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LanTac USA E-CTG9 Trigger for Glock

From LanTac USA:

The Ultimate drop in trigger for your pistol, the E-CTG9™ trigger can be configured for Carry (Self Defense) or Competition (Target) use and comes complete with our improved trigger spring kit so you can set the ultimate trigger pull on your handgun.

The trigger housing features our SSR (Super Short Reset) 3.5Lb Connector that delivers the same trigger profile as the factory unit but is highly polished and re shaped to reduce friction and create a much smoother, lighter more consistent pull.

This connector makes super fast reset of the trigger possible, allowing for very quick follow up shots and reduced friction means less resistance for smooth operation.

Our Trigger Bar is manufactured from a proprietary blend of 420 Stainless Steel and polished to produce an ultra smooth hard wearing surface that reduced friction and trigger pull interference as it operates against the connector and internally against the pistol frame.


The included spring kit comes with the following parts to assist in reducing trigger pull further.


x1 4.0Lb Firing Pin Spring (For Target, Competition & Sporting Use)

x1 6.0Lb Firing Pin Spring (For Carry & Self Defense Use)

X1 6.0Lb Increased Power Trigger Spring

x1 Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring & Ultra Smooth Safety Plunger.


Springs are manufactured from the highest grade piano wire and tempered for the best service life.

Each spring is calibrated to deliver consistent force through the entire compression cycle for reliable operation every time the pistol is fired.

With nearly 30% more power our Trigger Spring actually reduces the pull weight by as much as 1Lb.

The lower power Firing Pin Safety Spring reduces friction caused by the firing pin plunger engaging with the trigger bar and creates a much smoother operation of the parts.


The Triggers Pivot Pin and Trigger Bar position has been carefully considered to deliver maximum leverage with minimum force and the hybrid bow face is a perfect blend of curved and flat surfacing that delivers comfort with improved ergonomics and finger positioning.

The bow is precision machined from certified 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized Type3 Class2 Black.

Triggers are assembled in house and come with our lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture.


MSRP $185.00


First 50 LANTAC LA-R15 Intermediate Raven Rifles to be Offered Exclusively at Cabela’s

If you want one of LANTAC’s first 50 LA-R15 Intermediate Raven Rifles, you’ll have to head over to Cabela’s… not that you needed an excuse to visit Cabela’s.



FORT WORTH, Texas (July 7, 2016) – LANTAC™ USA LLC, Fort Worth TX., will make the first ever shipment of 50 of the company’s new LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven™ rifles available exclusively at Cabela’s for a limited time beginning Thursday, July 7th. These highly anticipated sought after, state-of-the-art rifles will be offered through Cabela’s before they hit the market anywhere else in the world.

LanTac’s LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven is the first ever AR modern sporting rifle with the company’s patent-pending Adjustable Buffer System and proprietary buffer spring. Each rifle is comprised of premium parts and accessories, including hand-lapped, stainless steel barrels; billet 7075-T6 certified lower and upper receivers with Type III, Class II black anodizing; and LanTac’s UCT EXO NiB coated Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG™) with forward porting, flared tail carrier and Carpenter 158 bolts.

Additional features like the state-of-the-art, world-leading, pinned and welded LanTac DGN556B™ Dragon™ Muzzle Brake; a MPI tested bolt; and LanTac Curved Bow, CMC Triggers 3.5-lb, E-CT1™ single-stage drop-in trigger system, allow the LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven to offer zero muzzle rise and a massive reduction in felt recoil, in a fast, flat-shooting and accurate rifle.

The LanTac LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven rifle is manufactured to the highest quality standards and assembled by a skilled team of rifle builders. Each rifle is shot tested at LanTac’s facility, treated with FrogLube™ and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Visit www.lantac-usa.com for more information.

Cabela’s Incorporated is a leading specialty omni-channel retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, shooting sports and related outdoor merchandise and has long been recognized as the World’s Foremost Outfitter. Visit the LanTac page on Cabela’s website, or www.cabelas.com, for more information about Cabela’s exclusive offering of the new LanTac LA-R15 14.5” Intermediate Raven rifle.

LANTAC/CMC Triggers E-CT1 and E-CT2 Triggers

LANTAC USA and CMC Triggers have collaborated on the production of the new E-CT1 and E-CT2 Triggers. The E-CT1 will be a single stage trigger while the E-CT2 will be a 2 stage trigger. Both triggers feature distinctive, skeletonized trigger bows that will be available in a more traditional curved shape or a flat faced version. Both triggers feature a 4.5 pound pull weight with the E-CT2’s pull weight being split between a 2.5 pound first stage and a 2 pound second stage.

Stay tuned for release information.

lantac CMC triggers

LANTAC KAM – A New Accessory Mounting Standard

KeyMod and M-LOK have both shown a lot of staying power and neither seems to be going anywhere soon. Now a new contender is emerging in LANTAC’s KAM (Key Accessory Mount). KAM is a patent pending and free to license attachment system. LANTAC claims it has various benefits, including lower cost to manufacture, over similar mounting systems.


LANTAC’s new E-BCG has a few tricks up its sleeve. Basically, they claim that it deals with gas differently than other carriers and that the benefits of how it deals with gas are two fold: decreased blow-back when using a suppressor and reduced recoil/muzzle rise.


According to LANTAC the E-BCG has “Redesigned gas ported carrier, shrouded primary port, enlarged and forward angled secondary ports.” They also state on their Facbeook Page that…

The new gas porting results is a much flatter shooting carrier, as gas is bled off differently, it also dumps more of its gas forward and out of the ejection port opening. Due to this feature suppressed short barrel rifles do not seem to suffer from as much pressurization. In testing we were able to shoot a 7.5” 556 rifle with suppressor fitted in full auto and feel no gas to the face. This was with a .0635” gas port and pistol gas and standard charging handle.

Unsuppressed and longer barrel rifles benefit from smoother, flatter operation and increased lock time.

The E-BCG also features an enlarged tail to aid “ in receiver bore alignment and aids in bolt lock up position consistency.” The carrier is constructed from 8620 steel, the MPI tested bolt is constructed from Carpenter 158, and the entire unit is Nickel Boron coated. The extractor is fitted with a spring insert along with an o-ring and the gas key is properly staked.

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