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Whiskey Two-Four Laser Cut Hypalon Chest Rigs

whiskey two four chest rigs

Whiskey Two-Four is now offering their laser cut Hypalon chest rigs in a variety of sizes. These fully MOLLE compatible rigs are light weight and durable thanks to their Hypalon construction. They also feature male top buckles at the correct spacing to allow mounting on compatible plate carriers. Each chest rig comes with a simple “X” style harness.

Check out all the available rigs at Whiskey Two-Four.


UCP-Delta M43 Cap from Slangvel

Slangvel is part gear maker and part historian. He makes hats and other gear in several interesting and obscure patterns plucked from the pages of history. He also tends to work in modern, historical, and unique camo patterns.

slangvel ucp delta m43

He has limited numbers of his M43 cap available in UCP-Delta! UCP-Delta was basically an attempt to improve the UCP pattern by adding brown. Soldier Systems had good coverage on the pattern if you want to know more.

UCP-Delta fabric is very scarce and Slangvel only has a few of these. They may even be gone already. Check out Slangvel’s Facebook page to get in touch.


Mystery Ranch Alpine Lid

The Mystery Ranch NICE Day Pack Lid is a pretty solid piece of gear. It adds 900 cu-in of additional capacity to your pack and makes a decent little stand-alone pack for when you don’t need your main pack. However, that functionality comes at the cost of weight. It weighs 1 pound, 3.2 ounces on its own. That is a lot of weight for something that spends most of its time as a lid.


Mystery Ranch just introduced the 9 ounce Alpine Lid to address that weight issue. The Alpine Lid has 700 cu-in of capacity split between 2 chambers (the Day Pack Lid has 900 cu-in). It can be carried as a stand-alone satchel style pack instead of the Day Pack Lid’s backpack style carry. Basically, the Alpine Lid provides similar functionality for considerably less weight.

Check out the Alpine Lid at Mystery Ranch.


Lancer Systems L7AWM 7.62 20rd Magazine


Lancer’s new L7AWM 20rd Magazine for AR-10 style rifle that use SR25 pattern magazines is now available. Like previous Lancer magazines, the L7AWM uses both metal and polymer to create the body of the magazine. The top of the magazine, including the feed lips and magazine catch are made of steel while the lower portion is polymer to reduce weight. The L7AWM is available in a variety of colors including translucent.

If these are as good as Lancer’s L5AWM for the AR-15, it will be an excellent magazine and likely the one to beat for SR25 pattern mags. Check out the L7AWM at Lancer.


V7 Weapon Systems Adds ROSCH Works Products

Two of the most innovative manufacturers of AR-15 parts and accessories have teamed up. V7 Weapon Systems is now offering V7 branded versions of the excellent ROSCH Works SLM-1 light mount and C7 Compensator.


I previously reviewed the SLM-1 and found it to be excellent. I haven’t reviewed the C7 but I do own one. It is one of my favorite muzzle devices for how much performance it offers for the price. It is fairly neutral, not as flashy as some, and it won’t break the bank.

Check out the new V7 branded versions of the ROSCH Works favorites.



Magpul News – MOE SL Line and New Carbine Stock Pricing

Magpul just dropped two announcements that most shooters will be glad to hear.

MOE SL_Propaganda

First, their MOE SL line of stocks, grips, and hand guards are now shipping. From Magpul:

The Magpul MOE SL line is now shipping. Offering a fresh look and new concepts to compliment the classic MOE lineup, the SL Stock, Grip and Hand Guard features sleeker lines and an optimized feature set for modern employment methods.


Magpul also announced that they have reduced the price of all of their carbine stocks. The price reductions come as a benefit of streamlined production, not a reduction in quality.

For well over a decade, Magpul Industries has been bringing innovative design and efficient manufacturing into the firearms accessories market in many categories, not least of which is carbine stocks for the AR15/M16/M4 family of firearms. With the release of our new MOE SL Stock and the continuing expansion of our product line, Magpul also has some significant news to announce regarding our existing carbine stock lineup. With continued investment in our manufacturing infrastructure, our methods, economies of scale, and expanding capabilities have allowed us to be more efficient in the production of our stock line, while building the same high quality, made in America products that our customers have come to expect. To pass these savings on to our customers, and in preparation for the continued expansion of our line, we have reduced the MSRP pricing of all carbine stocks from the MOE to the ACS, with prices now starting as low as $29.95. The entire line of Magpul carbine stocks is available now through dealers and distributors, and at www.magpul.com.


