 1/8″ thick O1 Tool Steel blade that has a chisel primary grind with a V ground secondary edge. The blade has a Wharnecliffe profile that gives you plenty of point to work with and helps hold the material being cut on the cutting edge when slashing.

The handle slabs are hand textured micarta and the knife has a 3.5″ handle (7″ overall length). It comes with a kydex sheath.

Check out Andy at Artificum Solis Bladeworks.

Cross-posted from Blade Bomb.


Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Sling

It is hard to beat a Ching Sling when it comes to field expedient shooting slings. However, some shooters can’t or won’t drill their rifle stock for the second foreend sling swivel that is required to mount Ching Sling. That is why Andy’s Leather now makes the Rhodesian Sling.


The Rhodesian Sling a 2 point carry and shooting sling that requires only a front and rear sling swivel in the traditional mounting locations. It has a large adjustable sized loop in the forward part of the sling that can be used in much the same way as a Ching Sling. You simple drive your support arm through the loop up to the bicep as you shoulder the rifle. Dropping the support arm elbow then draws the sling tight to stabilize the rifle.

Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Sling



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