Custom 10/22 Magazine Pouch from Oneiros Valley

Oneiros Valley recently showed this very slick, custom 10/22 magazine pouch that is designed to retain and protect 4 of Ruger’s iconic BX-1 rotary magazines. It is a simple, MOLLE compatible, clamshell design that features 4 internal elastic loops to hold the magazines.

oneiros valley 10-22 pouch interior oneiros valley 10-22 pouch back

The genius of this pouch is it that it can be useful for more than just 10/22 magazines. The design would lend itself well to use as a general purpose pouch that could carry a compass, GPS, chapstick, or other small gear that you want handy when it isn’t carrying magazines. I can imagine it would be ideal for use on the MOLLE hip belt of a pack like those from Mystery Ranch or Kifaru.

This is a custom, one-off design but if enough people let Onerios Valley know they are interested, you never know…

Check out Oneiros Valley.

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