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The Iconic S.O.Tech Mission Go bag in M81 Woodland Drops this Friday 8/20 12pm PST

The Mission Go Bag A1’s development is the story of the evolution of the perfect satchel bag. It began as a trauma go bag in the outer pocket of the the Special Forces Medic’s Aid Bag

The internal pockets configured perfectly as the 1000 ml IV bag pockets fit mags, IFAKs, MREs and radio batteries, not to mention they perfectly accepted a fist to find small items in the bottom. This configured great for explosive breaching with charged in the IV slots and firing systems in the outer pocket separated by a drop in plate. 

The contour of the bag laid perfectly as it rounded the hip, but because of its unique pleating, it could expand to the size of a basketball. And the outstanding feature is the shoulder strap. With a patented wing attachment system, it can wear in 9 different configurations depending on folding and snapping the wings or folding them inside the hidden compartment. Wear it as a sling, satchel, waist bag, fanny pack, vest mount pack, ruck lid, brief case carry, vehicle wall bag or pack organizer bag. 

The final evolution saw this 16,000 of these purchased by US SOCOM as part of the BALCS backpack suite and issued to all members of SOCOM.
Limited quantities available. $150 shipped with the below code (plus tax where applicable)

Made in the USA with US materials and labor, since 1997.

Use the following code at checkout for free shipping: since1997


S.O. Tech Releases Dealer Catalog

S.O. Tech has just released their newest dealer catalog. It’s chocked full of nylon gear goodness.

From S.O. Tech:

Just in time for year end spending! The S.O.TECH dealer catalog has all the latest and greatest S.O.TECH has to offer as well as some old favorites. We’ve upgraded our belts, packs and bags to fit the needs and budget of just about everyone from the operator to the enthusiast!

Contact Ron Wilsbach for more information:
Rwilsbach@specopstech.com 800-615-9007 ext 312

SO Tech Dealer Catalog

S.O.TECH Dealership Program by SOTECH_Tactical

S.O. Tech ESP


It’s a pouch. It’s a pack. It’s the S.O. Tech Expanding SERE Pack (ESP).

In pouch form, the S.O. Tech ESP docks to any MOLLE compatible platform. If the need to carry additional items arises, it zips open to convert into a back pack. The pouch has 2 zippered compartments that remain useable even when the pack is deployed. These pouches could be filled with small survival and first aid items that would be accessible whether the bag was in pouch or pack configuration.

S.O. Tech tells me that the ESP has been in development for around 4 years and it should be available soon. The picture shown, may not represent the production model. Check out SpecOpsTech.com.

While you are there, check out the killer deal they are offering on their low-profile URP-S.


SOTECH Debuts New Law Enforcement Line at NTOA Conference

How cool is this? S.O.TECH is introducing an all in one gear solution for your average patrolman.

From Jim Cragg, President, S.O.TECH/Special Operations Technologies Inc…

Looking at all of the gear from patrol bags to plate carriers, SOTECH has innovated a new line of law enforcement nylon products.  We are not calling it tactical or SWAT because the system incorporates elements that can be used by patrol officers to active shooter responders to MACTAC to SWAT.  SOTECH designers took the position that law enforcement ideas were taken into military designs during the GWOT, and now those ideas have been refined in the military and SOTECH is applying them back into law enforcement in this line.  First SOTECH developed a series of tactical products for elite units in LAPD and LASD.  Then they combined them into a modular system mounted in a large backpack/trunk bag and removable as military style go bags.  This is a major departure from duffle bags that officers lug out from the locker room to their squad cars.  The back pack is also sized to strap to a wheel cart.  Once in the trunk, modules such as the Mission Go Bag can be dropped on the passenger seat.  Customers can purchase a couple applicable pieces for their mission, or they can purchase then entire set.  The main pack is designed to carry standard gear like jackets and gas masks plus the packs pictured. The kit is modeled from SOTECH’s mission pack system which is the basis of the Special Forces Medic’s SOF MES set.  Check it out at NTOA on Sunday and Monday in Seattle.  Items will be released at www.SOTECHTactical.com over the next month.

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