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Minuteman Watch Co. and Southern Grind Collaboration Knife

Minuteman Watch Co. and Zac Brown’s Southern Grind are working in collaboration to support two great charities.

Chenoa IL, December 8th 2017 – The American brand Minuteman Watch Co. has just announced that they have joined forces with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind to offer a special version of the Southern Grind Spider Monkey. Minuteman has started to except pre-orders on these special American made knives. Minuteman will only be making one batch of these special knives. The company is accepting orders now thru May 31st.

This special knife will carry both the Southern Grind name and logo and the Minuteman brand logo. Each knife features tan G10 handle scales, military style nylon fob, and a black PVD coated blade made out of premium S35VN blade steel.

The idea behind this special edition Minuteman / Southern Grind Spider Monkey is to offer a high quality American made knife, and to raise funds for the Red Circle Foundation charity. Minuteman will donate a portion of the profit from each knife sold to the charity. For details about that the company urges you to visit their site here.

In addition, a portion of the sales of Zac Brown’s Southern Grind knives go to benefit Camp Southern Ground, the non-profit passion project of three-time GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown. To learn more about Camp Southern Ground please visit¬†CampSouthernGround.org.

Here are the specifications:

  • Handle: Tan G10
  • Lock & Liner: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Grind: Conventional Flat Grind
  • Blade Steel: S35VN
  • Hardness: RC 58-59
  • Blade Length: 3.25 inches
  • Blade Finish: Black PVD
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Overall Length: 7.4375 inches
  • Handle Length: 4.1875 inches
  • Blade Thickness: .130 inches

To find additional info and photo’s for this special knife be sure to check out the Minuteman Watch Co brand web site here.

About Minuteman Watch Co.

Minuteman Watches was brought to life in 2013, for 3 reasons.:

  1. To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families. 25% of the profit from our net annual sales of  Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans & their Families.

  2. To provide work for Americans whenever we can.

  3. To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Southern Grind Jackal Pup

The Jackal Pup, a more compact version of the full-sized Jackal, is now available from Southern Grind. Like its big brother, the Jackal Pup features full tang construction, sculpted G-10 handle slabs, 8670M steel, and a kydex sheath. The thumb ramp, shallow first finger groove, self guard, and modified clip point blade shape are all intact – just scaled down into a much more EDC-friendly size.

The Jackal Pup is available in variety of handle colors and blade finishes. Check it out at Southern Grind.

southern grind jackal and jackal pup

Handle: 3D Milled Solid G10
Grind: Conventional Flat Grind
Blade Steel: 8670M High Carbon Steel
Hardness: RC 58-59
Overall Length: 5.75″
Weight: 2.8 oz
Handle Length: 2.95″
Blade Length: 2.8″
Blade Thickness: .135″

Southern Grind Spider Monkey

Southern Grind’s Bad Monkey folder is one of my all time favorite knives. It combines great ergonomics with great quality, a licensed Emerson Wave Opening feature, and a heaping helping of titanium and carbon fiber which never hurts. Now we have a more compact Bad Monkey spin off to look forward to called the Spider Monkey.


This teaser image from Southern Grind shows the Spider Monkey’s more compact blade compared to the larger Bad Monkey.

The Spider Monkey and it’s 3.25″ blade is more compact than its older brother, the Bad Monkey. The new blade also happens to be ground from S35VN steel. Hopefully, there will be more details on the Spider Monkey at Blade Show. In the mean time, check out Southern Grind and all the good things they are doing to put Americans to work and help kids.

Behind the Scenes at Southern Grind

Southern Grind Bad Monkey JTTSouthern Grind is a knife manufacturer that is easy to like. They are owned by Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band, they funnel part of their profits into Zac’s charity Camp Southern Ground, and they make great looking knives. They recently released a video that gives a behind the scenes look at their operation.

You will see plenty of advanced machinery but no knife will ever be great without plenty of time in the practiced hands of a craftsman. This is the dichotomy that you will find at many modern knife makers. As advanced as we have become, it is hard to imagine craftsmen will ever truly be replaced by machines.

Check out Southern Grind and stay tuned for the full review of the Modified Tanto Bad Monkey knife.

Southern Grind Knives

I first noticed Southern Grind Knives when I was looking for new knives that featured the Emerson Opener. Their knives look great but what really drew me to them was what I found when I started digging beyond the knives.

Bad Monkey Line Up

Photo credit: Southern Reel

Southern Grind is owned by Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. To say that knife companies that are owned by show business personalities are rare would be more than a mild understatement. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, proceeds from Southern Grind help support Camp Southern Ground, a year round camp and conference center that Zac founded “to allow children to overcome academic, social and emotional difficulties so they may reach their full potential by providing them with the opportunity and tools necessary to achieve excellence in all facets of their lives.”

All of that would just be window dressing if the knives were lousy, but, happily, that isn’t the case. Southern Grind’s Bad Monkey line of knives is impressive. They are available with two different blade profiles – a spear point and a very unique modified tanto. Both blades are saber ground (partial height flat ground) from .130″ thick 14C-28N stainless steel. As someone who dislikes many modern stainless steels because of how difficult they are to sharpen, 14C-28N is a stainless steel that I can get behind. It sharpens easily and its fine grain structure allows it to be refined easily.

Bad Monkey Droppoint Satin

Photo credit: Southern Reel

The Bad Monkey Knives features titanium liners with a liner locking mechanism. They have great looking carbon fiber scales and a custom Bad Monkey logo etched pivot. A very short pocket clip keeps the Bad Monkey Knives easy to access and low profile. I have already mentioned that these knives also feature the Emerson Opener (Emerson Wave) in addition to an ambidextrous thumb stud.

Southern Grind’s Bad Monkey Knives are easy to like thanks to their backstory and spec sheet. Check out Southern Grind.

Photo credit: Southern Reel

Photo credit: Southern Reel

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