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Bladetech TekWrap – Lunar Concepts

Blade-Tech’s Tek-Lok are a versatile and secure belt attachment but if you have ever tried to use them on a stiff duty belt, you know that they can slip side-to-side on the belt. I have fixed this in the past by sandwiching a bit of bike tire inner tube between the Tek-Lok back plate and the belt itself. This approach worked to prevent sliding but the rubber collects grime and starts to deteriorate over time. Lunar Concepts has a better way.

lunar concepts tekwrap 1 lunar concepts tekwrap 2

Their Bladetech TekWraps are basically a sleeve that slips onto the back plate of your Tek-Loks. The sleeve has hook material on one side and loop on the other which can serve to lock the Tek-Lok in place between your inner and outer belt or even just in place on a duty belt. This is a simple and useful solution.

The TekWraps come in packs of 3. Check them out at Lunar Concepts.


The 5 x 5 Drill with Re Factor Tactical’s Kill Zone Target

RE Factor Tactical does more than just print a target and sell it to you. They continue to support your training efforts after the sale by constantly releasing new drills to be used in conjunction with their targets. The 5 x 5 Drill is the latest example of that.

This blog post and this video (also shown below) will show you how to train the 5 x 5 Drill on their Kill Zone Target.


Tyrant Designs Introduces Colored MOD Grips

Tyrant Designs’ MOD Grip used to be available in any color you wanted as long as it was black. Now they are offering three new colors: Red, Blue, and Grey. More and more manufacturers are offering colored accent pieces for the AR-15 so the potential to color-coordinate items like grips, magazine releases, selectors, and more is massive.

Mod Grip 81


Gunstruction 4.0 Update

Gunstruction‘s version 4.0 patch will be released any day now. It has been submitted to Apple for approval and once Gunstruction receives the go ahead, they can push the update to all platforms.

This update will be one of the most significant boosts in Gunstruction’s functionality to date. It will contain a smattering of new AR-15 parts and 2 new photo rooms but the big news is the introduction of the R700 platform (Remington 700 based actions, barrels, etc) building tools.

gunstruction submission update


Review: TacPack – July Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the July TacPack and it is one of my favorites so far thanks to three really handy inclusions. Here are the details…


KeySmart Rugged – The KeySmart is a handy little bugger. It basically lets you sandwich your keys together into something like a Swiss Army Knife. This is a new, more beefy version of the KeySmart that seems very sturdy. It also came with an expansion pack for those of you with janitoresque key rings. This is a great inclusion and one that just about anyone can use.

Gerber Hook Knife – The Gerber Hook Knife is like a very small rescue knife or strap cutter. It actually does a respectable job of cutting clothing, webbing, string, and similar items without binding in spite of its size. The sheath seems to hold it very securely and its simple split ring attachment should allow you to mount this anywhere – on your gear, on your key ring, on a pack, etc. This is the kind of thing that I can always find a use for.

Strike Industries Angled Foregrip – The Strike Industries Angled Foregrip works and it is pretty handy – especially for AR pistol shooters since the BATFE has ruled that angle grips are good to go on AR Pistols. The Strike Industries grip has a clever ledge on the front that makes it easy to lock into a barricade while shooting. I’ll definitely use this.

TacPack Smooth Operator Hat – This cap features the ubiquitous loop material field on the front for attaching patches which makes it very operator. It also has the TacPack logo embroidered over the loop field which actually looks nice. It’s not the nicest cap I own but it isn’t the worst either. The quality is better than a typical freebie type hat.

Gang Bangers Anonymous Patch – TacPack continues their Gang Bangers Anonymous theme with a new GBA patch. This one is going on the patch panel!

Some lucky folks also received one of 20 muzzle brakes from BullMoose Tactical. Even if you didn’t get a muzzle brake, the box included a 25% off coupon for BullMoose Tactical.

Wrap Up

This is one of the most solid boxes to date. It might not be the slickest but I will use every single thing in it. The KeySmart has universal appeal. The Gerber Hook Knife can be tucked away in a kit or carried on anyone’s gear. You’ll always find room on a rifle for a good fore grip like the Strike Industries Angled Foregrip. This is just a solid box.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the August box.


Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner Degreaser

I have been using Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner Degreaser for years now. I originally received a small bottle of it in a swag bag from a carbine course. I used that small 4 ounce pump bottle, bought another 4 ounce bottle, and then bought the 16 ounce bottle which has been enough to get me through the last two years. I will buy the gallon jug next.

So why do I keep using it? Well, there are a lot of reasons.

725-group725 works and I guess that is the most important reason I use it. It cleans guns well – better than just a CLP type oil. It cuts carbon well, it strips gun oil well, it works well to prevent rust from corrosive ammo, and it washes away cleanly and easily. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes, I don’t even wash it off. I just dry it with a rag and reapply oil.

I also like that a little bit goes a long way and Slip 2000 provides good quality sprayers with it. You really only need to wet the surface of whatever you are cleaning, let it sit for a few seconds (or longer), and then follow up with a brush, a rag, or a rinse. Both the pump bottles and the larger trigger bottles provide a consistent, penetrating spray. I have yet to have a spray bottle fail which I can’t say for other products.

This stuff is good for more than just guns! I used it frequently on my bikes to remove grime. It is magic for taking old grease off bike chains, chain rings, and cassettes. I just spray it on, brush with a nylon brush, and rinse. If I am in a hurry, I can just spray it on, wipe with a rag, apply new oil, and ride. I’ve also used it on ATV parts, car parts, knives, and more. It is just a good general purpose degreaser.

725 is water-based, bio-degradable, and has very little smell unlike many degreasers. It doesn’t irritate my skin while I am working with it. Basically, I like that it doesn’t feel like I am taking a few years off my life when I use it.

Wrap Up

This is probably the least sexy product review I have ever published on this site but Slip 2000’s 725 Gun Cleaner Degreaser just works. It’s the kind of thing I like having in my workshop for use on more than just guns.


The Shottist Leather Shop for Sale

760fe7_06c50832b420f3888963749d62cd3c84If you want a chance at living the dream – making traditional leather holsters, being your own boss, working in the gun industry, working with your hands, being a real craftsman – listen up. Andy Langlois, the owner of The Shottist Leather Shop, is selling the holster and belt making his side of businesses.

According to Andy, he is a “motivated seller” and can structure the sale a number of different ways whether you want the entire shop, just the holster designs, or something in between. The business is already established and profitable.

You can read more about what is included (the list is extensive – all equipment, inventory, the website, training, and more) at the website he set up to advertise the sale: LeatherShopForSale.com



Blue Force Gear SP-1404 Sling Update – Now Shipping with 2 Free QD Swivels

Blue Force Gear heard you loud and clear. There has been a ton of interest in their small run of Special 1404 Slings but the sling is certainly not inexpensive. Unfortunately, that is the reality for a small run sling with different webbing than what they usually work with and custom hardware.


To help defray some of the expense, their SP-1404 Sling is now shipping with two free push button QD swivels. BFG’s swivels are some of the best on the market and getting two of them for free should go a long way toward improving the value of this sling.

You can read more about what makes the sling unique in our previous post and check out the SP-1404 Sling at Blue Force Gear. You don’t have to do anything special to get the swivels. They will be included with your SP-1404 order automatically.


Win an Elzetta 2016 Limited Edition Light Before You Can Buy One

Elzetta releases a limited edition light in a unique, one-time-only configuration every year. The lights usually sell out pretty quickly and are never to be seen again. Past lights have included special black chrome finishes, colored anodization, and Cerakote. The details for this year’s limited edition light have not been released yet but you can register for a chance to win one!

Entering to win is a simple two step process. First, like the Elzetta Facebook Page HERE. Finally, complete the form found HERE. The winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, August 3rd.

2016 le elzetta giveaway

I should also note that the promotional image for this giveaway might be a clue as to which light might be receiving the limited edition treatment this year. It appears to be an Alpha which would make sense considering it just received an output upgrade.


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