Operator Survival Tool 2.0

If you have a battery storage stock or grip and you don’t keep batteries in the compartment, this could be for you. The Operator Survival Tool 2.0 (OST 2.0) consists of a small knife sharpener, small ferro rod, an AR-15 multi-tool/scraper, and a small plastic container, all of which is the same size as two CR123 batteries. That means the entire kit fits most battery storage compartments.

The scraper/multi-tool is made from D2 tool steel. It has shaped edges that allow to scrape the contours of an AR-15 bolt tail, behind the lugs, and down inside the carrier along with other functions like driving screws and prying. The container can also be used as a handle for the ferro rod or sharpener which is nice considering how difficult it can be to use small sharpeners and fire starters.

Check out OperatorSurvivalTool.com

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