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Heads Up: New Get Off Me Tools from FLC Knives Dropping Soon

FLC Knives will release some variants of their Get Off Me Tool No.6 sometime this weekend. The drop will include the Stubby and Reverse Edge Stubby versions of the No.6.

These tools are extremely compact, which coupled with their excellent sheath, makes them easy to carry in a number of ways. They go from belt line carry to plate carrier easily.

If you are familiar with these drops, you’ll know they sell out quickly. The best way to get an edge in securing one is to get on the FLC Knives newsletter.

You can learn more at the FLC Knives website and their Instagram where tons of info about this upcoming drop has already been posted.

Sneak Peek: FLC Knives Get Off Me Tool No.6 Ultralite

FLC Knives is set to introduce a new variant of their popular “Get Off Me Tool”. The new versions, referred to as Ultralight, will be made from 1/8″ steel stock instead of the 3/16″ thick stock on the regular “Get Off Me Tool” No.6.

The obvious benefit to this new version is the lighter weight but the driving force behind it is the proliferation of laser-cut PALS grids. Thinner stock means a thinner sheath and a thinner sheath means that the Ultralight versions of the Get Off Me Tools will fit into narrower laser-cut PALS columns.

FLC Knives states that there will be Ultralight versions of both the standard-sized Get Off Me Tool No.6 and the Stubby Get Off Me Tool No.6. These items tend to sell out quickly so keep an eye on the following locations for details and a chance to buy your own:

@flc_knives on Instagram


FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool – Makes Kydex Sheaths with No Eyelets

Are you a knife maker, sheath maker, or hobbyist who is interested in making kydex sheaths without the need for eyelets? Then you will likely be interested in the new Tri-Fold Joint Tool from FLC Knives.

Shown: Cross-section of the Tri-Fold Joint

FLC Knives is known for making an array of non-metallic knives and the obvious application for this tool is to create sheaths that are also non-metallic. The tool creates a folded joint in .06″ kydex that is integral to the sheath and requires no adhesives, sewing, rivets, or fasteners of any kind. The joint is compact with width and thickness kept to a minimum.

Custom knife makers already ordering these tools. It will be interesting to see what they can come up with.


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