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Sneak Peek: PocketUp Wai Pocket

PocketUp’s newest creation, the Wai Pocket, can carry a very wide array of water bottles. The belt or pack mountable Wai Pocket features a flap to retain the bottle, an open bottom to allow drainage, and it is designed to allow one-hand access to the contents.

This pouch offers very wide compatibility with basically all common water bottles. PocketUp has tested all of the following to fit securely – 32oz Nalgenes, 48 oz Nalgenes, 40oz Hydroflasks, 1 qt USGI canteens, and 2 standard 16.9oz water bottles. There are, of course, a lot of other similarly sized bottles and other items like some cooksets that will also fit.


PocketUp Terrier Patrol Pack

PocketUp’s latest pack, the Terrier Patrol Pack, is now available. This 35-liter top-loading pack features 1000D Cordura construction, a roll-top closure with lid, and has full internal suspension with aluminum stays. The front of the pack itself and top cover feature PALS webbing for attaching additional pockets.

The sides of the Terrier appear to be slick at first glance but they actually feature full-height pockets that are similar to PocketUp’s stand-alone Morph Pockets. These pockets lay flat when not in use but can expand to hold large items. These pockets also have a pass-through feature that allows them to carry longer items like rifles or fishing poles.

There is a lot more to learn about the Terrier Pack at the PocketUp website: PocketUp.net

Sort Panel from PocketUp

The Sort Panel from PocketUp adds organization to any loop lined bag or backpack. This Velcro hook backed panel features 3 slot pockets and 6 elastic loops to organize your small items. The Sort Panel is 10″ by 6.5″ and weighs in at just 2.3 ounces. It is available in a number of colors including high contrast colors like blaze orange.

The Sort Panel is made by hand in the USA. The price, at just $20, is more affordable than many imported products of this type.


PocketUp Mini Sort Pocket

PocketUp’s new Mini Sort Pocket is now available. This clamshell opening pocket is designed to organize small EDC items like cables, knives, lights, lighters, tools, and more.

The Mini Sort Pocket is constructed from double layer 400D nylon fabric with taped seams throughout, YKK zippers, and other mil-spec materials. It features a row of 2″ elastic loops of varying size, a zippered mesh pocket, and 2 slip pockets.

If you follow our EDC Tool Roll series, this could be a great option for a USA-made tool roll solution.


PocketUp PALS Park Pack

PocketUp’s PALS Park Pack is a descendant of a truly classic piece of gear!

Mel Terkla, owner of PocketUp, previously worked as a product designer and head of sales for Kifaru’s Military Sales Division. In that previous role, he was the designer of the venerable Kifaru E&E pack and now he is attempting to capture lightning in a bottle a second time with the PALS Park Pack.

Mel stated the following regarding the pack:

Here is a little history about our PALS Park Pack! Back in 2002 I designed the Kifaru E&E Pack, and it is still in production today! We sold hundreds and hundreds of E&E packs in the almost 13 years I was with Kifaru, and they are still selling. With our company PocketUp, I designed the Park Pack as a minimalist day pack, then updated the design and now offer a PALS version to compete with the E&E! Basically, it is my design competing with my design! So 17 years after the E&E , I wanted to design a pack in the same category, but with several improvements to take it to the next level…hence our PALS Park Pack! Those improvements being more comfort, simpler design, and updated features! They are both built with 1000d Cordura Nylon, are priced the same in each color with the updated shoulder straps on the E&E, and Made in the USA! The E&E weighs 1lb 12.5oz as shown and the PALS Park Pack weighs 1lb 7oz!

Check out the PALS Park Pack at PocketUp.com.

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