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Surefire Warden + SOCOM Kit at Megiddo Tactical Group

Megiddo Tactical Group is offering the Surefire Warden Blast Regulator bundled with the compatible Surefire muzzle device of your choice at a special price and with free shipping. They also have more of the Surefire muzzle devices in stock than just about anywhere including the harder to find closed tine Warcomp.

To order, select your choice of Black or Desert Tan Warden. Then select the checkbox that corresponds to the muzzle device of your choice. Options include various models for 5.56 and 7.62 including Warcomps, SF3Ps, and SFMBs. Then click add to cart to see the final package price. Free shipping is applied automatically.

Click below to visit MegiddoTacticalGroup.com:

Surefire G2X Saves the Day

This story was carried on my local news yesterday. If you aren’t carrying a flashlight daily, this might convince you. You never know how or when you’ll need your flashlight…

Early yesterday, a Washington man had a road wash out underneath his vehicle due to the flooding in the area. He was able to use his flashlight, a Surefire G2X, as he extricated himself from his vehicle and climbed back up onto the roadway in the dark. Once he was on the roadway, he was able to use the light to warn other drivers about the now dangerously washed out road surface. His simple act of preparedness, carrying a light, may have played a role in saving his life and potentially the lives of other motorists.

See the story at KHQ News (Spokane).

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