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Cyclop Survival Sheath Prototype from EDC Survival Tools

Velcro has become very common place both on the inside and outside of packs. EDC Survival Tools is showing off a new Kydex sheath that capitalizes on this trend. Their Cyclop Survival Sheath is a Velcro backed Kydex sheath that is designed to carry a small fixed blade knife and a fire starter, though it could just as easily be adapted to other items like AAA battery flashlights.

The prototype is shown with a Boker Grasshopper and an Exotac nanoStriker. It is made from Multicam pattern Kydex and features a small glowing insert that can help you locate in low-light conditions.

This looks like a very trim and easy to access solution for carrying common EDC items. Check out the EDC Survival Tools Facebook page.

EDC Survival Tools Cyclop in bag EDC Survival Tools Cyclop backing EDC Survival Tools Cyclop glow EDC Survival Tools Cyclop on bag

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