FLC Knives Tri-Fold Joint Tool – Makes Kydex Sheaths with No Eyelets

Are you a knife maker, sheath maker, or hobbyist who is interested in making kydex sheaths without the need for eyelets? Then you will likely be interested in the new Tri-Fold Joint Tool from FLC Knives.

Shown: Cross-section of the Tri-Fold Joint

FLC Knives is known for making an array of non-metallic knives and the obvious application for this tool is to create sheaths that are also non-metallic. The tool creates a folded joint in .06″ kydex that is integral to the sheath and requires no adhesives, sewing, rivets, or fasteners of any kind. The joint is compact with width and thickness kept to a minimum.

Custom knife makers already ordering these tools. It will be interesting to see what they can come up with.


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