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TOPS Knives B.O.B. Knife with Tumbled Finish

The Brothers of Bushcraft designed BOB Knife has been a smash hit for TOPS Knives and for good reason – it is a great knife. I own one and it strikes a great balance between cutting performance and durability thanks to its somewhat unique modified “Scandi” edge and large, hand filling handle. There have been several iterations of the BOB Knife so far, all of them featuring a powder coat finish in various colors.brostbfMany users find that the coating reduces cutting performance and just ends up rubbing off during some common tasks like batoning. It is fairly common for people to actually strip the coating from their knives. The newest version of the BOB Knife is the first without powder coating from the factory. It features a tumbled finish that leaves the 1095 steel bare.If you don’t care for coated knives, this is the BOB Knife for you. Check out the new¬†B.O.B. Knife with Tumbled Finish at TOPS Knives.

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TOPS Knives Tahoma Field Knife

The TOPS Knives Tahoma Field Knife is the result of a collaboration between Andy Tran of Inner Bark and TOPS. If you are not familiar with Inner Bark, you should be. It is a tremendous source of survival related information and gear reviews.

The Tahoma Field Knife (TFK) is a large survival knife that is ground from 3/16″ 1095 steel with canvas micarta slab grips. It features a 7 5/16″ main cutting edge with a short back up cutting edge on the spine near the tip. This back up edge is there to serve as a last ditch cutting method should you find yourself unable to sharpen the main edge.


The TFK has a notch on the spine that can be used to score materials to create a weak point for breaking to save the edge of your knife. This is an extremely clever feature since saw back knives rarely work well. It appears that Andy and TOPS were able to get the only useful function of the saw back, notching, out of a much smaller section of notches. This leaves the spine of the knife clear and square which is advantageous for other tasks like striking a ferro rod or batoning.

The TFK has a host of other features like dual bow drill pivots on the handle slabs, 2 lanyard points (1 near the wrist on the thumb ramp, 1 on the butt of the grip), a large finger choil, and a pry tip at the butt of the grip. It comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.

Check out the Tahoma Field Knife at TOPS Knives.

TOPS Knives MSK 2.5

TOPS Knives MSK 2.5

The MSK 2.5 is the latest offering from TOPS Knives and it will have lovers of the “scandi” grind dancing in the streets. MSK stands for Mini Scandi Knife. This knife is aimed squarely at the survival/bushcraft market. It is a compact design, just 6 1/8″ overall with a 3″ blade, that sports a scandi grind, micrata slab handles, 1/8″ thick 1095 steel, and a multifunction kydex sheath.

The MSK 2.5 is available now from TOPS Knives.


When Joe Flowers designs a knife, I take notice. Joe is an avid outdoorsman who has been the brains behind several great survival knife designs like the previously reviewed Machete .230. His latest is another collaboration with TOPS Knives – the LITE TREKKER.

The LITE TREKKER is built to be a lightweight, all-around outdoors blade. To that end, it is made from one of the all time great knife steels for that application – 1095. The 1/8″ thick 1095 and tall flat grind means this knife should be a great cutter that is easy to keep sharp in the field. The handle has a large guard and offers several color options that range from discreet to highly visible.

Any knife can be a great aid when you are building a fire but the LITE TREKKER has some features that really help it excel at fire prep. It comes with a compact magnesium/ferrocerium fire starter. The spine of the knife is ground square to make it better for scraping fire starters.

As with most TOPS Knives, the LITE TREKKER comes with a kydex sheath with a steel spring clip. Check out the LITE TREKKER on TOPSKnives.com.

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