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Browe Teams with RS Regulate to Change AK Optics

RS Regulate has changed the way I mount optics on my AKs. Their AK-300 series side mounts outpace just about everything on the market when it comes to mating a quality optic to an AK pattern rifle. However, even with their advanced mounts, difficulties persist in mounting magnified optics on AKs. The current solutions tend to have eye relief issues, excessive height over bore issues, or both… not to mention how clunky it can be to attach a large scope to rings which are attached to a mount, which is attached to your rifle.


That is where Browe comes in. They have worked with RS Regulate to create a very low mount version of their 4×32 BROWE Tactical Optic (BTO) specifically designed to work with the RS Regulate AK-302 Rear-Biased Mount and AKOG Upper Mount. Browe calls the optic the BTO-005G-RS and, in addition to the redesigned low mount, it will also feature a 7.62×39 specific BDC reticle that is green illuminated and powered by a CR123A battery.

The result of this collaboration is a magnified optic package that goes a long way toward mitigating the eye relief issues and excessive height over bore issues typically seen with magnified optics on the AK. It is is also far more trim than you would expect from an AK optic. The entire package including the mount weighs just 18.8 ounces which is incredible considering that many magnified optics can weigh 18 ounce or more before you add the weight of the mount. This optic package still allows field stripping when installed.

The time is right for a well thought out optic package like this. There are increasingly accurate AKs coming to market from the likes of DDI and others. It is about time there was a well thought out and modern magnified optic package that could take advantage of the increased accuracy.

You can learn more about this collaboration at Browe-Inc.com.

RS Products BM-12 and BM-12G Light Mounts

RS Products has released two new light mounts based on their BM-1 Light Mount. These mounts attach via a unique clamp that lets you decide what angle to set them and allows you put your light right where you need it.

RS Regulate BM Light Mounts

The BM-12G is designed to attach to the magazine tube of a 12 gauge shotgun and the BM-12 is designed to mount to the barrel of a VEPR-12. These mounts are light weight at under 1.25 ounces for the BM-12G and 1.04 ounces for the BM-12. They machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard anodized, and feature a 4 slot section of 1913 rail.

Check out the BM-12 and BM-12G.

RS Regulate BM-12G Light Mount RS Regulate BM-12 Light Mount

RS Regulate Black Friday Deals and New Products

RS Regulate will be offering up to 25% off their products at many of the retailers who carry them including Brownells.com. The pricing is already live at their Amazon store.

Keep an eye on RS Regulate. They have several products in the works including scope mounts for the VZ.58 and light mounts for the VEPR and Saiga 12 shotguns.

RS Regulate BF Sale RS Regulate VZ58


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