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20$Bandit Ultralight First Aid Kit Prototype

20$Bandit is always bouncing around ideas and prototypes. Every once in a while Eric, the man behind 20$Bandit, lets us in on what is on his work bench. This is one of those times. Feast your eyes on this 3 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ x 1/2″, 2.6 ounce first aid kit.

ultralight first aid kit 1 ultralight first aid kit 2

The kit is designed to be an inexpensive, single use kit for the outdoorsman. It is small enough and light enough to be carried in a shirt pocket yet well stocked enough to treat an array of boo-boos. It will also fit in the Mini-Kit MK7.

This kit doesn’t have a name yet so feel free to make a suggestion in the comments below. It should be available soon from 20$Bandit.


SilencerCo: Silencer Science

This video series has potential! SilencerCo is dropping some suppressor knowledge in a fun, short, and easy to consume video format in their new Silencer Science series. The first video was released today and it is chocked full of good information.


UW Gear News

UW Gear just completed a refresh on their website. The updated site is now easier to navigate and has been updated to reflect the new MKIII versions of all their chest rigs, mag pouches, and bandoleers.


In other exciting news, the new streamlined production processes put in place to create the MKIII versions of their gear have reduced and continue to reduce their lead times. I have been using one of the Swampfox MKIII Chest Rigs for the last several months and can happily report that they are just as good as the MKII, if not better. Stay tuned for the full comparison.

Check out UW Gear.


RE Factor Tactical Operator Plus

The RE Factor Tactical Operator Band Plus is typically only released every once in a while on a limited basis. It has all the same functionality as the original Operator Band but adds a special hybrid buckle. Like the normal Operator Band buckle, it has a hidden handcuff key which can be used to escape illegal detainment (or other compromising situations). However, this version of the buckle also has an integrated whistle which can be used to wreak absolute havoc at your local aquarium’s trained dolphin performance. I guess it could be used to signal your location in an emergency too.


The Operator Band plus will only be available until August 31st and includes the follow:

  • Hybrid Handcuff Key/Whistle Buckle
  • 12′ of 550 Paracord
  • 30′ of 80lb Test Spider Wire Fishing Line
  • Fishing Hook
  • 18″ of 45lb test Eagle Claw Snare Wire
  • P51 Can Opener
  • Flint Fire Starter
  • Suunto Clipper Compass (OPTIONAL)

Check out the Operator Band Plus at RE Factor Tactical.


Pray Hard, Shoot Straight Branded Elzetta Flashlights

Dustin Ellerman has brought back his line of “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” branded Elzetta flashlights to benefit Camp His Way. There are three configurations available – each chosen specifically by Dustin:

pray hard shoot straight elzetta ellerman

From TopShotDustin.com:

The Alpha A112 is a single cell (CR123 type battery) light that put out 315 lumens, comes with a standard bezel engraved with “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” on the top, click tail cap, and speed clip making it perfect for EDC.

The Bravo model B313 is a duel cell (CR123 type battery) light with 235 lumens, crenellated bezel and high/low click tail cap.It has a 2.5 hr runtime on high and 75 hour runtime on low.  It comes with a lanyard ring for attaching your own cord.  “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” is engraved on the side area.

The Charlie model C333 is Dustin’s choice for mounting on tactical rifles.  It has an impressive 900 lumen Auto Voltage Sensing high output head with crenelated bezel and high/low tail cap.  It will run on full power for 1 hour and 45 minutes on three CR123 type batteries.  “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” is engraved on the side of the body.

Check out the Pray Hard, Shoot Straight lights at TopShotDustin.com.


Whiskey Two-Four 2×3 Modular Pouch to Loop Adapter

The good folks at Whiskey Two-Four are like wizards with lasers and Hypalon. Their latest creation is the 2×3 Modular Pouch to Loop Adapter which allows you to turn any MOLLE compatible pouch into a hook backed pouch for use with hook and loop style organization. The 2 column by 3 row size ensures that it works with a ton of pouches and the Hypalon construction keeps weight to a minimum (just 12 grams).

Check out Whiskey Two-Four.

wtf adaptor loop wtf adaptor loop 2


News from SIONICS Weapon Systems

SIONICS Weapon Systems just dropped a bunch of news in one fell swoop. They released new images of the Axelson Tactical “AXE” SPRs. This is a very cool project for the family of a national hero. The rifles are looking great and BattleComp is providing some very cool muzzle devices to top them off.

sionics AXE spr sionics AXE spr battlecomp

SIONICS also released an image of their upcoming NP3 coated bolt carrier group (BCG). Their previous BCGs had NP3 only on the carrier. I have one of the previous ones and it has served me well. The new one is fully NP3 coated down to the cam pin and are entirely correct including the steel, staking, and testing. The intro price when they become available next week will be $159.95 which is a smoking deal.

sionics bcg np3

Finally, they have announced that they will being offering AR pistol lowers. Pricing is still being finalized but the specs are excellent. They will be available with and without SB15 Braces and all lowers will include:

  • KAK SUPER SIG SB-15 Pistol Buffer Tube
  • IWC QD End Plate
  • Magpul Enhance Trigger Guard
  • H2 Buffer
  • ALG Defense QMS Trigger

Check out SIONICS Weapon Systems.

sionics pistol lower






I posted my review of the INFORCE WMLx earlier this week. In that review, I sang the praises of the new throw lever based user interface and hoped that it would trickle down to the regular WML eventually.

“Eventually” is already here. The WML now has the new interface that combines the best of the INFORCE’s momentary only and multi-function switching configurations, allowing the user to switch between the two just by throwing a lever.

Check out Abner Miranda’s, INFORCE’s National LE Sales Manager, explanation of the new features and various deployment options for the WML on YouTube and keep an eye on INFORCE’s website for details.


Complete M4E1 Uppers from Aero Precision

Aero Precision is now offering complete uppers build around their very cool M4E1 upper receivers. There are currently 2 configurations available but you can expect more in the future.

The M4E1 Upper Receivers are designed from the ground up to accept proprietary free float rails. They have a large collar that is actually integrated into the upper that accepts the free float rail rather than a separate barrel nut. This creates a very rigid interface between the rail and the receiver and makes assembly a breeze.

Previously, these uppers were only available in stripped form. Now they are available in complete form; ready to drop on a lower and go. Check out the available M4E1 Uppers at Aero Precision.

m4e1-105-fsb m4e1-145-mid


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