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Strike Hard Gear SKS Buttstock Pouch

While many of us are busy building slick AR-15 builds, there are still plenty of good folks out there happy to hunt and defend their homes with the good old SKS. Maybe it is what they can afford or maybe they just like them. Either way, at least they are armed.

A friend of the blog who dearly loves his SKS recently asked me if I knew of a way to carry extra ammo (preferably in stripper clips) on his SKS hunting/truck rifle. He was having trouble finding any SKS support gear locally. I told him that I wasn’t sure but I suspect Strike Hard Gear would have a solution. Sure enough, they make an SKS Buttstock Pouch that holds 3 stripper clips. He purchased one and is very happy with it.

The Strike Hard Gear SKS Buttstock Pouch is designed to hold 3 10 round SKS stripper clips, fully covered, on the buttstock of your rifle. The pouch threads onto the buttstock in such a way that sling swivels are still usable. He reports that his reloads are faster now that the stripper clips are on the gun rather that in a pocket and that the quality is excellent.

I don’t write this to say that the SKS is the ultimate rifle but it should warm anyone’s heart to know that there are gear makers out there supporting affordable rifles with good quality gear.


Strike Hard Gear Prototype Backpack – More Than Meets the Eye

Strike Hard Gear is working with an interesting prototype. It’s a backpack that is designed to discreetly carry a rifle but also transforms into a chest rig!

The pack is designed to hold a rifle and look relatively innocuous from the outside. The PALS webbing that can be seen on the front of the bag in chest rig mode is actually inside the bag when it is configured as a bag. This would allow the user to keep it fully configured and then just open the bag into a chest rig when necessary.

Additionally, the bag is designed such that the exterior could be a non-tactical color and the interior (which becomes the exterior in chest rig mode) could be a “tactical” color. They are also considering adding the ability to carry an armor plate.

The images shown here depict a prototype and there will likely be changes if it goes into production. Check out StrikeHardGear.com

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