Centurion Arms CMR 14.25in FSP Rail

If you like FSP rails like I do, this will be music to your ears. Centurion Arms will be offering a new rail option that they are calling the CMR 14.25in FSP Rail. The rail is a limited version of their excellent CMR rail that has designed to allow the front sight base, in the mid-length position, to protrude up through the top of the rail.

centurion arms 1425 cmr fsp

This particular rail can be tricky to install according to Centurion Arms so they are only planning to offer it on complete uppers or rifles on a limited basis – not for purchase seperately. The uppers/rifles will utilize Centurion Arms’ 16″ hammer forged barrels. If you want to put your paws on one, you will need to contact Centurion Arms directly.

One Response to Centurion Arms CMR 14.25in FSP Rail

  1. Lando February 24, 2016 at 12:24 #

    Be a lot cooler if they did an updated C4 rail (mostly M-LOK with a splash of pic) cut out rails that were slimmer and lighter than standard C4s

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