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The MOAT Group Carbine Standards Drill and Target

The MOAT Group recently shared their Carbine Standards Drill and printable target via their website and Youtube channel. This would be a great drill to add to your range sessions.

There is a lot to like about this drill. It requires only a 50 yard range yet still requires a demanding level of accuracy. The speed requirements are demanding but are attainable. The drill incorporates physical stress and the stress of shooting for time/score both of which up the level of mental focus required to complete the drill successfully. It incorporates several elements into a single drill like adjusting for mechanical offset, shifting natural point of aim, various shooting positions, precision, speed, recoil control, breath control, and more.

The target has space to record vital information like time, hits, conditions, and date which make it easy to have a repeatable process when you hit the range. You aren’t really learning as much as you could be unless you are documenting your progress in some way.

One quick word of caution regarding diagnostic drills like this… They are best run when you first arrive on the range with no warm up. Your cold performance will give you the best gauge of your actual on-demand skill level. If you run the drill over and over, your performance will improve but that will only prove mastery of the drill, not mastery of the skills. Don’t get caught in the trap of training to the drill instead of the skill.

This is a well designed drill that should be very easy to incorporate into a range session. Check out the target at The MOAT Group’s website and the video on their YouTube channel.


RE Factor Tactical Grenade Dog Toy

In most contexts, a dog running toward you with a grenade in it’s mouth isn’t a good thing. That is unless that grenade happens to be the upcoming Grenade Dog Toy from RE Factor Tactical in which case you are probably having a great time with your best buddy. The new toy will be built from durable materials (1000D nylon, webbing) so that it lasts more than a hour or two like most store bought toys.

RE Factor Tactical Grenade Dog Toy 2 RE Factor Tactical Grenade Dog Toy

I wouldn’t limit this to just a dog toy. It isn’t hard to imagine my elementary age self throwing these bad boys at anything and everything. I guess it isn’t all that hard to imagine my 30 something self doing the same.

The RE Factor Tactical Grenade Dog Toy will be available soon.


Battle Arms Development Lightweight AR-15

Your lightweight AR-15 build is now too heavy. Battle Arms Development and Brentwood Gunsmithing are showing off their new, super secret, custom, lightweight AR-15 that weighs LESS than 4 pounds. Let that wash over you for a minute.

BAD Lightweight Build

Not only does it weigh less than 4 pounds, but it manages to do so with forged upper and lower receivers (with some obvious modifications). It includes several custom made parts including Battle Arms Development’s new Grade 5 Titanium Enhanced Pivot & Takedown Pins. Battle Arms Development assures us that we will see several new items that come from this R&D project.

It is great to see a company involved in this sort of project even if the carbine shown never makes it to market as a complete project. This kind of research and development works in auto racing and it looks like it could work in firearms too.

Check out Battle Arms Development.


Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon PenCott BadLands PC

Hyde Definition’s PenCott patterns have developed a healthy user base and the patterns are generally available across a wide variety of gear but there are still relatively few options for plate and armor carriers. Thankfully, the industry is blessed with custom makers who can make whatever you need.

dead coyote tactical nylon

Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon works in the PenCott patterns extensively. They recently showed off a slick plate carrier design in PenCott BadLands.

The ability of smaller gear makers to fill in market gaps is just one of the reasons you should support mom and pop operations when possible.

Check out Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon on Facebook and Tumblr.


New Crimson Trace LG-637 and LG-639 Glock LaserGrips

I own 2 different models of Crimson Trace LaserGrips for my Glocks. Those include the wrap around style LG-400 series and the earlier backstrap style LG-600 series. The LG-400 series has a lower-profile diode module that interferes with slide operation less but I prefer how the LG-6XX series makes the Glock’s grip feel (they straighten the backstrap a bit, reducing the grip angle). I have often wished that I could combine the best of both styles and it appears that Crimson Trace has done exactly that with the introduction of the LG-637 and LG-639 with both red and green lasers.

Crimson Trace Glock

The LG-637 and LG-639 fit the Gen3 Glock 17 (and similar) and Gen3 Glock 19 (and similar) respectively. They attach to your Glock’s backstrap via a provided, extra long locking block pin. The laser module appears to be smaller than that of the original LG-600 series LaserGrips and it is available with either a red or more daylight visible green laser. Additionally, the LG-637 and LG-639 feature a push-button master on/off switch like the LG-400 series LaserGrips.

These look like the best Glock LaserGrips yet! Check them out at Crimson Trace.


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