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Oneiros Valley – Moving Sale

Oneiros Valley is moving their operations Las Vegas to Phoenix and to celebrate/lighten their load, everything on their site is discounted up to 35%. If you own a Mystery Ranch NICE Frame, this is your chance to fall back in love with it like I did when I tried the Load Lifter Panel at a great price. They also have several other great pack upgrades and gear to check out.

The sale runs through 8/03/14 or while supplies last. Visit Oneiros Valley.

oneiros sale

Oneiros Valley LLP Installed

Oneiros Valley and Cdh-Tac Finland Join Forces to Produce THE-E Pocket Organizer

Cdh-Tac has been generating significant interest in their THE-E Pocket Organizer but they have not been able to start large scale production. That is where Oneiros Valley comes in. They will be starting production of the THE-E here in the USA in collaboration with Cdh-Tac Finland with delivery starting late this year.

You can see the earlier post on the THE-E for more details on the organizer. Check out the THE-E at Oneiros Valley.

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Custom 10/22 Magazine Pouch from Oneiros Valley

Oneiros Valley recently showed this very slick, custom 10/22 magazine pouch that is designed to retain and protect 4 of Ruger’s iconic BX-1 rotary magazines. It is a simple, MOLLE compatible, clamshell design that features 4 internal elastic loops to hold the magazines.

oneiros valley 10-22 pouch interior oneiros valley 10-22 pouch back

The genius of this pouch is it that it can be useful for more than just 10/22 magazines. The design would lend itself well to use as a general purpose pouch that could carry a compass, GPS, chapstick, or other small gear that you want handy when it isn’t carrying magazines. I can imagine it would be ideal for use on the MOLLE hip belt of a pack like those from Mystery Ranch or Kifaru.

This is a custom, one-off design but if enough people let Onerios Valley know they are interested, you never know…

Check out Oneiros Valley.

CPT Practical Admin Pouch (PAP) Now Available

The Practical Admin Pouch or PAP, a joint effort between Oneiros Valley and Cole Partnerships and Training, is now available for purchase. This compact admin pouch is designed to carry necessary items in a way that keeps them organized, easy to access, and out of your way.

pap3_grande pap1_grande

Features and specs:

  • 500 denier Cordura nylon body.
  • Full loop Velcro face, perfect for mounting name tags, IR flags or morale patches.
  • 4 elastic loops: 2 sized for pens/markers and 2 for chemlights.
  • A separate 2″ elastic loop to secure a tourniquet.
  • Ambidextrous access and offset elastic loops that allow markers to be removed and reinserted from the side without opening the pouch.
  • Two inner pockets and a single outer pocket which can house anything from a small notepad right up to a full-size multitool.
  • 3 row and 3 or 4 column PALS profile.
  • Fold-out, removable map insert that is dry erase compatible and can be removed quickly for ease of use or to protect sensitive information.

Check out the PAP at Oneiros Valley.

Oneiros Valley USMC Pack Modification Kit

Oneiros Valley, having already demonstrated complete mastery of the NICE Frame, is now taking on the USMC Pack (FILBE). Their new USMC Pack Modification Kit is now available.


From Oneiros Valley:

Oneiros Valley is now manufacturing USMC Pack Modification Kits. Issued beginning in 2013 as a mandatory upgrade for defective FILBE packs, this is the first time the kit is available directly to the public. It includes Top Buckle Adapters, which replace the pack’s failure-prone load lifter buckles, and Quick Release Adapters, which prevent the quick release straps from unsnapping inadvertently. All components are made in the USA and Berry Amendment compliant.

Check the Oneiros Valley USMC Pack Modification Kit.

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