Woodknot Gear Introduces Larger 900ml Size Press

We’ve mentioned Woodknot Gear Presses on these pages before. They are basically titanium cookpots with a built-in coffee press. Previously, the Woodknot Gear Press was only available in a 750ml size. Now they have introduced a new 900ml version.

The 900ml version is large enough that it can serve as a cookpot/coffee press for two. Many users will likely be interested in these for their coffee press functionality but they actually have a combination of features that is desirable but hard to find in outdoor cook pots. This includes butterfly handles, a bail that can be retained in the upright position, and a pour spout. So, even if you are less interested in coffee, you may find that the Woodknot Gear Presses have the features you are looking for in a bush/hiking pot.


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