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LANTAC’s new E-BCG has a few tricks up its sleeve. Basically, they claim that it deals with gas differently than other carriers and that the benefits of how it deals with gas are two fold: decreased blow-back when using a suppressor and reduced recoil/muzzle rise.


According to LANTAC the E-BCG has “Redesigned gas ported carrier, shrouded primary port, enlarged and forward angled secondary ports.” They also state on their Facbeook Page that…

The new gas porting results is a much flatter shooting carrier, as gas is bled off differently, it also dumps more of its gas forward and out of the ejection port opening. Due to this feature suppressed short barrel rifles do not seem to suffer from as much pressurization. In testing we were able to shoot a 7.5” 556 rifle with suppressor fitted in full auto and feel no gas to the face. This was with a .0635” gas port and pistol gas and standard charging handle.

Unsuppressed and longer barrel rifles benefit from smoother, flatter operation and increased lock time.

The E-BCG also features an enlarged tail to aid “ in receiver bore alignment and aids in bolt lock up position consistency.” The carrier is constructed from 8620 steel, the MPI tested bolt is constructed from Carpenter 158, and the entire unit is Nickel Boron coated. The extractor is fitted with a spring insert along with an o-ring and the gas key is properly staked.

LANTAC USA Dragon Muzzle Brake

The LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake is coming to the USA. It will be manufactured here in the States by LANTAC’s sister company, LANTAC USA.


The Dragon Muzzle Brake is CNC machined from AISI4630 Steel. It is then surface hardened using a Tufride QPQ Liquid Nitride process for durability and corrosion resistance. This interesting design has an initial chamber with 2 vertical ports to mitigate muzzle rise. The initial chamber is followed by 3 chambers with large side ports to mitigate recoil.

You should always take manufacturer data with a grain of salt, but LANTAC has an impressive amount of data on the Dragon’s performance on their UK site. The data is chock full of marketing talk but still very interesting. I like it when companies provide this type of performance data.

The Dragon looks like it has the potential to be a solid performer with premium materials and finish. It will be available for pre-order shortly from LANTAC-USA.com.


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