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Geissele Automatics Faux-Auto Trigger

I am not really sure what to call triggers like the Tac-Con 3MR so I guess I will just call it a “faux-auto” trigger. If you are unfamiliar with the 3MR it is basically a trigger that has a fire mode that aids in resetting the trigger. This allows shooters, in theory, to achieve rates of fire that approach full-auto fire except the trigger is still being pulled for every shot so it is still classed as a semi-auto rifle. Some shooters have had great success with the 3MR but others have found that they have been able to exceed the speed offered by the 3MR with a trigger that has already been on the market for some time and is made from one of the most trusted names in triggers – the Geissele Automatics SD-3G.

Geissele Automatics SD-3G

Geissele Automatics SD-3G

The SD-3G is essentially a 2 stage trigger without the second stage. Its rolling break and flat trigger bow allow for extremely fast follow up shots. Skilled shooters can reach .1 (or faster) splits which is 600 rounds per minute. With that in mind, many shooters have been pestering Geissele to consider developing a trigger based on the SD-3G but with an aided trigger reset like the 3MR. The reasoning is that if the SD-3G is so fast without the aided reset, it should be even faster with it.

Of course, you also get the additional benefit of Geissele Automatics quality, customer service, and a reduced price. That’s right, Geissele Automatics is actually considering making such a trigger and Bill Geissele has said that he can’t imagine how it could cost more than $325 (if it even happens). That certainly isn’t inexpensive but it is less than the 3MR.

You can read more about the pressure to make the trigger at AR15.com. The thread includes responses from Geissele.


RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag

I am a bit fan of “flyers” kit bags. Their cubic shape makes them easy to pack and easy to stow. I use an old surplus one regularly to move gear around and I love it… but ever since I saw the Enhanced Kit Bag from RE Factor Tactical, I haven’t been sure I could go on with my plain, old kit bag. Curse my wandering eyes!


The Enhanced Kit Big has everything you love about the typical surplus kit bags like the cube shape, massive capacity, sturdy wrap-around handles, and rugged construction but they don’t call it “enhanced” for nothing. It’s made from 1000D Cordura nylon and is available in Ranger Green, Coyote Tan, and black. You can carry it via the handles or a set of removable backpack straps. The exterior of the bag features additions like a water resistant bottom panel, ID window, loop field, and exterior slash pocket.


Best of all, the interior is customizable. The purchaser can choose whether they want plain inner walls, a mesh organizer panel, or PALS webbing for each side. The bag opens fully to give you access to all the organization potential that comes with the custom inner panels.


  • Width- 11″
  • Hight- 16″
  • Length- 20″
  • Volume- 57 Liters

Check out the RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag pre-sale.


Triple Stitch Tactical 10/22 4 Mag Pouch

I have said it before and I will say it again. One of the best things about dealing with small, custom gear shops is that they can take on projects that would never happen at larger manufacturers. That is the case with this really slick 10/22 4 Mag Pouch from Triple Stitch Tactical.

triple stitch tactical 10-22 pouch

The pouch features 4 cells designed to hold the Ruger BX-25 10/22 magazines. The pouches have a semi-open bottom design to allow drainage and each cell has individual bungee retention. While the thought of 100 rounds of .22LR on tap in a single pouch warms my heart, this pouch would be great in a single or double cell configuration as well.

Check out Triple Stitch Tactical and remember to support the little guys!


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