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OST Wrench Upgrades

The OST Wrench, from Operator Survival Tool, has received some upgrades for 2020. It now sports a black finish, more precise cleaning edges, and the edges that don’t need to sharp for scraping carbon have been rounded a bit to make the tool more comfortable to use.

All of the other features that make the OST Wrench so handy are still intact. This includes the clever way that the tool can be retained in a single row/column of PALS webbing.


OST Target Stencils

Pre-cut, pre-made cardboard silhouette targets are nice but it can be hard to spend money on them when it seems like a never-ending supply of cardboard is delivered to us almost daily in the form of delivery boxes. Operator Survival Tool is now offering stencils that can help you turn that cardboard trash into training treasure.

Their stencils are made from 10mil thick Mylar material which should basically last forever. They are available in a variety of styles including multiple sizes and styles of silhouettes and some shoot/no-shoot indicators.

You simply trim the carboard however you see fit, lay the stencil over, and spray with your choice of spray paint. You don’t even really need to cut the cardboard to a specific shape and you can even spray multiple targets on the same sheet to create various scenarios.

Check out all the stencils at OperatorSurvivalTool.com.

Operator Survival Tool 2.0

If you have a battery storage stock or grip and you don’t keep batteries in the compartment, this could be for you. The Operator Survival Tool 2.0 (OST 2.0) consists of a small knife sharpener, small ferro rod, an AR-15 multi-tool/scraper, and a small plastic container, all of which is the same size as two CR123 batteries. That means the entire kit fits most battery storage compartments.

The scraper/multi-tool is made from D2 tool steel. It has shaped edges that allow to scrape the contours of an AR-15 bolt tail, behind the lugs, and down inside the carrier along with other functions like driving screws and prying. The container can also be used as a handle for the ferro rod or sharpener which is nice considering how difficult it can be to use small sharpeners and fire starters.

Check out OperatorSurvivalTool.com

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