IWC QD End Plate RL

Impact Weapons Components has upgraded their QD End Plate RL a few times now. They recently changed their machining processes slightly to further improve the finish. The changes will be difficult to see unless you are a machinist yourself but it is always cool to see a company improve their products – even in small ways.

iwc qd end plate improvements

I use these end plates extensively and I prefer them to others because of their thicker steel construction that is easy to stake. They are also one of the few rotation limited QD end plates on the market. With most sling swivels, the receiver extension (buffer tube) will prevent full rotation. However, smaller “D” shaped QD swivels will spin freely unless your end plate is rotation limited like this one.

Check out the QD End Plate RL at Impact Weapons Components. Remember to use code “triggerjerk” to save 5%.


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