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Lester River Bushcraft Heavy-Weight Quilt Prototype

Lester River Bushcraft has a slick new heavy-weight quilt prototype that could be available very soon. The quilt is clad in cotton-poly ripstop material with a wool blanket sandwiched between for insulation. The result should be a roughly 60”x68″ quilt that insulates like natural wool but is easier to keep clean. Of course, it should be basically indestructible as well.

It won’t be light and, given that the entire thing has to be sewn on a long arm sewing machine, it won’t be cheap either. But, like all the other wool creations to come out of Lester River Bushcraft, it will be functional.


Lester River Bushcraft Teases Possible “Tactical” Boreal Shirts

Lester River Bushcraft’s popular Boreal Shirt might be available with some decidedly “tactical” mods if enough people are interested. The Boreal Shirt is already pretty practical in that it is a high performance wool layer that is well suited to many conditions.

The mods include a chest pouch with 3 cells. The two outer pockets are sized to fit phones, small cameras, radios, rifle magazines, and more. The central pocket can fit items like knives, multitools, flashlights, and more. The final mod is the addition of abrasion resistant material added to the backs of the sleeves (Multicam Black is shown).

If you want one of these modified Boreal Shirts, you will have to contact Lester River Bushcraft directly on Instagram or their website.



Lester River Bushcraft Adds Charcoal Gray to Boreal Line of Wool Outerwear

Lester River Bushcraft is well known for their high-quality wool outerwear. Known as the Boreal line and made in Duluth, Minnesota, the line consists of two garments – the Boreal Shirt Anorak and the LRB M1951 Field Jacket. Previously these garments were only available in Olive Green but this week, Lester River Bushcraft added a new Charcoal Gray color option.

Wool is naturally flame retardant and antimicrobial. It wicks moisture away from the wear and helps regulate temperature. Both garments are also packed with features beyond the natural qualities of wool. Learn more at: LRBushcraft.com

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