Ares Armor Remora Speed Shotshell Holder

The Remora Speed Shotshell Holder manufactured from .120 kydex and holds 2 shotgun shells and attaches to Magpul’s MOE shotgun fore-ends. It was designed by Ares Armor in conjunction with Gunnery Sgt. Ray Conard, Active Marine Corps EOD Tech and SOTG Instructor, to position the shells directly in front of the ejection port and oriented correctly for an emergency reload.

Kydex-shotgun-sdldr-72dpi650x433rgb-1 Kydex-shotgun-sdldr-72dpi650x433rgb-6

The positioning of this carrier is very clever. When the fore-end is in the rear position, as it would be during a pump action shotgun emergency load, the shells are held extremely close to their final destination which is the shotgun’s action by way of the ejection port. I have not put hands on the Remora but I can see how it would be very, very fast.

Check out the Remora Speed Shotshell Holder at Ares Armor.


20$Bandit Back to School Combo

The kids around here have already been back to school for a few weeks and that’s crazy. Sending your kids out the door with some basic first aid items and a cool pouch to keep them organized is not crazy. The Back to School Combo (BTSC) from 20$Bandit can help.


The BTSC consists of a Rescue Red Mini Kit MK7 and a Mini Medic First Aid Kit insert. The Mini Medic First Aid Kit fits perfectly in the clear vinyl pouch of the Mini Kit MK7 which leaves the elastic organizer side free to organize other gear. It also allows all of the contents and label to remain visible without opening the resealable aLOKSAK that contains the Mini Medic contents which include:

(4) Personal Antimicrobial Wipes (PAWS)
(1) Roll cloth Adhesive Tape .25″
(2) BURN JEL (single use 3.5 g)
(2) Mole Skin (Kidney)
(1) Oval Eye Pad
(1) Wound Closure Strips (modern day butterfly bandage)
(10) Sheer Strip (1″ x 3″)
(4) 3″ x 3″Sterile gauze pads
(5) Knuckle bandages
(2) Hydrocortisone 1% Cream (1.5 g)
(2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment (.9 g)
(1) Mylar Space Blanket

Check out the BTSC at 20$Bandit.


Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Series Rifles, MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol

Daniel Defense just dropped the mother load of new products!

daniel defense new products

From Daniel Defense:

Black Creek, GA- August 25, 2014- Daniel Defense, engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems and accessories, today announced new product releases: DDM4v11 Series Rifles, MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol Variants.

Daniel Defense introduces the DDM4v11 series of rifles with the newly designed SLiM Rail™ 15.0, their first rail system featuring the KeyMod attachment system. “Our customers have been hounding us for a KeyMod rail”, laughs Jordan Hunter, Daniel Defense Director of Marketing. “Not only were we able to deliver, but we managed to reduce the weight. You’ll be amazed at how light the V11 feels in hand.” The V11 is available with the 16-inch Government, 16-inch Lightweight, or 18-inch Strength-to-Weight (S2W®) barrel. The SLiM Rail™, which is an acronym for Slim Lightweight Modular, will be available for individual sale at a later date.

Simultaneously, Daniel Defense is releasing the MK18 Pistol and 300 Blackout Pistol. A recent ATF ruling making it easier to possess an AR pistol, and extended approval times for NFA tax stamps, has driven demand for the pistol variant. The MK18 Pistol is very similar to the MK18 Factory SBR—popular in the law enforcement and special operations communities—with a 10.3” barrel that is classified as an SBR (short-barreled rifle) under the National Firearms Act. The 300 Blackout Pistol, chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, also comes with a 10.3” barrel. Both pistols are designed with a 1.15” Diameter Pistol Receiver Extension opposed to a Mil-Spec receiver extension and buttstock and are not NFA regulated items.

I confirmed that the SLiM Rail shown on the DDM4V11 uses the same barrel nut as DD Lite and Omega X Rails. If you already have one of those rails, you will not have to remove the barrel nut to install the SLiM Rail. You can check out the new products at their individual product pages below.

V11 Product Page

MK18 Pistol Product Page

300 Blackout Pistol Product Page


Attention to Detail with Henry Holsters

henry holsters pmag carrier

If you are a new gear maker, let Henry Holsters’ PMAG Carrier be a lesson to you in attention to detail. The Hoosier kydex bender has taken the time to block the top of the magazine for a round on the right or left. This allows the the carrier to hold a full magazine, a partially depleted magazine with the top round on the opposite side, or completely empty magazine with no resistance.

That is attention to detail. Check out Henry Holsters.


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