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KeyBar Trigger Cube

It may look like a fidget device but the new Trigger Cube, designed by Green Force Tactical and manufactured by KeyBar, is actually an extremely compact way to mount a rifle on a wall or other vertical surface for quick deployment. The Trigger Cube is machined from aluminum. It mounts to a wall via two screws which are spaced at 1″ so they can be mounted to the same stud. It features a QD stud that interfaces with standard QD sling sockets and is released by pulling the trigger. You can see it in action in the video below.

Check out the Trigger Cube at KeyBar.us.

Keyrambit Friction Folder Insert For KeyBar

When you look at a KeyBar you see a great way to carry, organize, and silence keys. When C Despins of Max Venom looks at a KeyBar he sees a chassis for a folding karambit. If you follow Max Venom, this is not a surprise.


The Keyrambit Friction Folder Insert For KeyBar turns your KeyBar into a folding karambit. The kit comes with a folding finger loop and hooked blade. Both the blade and loop are made from 154CM steel. This setup “locks” via a friction lock design which means the blade has a protrusion coming from its base that is locked in place by the user’s palm when the knife is gripped.

Check out the Keyrambit Friction Folder Insert For KeyBar at Max Venom.


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