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IWC QD End Plate RL

Impact Weapons Components has upgraded their QD End Plate RL a few times now. They recently changed their machining processes slightly to further improve the finish. The changes will be difficult to see unless you are a machinist yourself but it is always cool to see a company improve their products – even in small ways.

iwc qd end plate improvements

I use these end plates extensively and I prefer them to others because of their thicker steel construction that is easy to stake. They are also one of the few rotation limited QD end plates on the market. With most sling swivels, the receiver extension (buffer tube) will prevent full rotation. However, smaller “D” shaped QD swivels will spin freely unless your end plate is rotation limited like this one.

Check out the QD End Plate RL at Impact Weapons Components. Remember to use code “triggerjerk” to save 5%.

IWC and HSP Introduce Thorntail BACKBONE Scout Light Bodies and Thorntail INLINE Mount

The partnership of Impact Weapons Components and Haley Strategic Partners has been a fruitful one. Their latest creations build on the original concept of the Thorntail Light Mount and bring a new level of lateral adjustment. Their new Thorntail BACKBONE Scout Light Bodies and Thorntail INLINE Mount are now available.

backbone bodies IWC

The Thorntail BACKBONE Light Bodies are available for the single CR123A 300 Series Scout Lights and for the two CR123A 600 Series Scout Lights. These light bodies are fully compatible with all Scout series accessories and feature a unique threaded hole pattern that allows nearly 1/4″ of lateral adjustment for light placement with any Scout compatible mount. This allows the user to fine tune the placement of the light to their liking. In addition, these light bodies are slimmer and lighter than the original Scout light bodies.

iwc thorntail inline

When the Thorntail BACKBONE Light Bodies are used with the new Thorntail INLINE Adaptive Light Mount, the user has even greater ability to fine tune the light placement. The Thorntail INLINE has its own unique mounting hole pattern that, when coupled with the Thorntail BACKBONE, provide almost 1/2″ of lateral adjustment.

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iwc backbone and inline options

IWC Expands SMC Light Mount Line in a Big Way

Impact Weapons Components (IWC) quietly rolled out three new additions to their excellent SMC Light Mount line. The original SMC Light Mount was, and still is, the ideal light mount for use with the pre-MLOK MOE Hand Guards from Magpul. It’s design allowed it to bolt easily to the MOE slots and cantilever the light forward and up, freeing up space on the hand guard and placing the light in the ideal solution for the support hand thumb.

When you look at the SMC, which predates the IWC/HSP Thorntail series of light mounts, you can see the lineage of the IWC/HSP Light Mounts. This ability to extend the light forward has become a signature of IWC’s light mounting products.

On to the new products…

SMCXL – The SMC XL is basically just a longer version of the original SML. It places the light at the same height as the original but extends it forward further. This is especially useful on the new MOE SL Hand Guards and shorter versions of Magpul’s MOE AK Hand Guards. Like the original, it accepts Surefire Scout lights directly and can be used with IWC’s flashlight rings in various sizes. It also accepts the new 45 Offset 1913 for the SMC/SMCXL.

It is available separately for use with the Surefire Scout lights, bundled with various sizes of flashlight rings, or bundled with the new 45 Offset 1913 rail.


45 Offset 1913 for the SMC/SMCXL – The new 45 Offset 1913 is a bolt on part for the SMC and SMCXL. It mounts to the same threaded holes used by IWC’s flashlight rings. This rail features 4 cross slots which makes it the perfect length for mounting lights like Surefire’s X300 series or the INFORCE WML. This not only extends the light up and forward but cants it at 45 degrees to make operating the switch more ergonomic.

It is available separately as an addition to your existing SMC/SMCXL, or bundled with either the SMC or SMCXL.

IWC 45 1913 Offset 1913

SMC M-LOK Adapters – This is the least obvious addition to the line but one that brings the SMC/SMCXL functionality to ALL available MOE Hand Guards. When you purchase an SMC or SMCXL Light Mount, you select which hand guard you will be mounting it to. If you select one that features M-LOK slots, two small spacers are included that simply slip into the SMC mount’s screw holes and fill the space in the larger M-LOK slots. They are very easy to use and they add nothing to the cost of the mount.

IWC SMCXL with MOE Adapters

MOE Adapters Shown Here (the 2 small donut-like objects) along with the 45 Offset 1913 Rail

The release of these items is good news for MOE Hand Guard user but it is especially good news for those using Magpul’s Hand Guards on their AK pattern rifles. The SMC is the perfect solution for placing your light on the shorter MOE AK and AKM Hand Guard. They work especially well when coupled with a hand stop which makes the light easy to reach and operate. I have tried a number of light mounting solutions for my AKs and these are by far the best.

Check out the entire line of SMC Light Mount products at IWC. Don’t forget to use code triggerjerk to save 5% on your order.


SMCXL shown on Arsenal SGL-21 with Magpul MOE AK Hand Guards

IWC Adds New Mobile Site

Impact Weapons Components has created a new responsive mobile site. The site can detect if you are on a mobile device and automatically display the mobile version or it can be selected by the user.

The new mobile site utilizes collapsible menu navigation that will feel familiar to users of the full site. Check out ImpactWeaponsComponents.com on your mobile device to see the new mobile version. Don’t forget to use code “triggerjerk” to save 5% at checkout.


IWC Installing QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts in Magpul MOE SL and MOE M-LOK Hand Guards

Impact Weapons Components makes a ton of handy widgets and the QD Micro Flush Sling Mount is likely their handiest. I have sung their praises on these pages before.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe SL

They are great solution for adding a sling mount to Magpul’s MOE Hand Guards and they are very easy to install. However, I realize that some of you don’t have the time, tools, or inclination to do it yourself and it is for guys like you that IWC offers MOE Hand Guards with the QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts professionally installed.

Previously, these were only available on the original MOE Hand Guards. Now IWC has expanded the service to include all in-stock MOE Hand Guards including the new MOE SL and M-LOK compatible versions. Check out all the options at IWC and don’t forget to use code “triggerjerk” at checkout to save 5%.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe

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