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Patch Collecting: Death Blossom from DSTEIN DZIGNS

I was 3 years old when The Last Starfighter found its way into theaters. I didn’t see it until later but it become one of my favorite childhood movies. This Death Blossom Patch from DSTEIN DZIGNS had me scrambling to see if Netflix had the movie in their streaming library (they don’t)!

If you like 80’s sci-fi, this patch is for you. If you like detailed patches, this patch is for you. If you just like patches… you know.

10614238_725763407485382_8951861617648567543_n DSTEIN_BLOSSOM_FINAL

Snake Hound Machine Advanced Combat Targets

Snake Hound Machine (SHM) has partnered with Down Range Firearms Training and Dstein Dzigns to create the Advanced Combat Targets. The design has several features including a typical silhouette style target overlaid with an anatomical diagram. The anatomy component of the target makes it useful for more than hole punching with your firearm of choice. The target can also be used for the lecture component of a shooting course or first aid class. It also has some of the slick branding that you have come to expect from SHM.

Check out the SHM Advanced Combat Target.


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