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RCS Pocket Shield Ten Speed Combo

Blue Force Gear’s Ten Speed Single Pistol Mag Ten Speed pouches are a versatile companion for the Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Shield. The elastic pouch allows you to carry lights, knives, pistol mags, or other similarly shaped items in a way that is completely concealed and quickly accessible when used with the Pocket Shield. They work so well together, that now you can purchase them in a combo directly from Raven Concealment Systems.

Raven Concealment Drop Offset Kit

Raven Concealment’s Drop Offset Kit adds both a slight drop and a cant away from your body to your holster.  This drop and cant helps ease access to your holster even with gear (plate carrier, chest rig) on your upper body. If you need a solution that is lower in profile than a drop holster, this could be it.

The Drop Offset Kit is designed for use with the RCS Phantom series of holsters but it should work with many holsters on the market with similar eyelet spacing.

RCS Drop Offset Kit

Sentinel Design Glock Magwells are Back Thanks to Raven Concealment

I have been a long time user and fan of Sentinel Design’s Glock Magwell. Sentinel Design came out with their magwell for the Glock 17 a few years ago and began talking about a Glock 19 version not long after. The G19 version didn’t happen and eventually even the G17 magwells became hard to find which is a shame because they were an excellent product (see our review).

FREYA Mag Well

It has been announced at SHOT Show that the Sentinel Design Magwells will go back into production, this time under the FREYA product line produced by Raven Concealment Systems. The FREYA Magazine Well for Glocks will be available for the Gen3 G17 like the original and a new Gen4 G17 version will be produced. Perhaps the most exciting development is that the FREYA Magazine Well is already in production for the G19 (both Gen3 and Gen4) with additional models coming soon.

Austere Provisions Company already has a active pre-order pages for the Gen3 G19 and Gen4 G19 versions of the FREYA Magazine Well.

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