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That Triple 7 Gear CORE Nano Wallet, It’s So Hot Right Now…

Triple 7 Gear’s crowd funding campaign for the CORE Nano Wallet is smashing all expectations. It currently sits at almost 3X it’s original funding level and there are still 11 days left in the campaign. The result of such success is that stretch goals are being smashed and value is being added.


Triple 7 Gear set a stretch goal of $20,000 to add RFID blocking material to the wallet and that goal was smashed over night. So, now you can add RFID blocking to already long list of cool features.

There are still great benefits left for backing the project. Check out the CORE Nano Wallet on Kickstarter.

Triple 7 Gear Launches CORE Nano Wallet on Kickstarter

The CORE Nano Wallet from Triple 7 Gear has been officially launched on Kickstarter!


The CORE Nano Wallet does everything you want a wallet to do but with the addition of the EDC gear organization you expect from Triple 7 Gear. It has a clear window for storing ID and cash. There are credit card slots on the center panel that can hold 6-8 credit cards. The gear organization panel has a 3 elastic loops of varying size to hold pens, flashlights, multitools, knives, etc. There is also a slightly hidden, Velcro secured pocket that can be used to secure more sensitive items.

With careful selection of the items that you store in CORE Nano Wallet, you will be surprised at just how compact it can be. I have already found that several AAA battery lights fit well. Pens like the Inka, Fisher Bullet Pen, or Fisher Trekker all work well. The Exotac nanoSTRIKER fits perfectly in the smallest loop. Compact multitools or even some of the thinner Swiss Army Knives fit well too. You’ll find all kinds of gear that fits.

There are several interesting benefits for backers including one that includes a Micro SERE Kit from Vigilant Gear which happens to be a perfect fit for the CORE Nano Wallet’s secure pocket. Head over to the Kickstarter page to view a video that really dives into the details of the wallet and its intended use. You can also see the various backing rewards.


Tease: Triple 7 Gear CORE Nano Wallet

core nano walet triple sevenIt’s coming… Triple 7 Gear is about to release their next EDC organizer and this will be the most easily carried yet. The CORE Nano Wallet is going to be something like the standard tri-fold wallet meets the Mini Kit MK7. It will carry your cash, ID and cards, and your EDC gear.

The CORE Nano Wallet will be launching via Kickstarter on June 11th. Stay tuned for details and images of the interior organization features.

Triple 7 Gear

20$Bandit is rebranding as Triple 7 Gear. The new Triple 7 Gear brand will be a better fit as they expand and continue to develop new products until they put their gear in every one of your pockets! Eric, the brains behind the Mini Kit and Micro Kit, is still head honcho but he isn’t the only person behind the brand now so it seemed appropriate to shift the focus to the gear instead of the man.


You can look forward to several new things coming soon from Triple 7 Gear. The wallet that we showed you previously will be on Kickstarter soon. Stay tuned for details.

You can check out Triple7Gear.com. Be sure to like their new Facebook page as well.

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