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Kick-Start a Great Deal

Down Range Gear is trying to kick-start a killer deal on some great gear. They have put together a package that includes a CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel and a Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2. Both items would normally cost $75 shipped but if Down Range Gear can gather pledges for 35 of the combos, they will sell for $50 shipped!


The CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel is a solid, well thought out piece of kit. It is a belt adapter for MOLLE pouches that is easy to mount and provides some drop for clearing armor carriers.

The Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch has been on JTT before. This pouch is extremely innovative pouch. It provides constant tension on the magazines and presents a magazine in the optimal position for a reload whether it is holding one magazine or two. It also allows for easy retention of partially spent magazines.

The combo is available in black or coyote brown. Visit Down Range Gear and follow the instructions at the link to get in on this deal.

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