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Sneak Peek: Hard Point Equipment/Max Venom Product Group Collaboration Knife

Max Venom Product Group and Hard Point Equipment will be collaborating on a new knife design. The knife will feature many of the same design and manufacturing processes utilized in Hard Point Equipment’s Manticuda Knife. The image below represents one of the first steps in the process. It will eventually be translated into a 3D model which can then be used to code for machining.

This knife is recognizable as a Max Venom design from across the room. It’s straight lines and slightly dropped/offset blade echo their previous designs like the Dimachaerus. This will be one to watch.

New Information, Images, and Video – Hardpoint Equipment Manticuda Gen2

Hardpoint Equipment has released a slew of new information on the Manticuda Gen2 (MG2) and reduced the price on the pre-order! You read the previous post on the Manticuda Gen2 for background.


I received a handful of questions around the MG2’s sheath. We now know that the sheath is kydex and is designed to be worn inside the waistband. The knife is slim enough that it is all but disappears under a covering garment when carried in this way. The sheath will have the option of using easy-on/easy-off plastic clips or metal Utiliclips that can be used to secure the sheath even when you aren’t wearing a belt.


The pre-order price on the MG2 has been lowered from $100 to $75. This will be the lowest price ever offered on this knife. The knives are already being heat treated so they should be completed soon and the pre-order price won’t last long.

Finally, Hardpoint Equipment has released a video (below) that compares the MG2 to other knife options, talks about its advantages and application, and shows the sheath in action. It is just over 4 minutes long and worth a watch if you are considering picking up an MG2.

Manticuda Gen2 at Hardpoint Equipment

Hardpoint Equipment Manticuda Gen 2 (MG2)

It’s been a while since Hardpoint Equipment rolled out a new product but they did just that this week. The Manticuda Gen 2 knife is now available for pre-order at a reduced price.


The Manticuda Gen 2 is designed to be a knife with “no learning curve” according to Hardpoint Equipment. If you can draw a handgun, you can get this knife into the fight and have access to all it’s cutting and striking surfaces. The handle maximizes retention and allows the users to lock their wrist and hand into a familiar fist. While it is not a small knife, the skeletonized handle and large blade cutout ensure that it feels light and fast.

The Manticude Gen 2 is kind of like the bigger, meaner brother of a punch/push knife. You can read more about it and preorder yours at Hardpoint Equipment. These will never be priced lower than they are now and the first batch is already in heat treat, so they should be ready to ship soon.


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