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Green Mountain Sheaths Tomahawk Cover

It boggles my mind how few tomahawks come with some sort of useable way to protect the user from the cutting edge while it is being transported. That seems like a massive oversight to me but at least it gives us the chance to pick up one of these beautiful tomahawk covers from Green Mountain Sheaths.

green mountain sheaths tomahawk cover

The one shown above is made for a CRKT Woods Chogan but they should be able to accommodate other models. The covers are hand sewn with #277 bonded nylon thread. They use 7 ounce leather for the body of the cover and 10 ounce leather for the welt so it is as durable as it is beautiful.

Get in touch with Green Mountain Sheaths via their Facebook Page.


Gunstruction Update

gunstruction new parts

The list of available parts to play with in Gunstruction continues to grow. They recently updated the web version with a ton of new gear:

Allstar Tactical Forged Lower Lower Receiver
Allstar Tactical Delta Muzzle Device
556 Tactical 15in SKR Hand Guard
556 Tactical 12.1in SKR Hand Guard
Adams Arms Forged Lower Lower Receiver
Adams Arms Handguard Cap with Piston Cutout Hand Guard Cap
Adams Arms Pistol Drive Rod Gas Piston
Adams Arms Rifle Drive Rod Gas Piston
Adams Arms Mid Length Drive Rod Gas Piston
Adams Arms Carbine Drive Rod Gas Piston
Adams Arms XLP Gas Block
Adams Arms Standard Picatinny Gas Block
Adams Arms One Piece Bolt Carrier
Adams Arms Low Mass Bolt Carrier
ALG Defense ACT Trigger Group
ALG Defense QMS Trigger Group
Allstar Tactical CorkScrew Muzzle Device
Spike’s Tactical ST-22 Pistol Plug Receiver Extension
Strike Industries 7in MITCH Hand Guard
Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard Right Trigger Guard
Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard Left Trigger Guard
Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard Ambi Trigger Guard
Strike Industries UDC Capsule Dust Cover
Strike Industries UDC Standard Dust Cover
Strike Industries ARCH Charging Handle
Strike Industries 7in MegaFins Hand Guard
Strike Industries 12in MegaFins Hand Guard
Strike Industries 15in MegaFins Hand Guard
Strike Industries AR15_223_BarrelNut_StrikeInd_ARMegaFins Barrel Nut
Strike Industries Dummy Supressor 16in Mid Muzzle Device
Strike Industries Dummy Supressor 16in Carbine Muzzle Device
Strike Industries Dummy Supressor 14.5in Mid Muzzle Device
Strike Industries Dummy Supressor 14.5in Carbine Muzzle Device
VooDoo Innovations 16.5 Rifle UltraLite Barrel
VooDoo Innovations 18 Rifle UltraLite Barrel
VooDoo Innovations 11.5in Carbine UltraLite Barrel
VooDoo Innovations 14.5 Mid UltraLite Barrel

Check out all the new parts at Gunstruction.


Ruger 10/22 BX-25 Magazine Belt Pouch and Chest Rig from Crusader Gear

When I first started JTT, Retro-Tactical was one of my favorite small gear makers to keep tabs on because Tony, the owner, was always developing functional gear for weapons that were a bit off the beaten path. That included a lot of great 10/22 gear which I still use today. Retro-Tactical closed its doors but Crusader Gear may just be in line to inherit the throne. They have been rolling out several great 10/22 products that support Ruger’s excellent BX-25 magazine.

crusader gear bx25 1022 belt pouch

I have mentioned their BX-25 MOLLE pouches before and now they have introduced a belt mounted single mag version. It features bungee retention and a belt loop that will accommodate belt widths of up to 1.75″. This would be perfect to slap on your belt for a walk in the woods.

crusader gear bx25 1022 chest rig

They also introduced a BX-25 based chest rig! It holds 4 magazines in a shingle style pouch with individual bungee retention. The front of the pouch features a large loop field for patches. The chest rig also features 3 x 3 MOLLE fields on either side and an “H” harness. You can keep enough .22LR on tap to take out every varmint in your county!

Check out Crusader Gear.


Hypalon MOLLE Straps from Whiskey Two-Four

Hypalon can now die happy. It now knows its purpose in life. This is why Hypalon exists…

whiskey two four hypalon molle straps whiskey two four hypalon molle straps installed

Whiskey Two-Four is developing MOLLE straps made from laser cut Hypalon which might just be the perfect material for this application and the perfect application for this material. Hypalon is flexible enough to make weaving easy, thin enough to minimize bulk, light enough to add negligible weight, and EXTREMELY tear resistant.

Hopefully, these will be available soon at Whiskey Two-Four.


TOPS Knives Mil-SPIE 3.5 Tanto

The newest addition to the TOPS Knives Mil-SPIE folder series is now available. The Mil-SPIE 3.5 Tanto sports, you guessed it, a 3.5″ long tanto blade. The blade is saber ground from 1/8″ thick N690Co steel.

Like the other Mil-SPIE knives, this one boasts a tool steel liner locking mechanism and a machined 6061 T-6 aluminum handle. The liner lock is nested in the handle and the entire package is designed to be thin, light, and strong.

Check out the new Mil-SPIE 3.5 Tanto at TOPS Knives.



Low-Pro Products Stubby Vertical Grip

I have reviewed Low-Pro Products’ Modular Vertical Grip in the past. It is a bomb proof grip with a really innovative integrated wrench feature (see the review for details). It is called the Modular Vertical Grip because it has a threaded tube section that can be removed to convert from a full size grip to a “stubby” sized grip. I basically removed/lost that section since I have no use for a full sized vertical grip and apparently I am not the only one because Low-Pro Products now offers it in a Stubby only version.

It is the same grip with the same great integrated wrench. It just doesn’t come with the threaded tube to convert it to full size and that saves you some money. Check out the Stubby Vertical Grip at Low-Pro Products.

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Thumb Nut Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Bottom Wrench Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Wrench In Use


20$Bandit Ultralight First Aid Kit Prototype

20$Bandit is always bouncing around ideas and prototypes. Every once in a while Eric, the man behind 20$Bandit, lets us in on what is on his work bench. This is one of those times. Feast your eyes on this 3 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ x 1/2″, 2.6 ounce first aid kit.

ultralight first aid kit 1 ultralight first aid kit 2

The kit is designed to be an inexpensive, single use kit for the outdoorsman. It is small enough and light enough to be carried in a shirt pocket yet well stocked enough to treat an array of boo-boos. It will also fit in the Mini-Kit MK7.

This kit doesn’t have a name yet so feel free to make a suggestion in the comments below. It should be available soon from 20$Bandit.


SilencerCo: Silencer Science

This video series has potential! SilencerCo is dropping some suppressor knowledge in a fun, short, and easy to consume video format in their new Silencer Science series. The first video was released today and it is chocked full of good information.


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