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Sneak Peek: Wild Hedgehog Tactical and Ryker Nylon Collaborate on the EDATK

Wild Hedgehog Tactical assembles and sells a variety of trauma and first aid kits. Ryker Nylon makes the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit), an ankle pouch designed to carry essential aid items. It sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

These companies have teamed up to offer the EDATK or Every Day Ankle Trauma Kit, a fully stocked version of the AFAK. It features components like the SOFT-Wide Tourniquet, HyFin Chest Seals, and Celox Rapid hemostatic gauze and weighs in at 1 pound fully stocked.

The EDATK is designed to be carried on the ankle discreetly and comfortably anywhere from the trail to the office. Each compartment is individually secured so that items won’t be lost during high activity.

Stay tuned for pricing and release information. The release date should be closer to the end of this month.

Ryker Nylon Gear Ankle First Aid Kit (AFAK)

Ryker Nylon Gear’s Ankle First Aid Kit or AFAK is a compact first aid kit pouch designed to ride concealed on your ankle. It weighs just 2.25 ounces but boasts 4 different pockets. There are 3 vertical pockets which can be used to store items like tourniquets, gauze, shears, hemostatic agents, compression bandages and more. The unique horizontal pocket is designed to carry a chest seal.

The AFAK also comes with an extension piece that allows it to be worn over high ankle boots. Check out the AFAK at Ryker Nylon Gear.

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