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Woodknot Gear Introduces Larger 900ml Size Press

We’ve mentioned Woodknot Gear Presses on these pages before. They are basically titanium cookpots with a built-in coffee press. Previously, the Woodknot Gear Press was only available in a 750ml size. Now they have introduced a new 900ml version.

The 900ml version is large enough that it can serve as a cookpot/coffee press for two. Many users will likely be interested in these for their coffee press functionality but they actually have a combination of features that is desirable but hard to find in outdoor cook pots. This includes butterfly handles, a bail that can be retained in the upright position, and a pour spout. So, even if you are less interested in coffee, you may find that the Woodknot Gear Presses have the features you are looking for in a bush/hiking pot.


WoodKnot Gear 750ml Titanium Cup with Press

Even if you aren’t a coffee snob, you’ll probably appreciate the WoodKnot Gear 750ml Titanium Cup with Press. A lot of people carry a lightweight cup to serve as their cook pot and cup when they are in the back country. A lot of those same people also carry some method of preparing coffee. The WoodKnot Gear Cup with Press can fill both of those roles!

The kit consists of 4 parts that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs: Titanium Cup, Titanium Lid with Press (the lid and press can be separated), Plastic Drinking Lid, and Mesh Stuff Sack. The total weight for everything is 10.1 ounces.

The titanium cup looks very well designed on its own. It has the three features that I consider necessary for a cup like this: graduated volume markings, ability to nest on a water bottle, and folding handles. It also has two features that are just really nice to have and harder to find on cups like this: a bail and a pour spout.

If all that isn’t interesting enough, you have the built in (removeable) French Press. Having this built in saves weight and pack space over many other ways of making coffee on the trail.


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