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Freewaters Multicam Arid Scamp Sandal – Only At SKD Tactical

Freewaters makes some of the most comfortable sandals around thanks to their unique footbed design that is actually licensed from Therm-a-Rest. They also happen to make the only sandals that feature genuine Multicam Arid material. It won’t be sandal weather around here again for a long time but I am still sorely tempted but these…

The new Freewaters Multicam Arid Scamp Sandal is only available at SKD Tactical.


Viper ABH Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist

The Viper Advanced Battle Helmet (ABH) is now available in custom camo patterns including Multicam, Kryptek patterns, A-TACS patterns, ACU, and ABU. The ABH offers Level IIIA protection and a host of useful features at an excellent price. This helmet comes standard with many of the items that you would otherwise have to add yourself like OPS-CORE ARC Rails, Wilcox L4 3 Hole Shroud, and a Team w=Wendy suspension.

Check out the Viper ABH with Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist.


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