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Primary & Secondary: Administration & Logistics

Primary & Secondary is already a great resource for disseminating firearm training content but now they will be offering a service that takes an even more active role in connecting students with trainers. The new Primary & Secondary: Administration & Logistics (PSAL) service will basically serve as a back office of sorts for trainers so that they, the trainers, can focus on training.


From PSAL:

This will be our service to bridge the gap between training companies and students. We are offering administrative services as well as advertising to training companies to remove a tedious aspect of their business so they may focus on what really matters – the training!

PSAL already represents an impressive portfolio of trainers:

  • Agile Training (Chuck Haggard)
  • Direct Action Resource Center
  • Practical Firearms Training (Rob Tackett)
  • Reston Group (Jared Reston)
  • Tap-Rack Tactical (Bill Blowers)
  • Falcon Tactical
  • Sentinel Concepts (Steve Fisher)
  • Victory First (Matt Jacques)

If you want to learn more or host one of these trainers in your area, email: logistics@primaryandsecondary.com

You can visit the PSAL Facebook Page:

Visit the PSAL webpage:

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