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THE-E Pre-Order

You may recall the THE-E organizer from previous mentions on JTT. This organizer was designed in Finland by CDH-Tac and licensed for production in the US by Oneiros Valley. Production has now advanced to the point that Oneiros Valley is opening up pre-ordering.

the-e po 3

From Oneiros Valley:

The ultimate in compact organization, THE-E Pocket Organizer is the brainchild of CDH-Tac Finland and is now available for pre-order from Oneiros Valley. The zippered clamshell pouch measures 5.25″ x 6.5″ and is 1″ thick, ideal for EDC and tactical organization needs when space is critical.

Features include:

  • 6 rows of elastic webbing with numerous columns, providing more storage flexibility compared to other organizer pouches.
  • 2 outer zippered pockets.
  • External 2-slot pen/knife sleeve.
  • 3 internal sleeve pockets, perfect for notepads.
  • 2″ elastic loop on the inner spine.
  • Carry/grab handle.

Pre-order customers receive a 15% discount off retail price. Available in Black, Multicam, and Multicam Black (exclusive pre-order color). Made in the US from US materials.


About Oneiros Valley

Oneiros (oh-NIGH-rohs) Valley is located in Phoenix, Arizona and specializes in developing niche products for the hunting, outdoor and tactical markets. In addition to their growing product line, they offer design and prototyping services as well as short run manufacturing. Their website is located at oneirosvalley.com.

the-e po 1 the-e po 2

Cdh-Tac Finland Makes World’s Cutest Dump Pouch

Can dump pouches be cute? This one that Cdh-Tac Finland made for their personal use is kind of cute I guess. I mean look at it. It’s so little and it’s even trying to act tough by posing next to those cigarettes…

cdh-tac finland tiny dump pouch

Seriously though, this little guy serves a purpose. I have found that many dump pouches are larger than what I really need and take up more PALS real eastate than I prefer. This one (it really needs a name) folds into a very compact 2 column by 2 row package when not in use and unfolds into a pouch large enough to hold 3 primary mags. It also features a mesh bottom which is a nice addition.

There is no indication that Cdh-Tac Finland will be producing these but, given that they are a custom gear maker, I am sure that you could twist their arm for a fair price. I personally hope they put it into their regular line-up.

Contact Cdh-Tac Finland via their Facebook Page.

Oneiros Valley and Cdh-Tac Finland Join Forces to Produce THE-E Pocket Organizer

Cdh-Tac has been generating significant interest in their THE-E Pocket Organizer but they have not been able to start large scale production. That is where Oneiros Valley comes in. They will be starting production of the THE-E here in the USA in collaboration with Cdh-Tac Finland with delivery starting late this year.

You can see the earlier post on the THE-E for more details on the organizer. Check out the THE-E at Oneiros Valley.

cdhtac the-e 4 cdhtac the-e 2 cdhtac the-e 3 cdh-tac the-e 1

THE-E Pocket Organizer from Cdh-Tac Finland

Cdh-Tac Finland is mostly known for some amazing backpack designs but their THE-E Pocket Organizer looks like a dandy. The extra “E” stands for enhanced so it must be good!

The THE-E has a slim, rounded design that is well suited to pocket carry. The exterior features two zippered slash pockets along with some small openings to carry pens and pencils. The interior is chocked full of elastic loops and pockets that can be used to carry all sorts of handy stuff like pens, thumb drives, multitools, flashlights, pocket knives, Snickers bars, chemlights, and other necessary gear that you want to keep organized. The interior also has slash pockets that are perfect for carrying pocket notebooks.

Check out Cdh-Tac Finland on Facebook.

cdh-tac the-e 1

Kick-Start a Great Deal

Down Range Gear is trying to kick-start a killer deal on some great gear. They have put together a package that includes a CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel and a Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2. Both items would normally cost $75 shipped but if Down Range Gear can gather pledges for 35 of the combos, they will sell for $50 shipped!


The CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel is a solid, well thought out piece of kit. It is a belt adapter for MOLLE pouches that is easy to mount and provides some drop for clearing armor carriers.

The Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch has been on JTT before. This pouch is extremely innovative pouch. It provides constant tension on the magazines and presents a magazine in the optimal position for a reload whether it is holding one magazine or two. It also allows for easy retention of partially spent magazines.

The combo is available in black or coyote brown. Visit Down Range Gear and follow the instructions at the link to get in on this deal.

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