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SIONICS Weapon Systems 16″ Pencel Barrel and Pencil Barrel Rifle

As promised in our recent post on SIONICS Weapon Systems new 11.5″ barrels, here is the latest on their new 16″ mid-length lightweight profile “pencil” barrel and Pencil Barrel Rifle. The new barrel is everything you expect from SIONICS. It will be available with a variety of gas block options or as part of a complete rifle – the SIONICS Pencil Barrel Rifle.

SIONICS Pencil Barrel Rifle

The Pencil Barrel Rifle sports a 15″ Midwest Industries SSK rail, B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD Stock, and Ergo grip and still manages to weigh in at just 5 pounds, 14 ounces. That means that if you are smart with your light, sight and optic choices, the completed carbine will weigh in at around 6.5 pounds. That is quite light for an off the shelf carbine.

The barrels and complete rifle builds will be available Memorial Day weekend. Keep an eye on SIONICS Weapon Systems.

SIONICS 11.5″ Barrels

I have already written about what a great value SIONICS Weapon Systems barrels are. Now they are introducing a new 11.5″ barrel and I have no doubt it will be excellent.


The new 11.5″ barrels will be made from 4150 CMV Steel with a proper 5.56 chamber. The barrel extension has M4 feed ramps. Unlike their current 16″ barrel which has a 1 in 8″ twist rate, this new 11.5″ barrel will have a 1 in 7″ twist. It goes through all the same quality checks that you have come to expect from SIONICS including individual X-ray and MP testing. These barrels weigh in at 1 lb, 6 oz.

They will be offered with your choice of chrome lining or Melonite processing and your choice of gas block options including a fixed FSB, low profile gas block, and no gas block. The stripped barrels will start at $189.95.

They are already in hand at SIONICS and will be available on their site next week.

Stay tuned for details on their upcoming lightweight profile (pencil) barrel in the coming days!

SIONICS Weapon Systems and Axelson Tactical Commemorative Rifle

SIONICS Weapon Systems was approached by Jeff Axelson of Axelson Tactical to create a rifle to commemorate his brother Matthew Axelson who was during Operation Red Wings on June 28th, 2005. Matthew is an American hero who was awarded the Navy Cross for his action on this mission.


The rifle will be reminiscent of the rifle that Axelson was carrying on that mission but with a generous dose of the state of the art. It will be limited to just 100 pieces and will feature special serial numbers and engraving.

The tentative specs are:

  1. 18″ stainless 1×8 twist rifle length gas system barrel with bead blast finish
  2. Battle Comp 1.0 muzzle device with special laser engraving
  3. Geissele low profile gas block
  4. Geissele 15″ MKII Rail
  5. Geissele SSA trigger
  6. Vltor A5 Buffer System
  7. B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock
  8. Vltor/BCM Gunfighter MOD 4 handle
  9. Magpul MBUS PRO sights
  10. Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  11. 3 color camouflage Cerakote from Personal Defense Warehouse in Chandler, AZ

All of the rifles will ship in a Pelican case with a certificate of authenticity, data sheet, and special coins that are numbered to the rifle. Keep in mind that these specs may change as the plans are finalized and the various artwork for the engraving is still being completed.


SIONICS Weapon Systems Sierra Element Lobo Rifle

If you haven’t made yourself familiar with SIONICS Weapon Systems, you are missing out. They are making some of the most interesting ARs available right now. Their quality is top notch and their prices are very competitive. Their latest creation is a collaboration between SIONICS and Sierra Element called the Sierra Element Lobo Rifle (SELR).

SIONICS Seirra Element Lobo Rifle

The SELR looks like a solid package. It features some very nice components like SIONICS’ excellent barrel, a 15″ MI SSK rail, and a B5 Systems SOPMOD stock.

Stay tuned for information on availability.

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