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LowPro Aenigma Retention Shim

The new Aenigma Retention Shims from LowPro are just about as simple, lightweight, and multi-use as gear can be. They feature a laser-cut Tegris backer that simply threads into PALS webbing and adjustable shock cord loops to retain a myriad of items like tourniquets, PTT, knives, and more. They are available in 3 sizes and made right here in North Idaho.


LowPro Augmento Ghillie Snake

What if you could quickly and easily apply a 3D camouflage to almost anything using something that weighs just one ounce and fit easily in a pocket? That sounds like an interesting ability, does it not? Well, I just described the Ghillie Snake from LowPro.

The Ghillie Snake. A multi-use, quick application, seven foot length of camo netting on shock cord that can be wrapped around just about anything. Virtually weightless, this essential piece of kit can be stowed away and forgotten about until that extra element of stealth is required.

Check out the Ghillie Snake and the rest of the Augmento line at LowProApparel.com

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