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Forward Controls Design RHF4 11.5

Forward Controls Design (FCD) is now offering a unique version of the excellent Centurion Arms C4 Rail with a number of changes based on FCD’s input and preferences.

Per Forward Controls Design:

RHF4 11.5 is a 11.5″ quad rail hand guard based on the successful Centurion Arms C4 rail system.  It is a lightweight, rugged, 2 piece free float rail that provides a continuous 12 o’clock rail when installed on the upper receiver.  Like the C4 system, RHF4 is a rigid rail that clamps to a standard barrel nut on all AR15, M4, and M16 type weapons systems. This design allows the installation of the rail on an upper assembly without removing the front sight post or permanently attached muzzle devices.

RHF4 incorporates Forward Controls design input: Omission of built-in QD swivel attachment points.  Some like the now common front and rear located QD sockets, we prefer the location of the front sling attachment be left to individual users.  A BCM rail mounted QD sling adapter is included (the QD sling adapter can be removed in the drop down menu if you don’t need it, or already have one, please see the QD sling adapter drop down menu).  The rail numbers are machine engraved, and a subdued Cygnus is engraved on the right side of the RHF4.


Centurion Arms CMR 14.25in FSP Rail

If you like FSP rails like I do, this will be music to your ears. Centurion Arms will be offering a new rail option that they are calling the CMR 14.25in FSP Rail. The rail is a limited version of their excellent CMR rail that has designed to allow the front sight base, in the mid-length position, to protrude up through the top of the rail.

centurion arms 1425 cmr fsp

This particular rail can be tricky to install according to Centurion Arms so they are only planning to offer it on complete uppers or rifles on a limited basis – not for purchase seperately. The uppers/rifles will utilize Centurion Arms’ 16″ hammer forged barrels. If you want to put your paws on one, you will need to contact Centurion Arms directly.

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